Living the Life

September 30, 2018
Rev. Dennis R. Hartman

We talk about the gospel that is the power of God to everyone who believes. But let’s take a moment and step back a little further to why we need the Gospel. What is sin? Disobedience to God’s revealed word, which is rejecting God who created us. Genesis 2:15-17. What are the consequences of sin? Decay; death, physical and spiritual; eternal separation from God in the lake of fire. The good news of the Gospel. The facts are that Jesus, who is God, came to die for our sin, satisfying the debt of sin. Jesus rose again from the dead, so that we would be saved from the wrath of God, spiritual death, and the lake of fire. We receive eternal life with God in heaven. Because of these things, those who believe are Living the Life! Paul's appeal to act carries on in the following passages


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