Prevailing Faith

September 01, 2019
Rev. Dennis R. Hartman

Have you ever felt that you could not conquer anything, or most anything in your life. It seems that life has a way of beating us down. We have more depression and feelings of inadequacy in our day than ever before. To overcome these things, we must dwell on the truth of God’s word and apply it to our lives. God passionately speaks to us today through John as he brings his letter to a close. John’s deepest desire was for God’s people, those who say they believe in God, was that they practice the presence of God in their life, recognize the witness of God through them, and know, as fact, what we have in Christ. He knows that by faith we can overcome the evil one, the world, and even ourselves. So let’s listen to what he has to say and put it into action in our lives today!


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