Its Just Sin

March 04, 2018
Rev. Dennis R. Hartman

We are approaching the high and holy day of our faith. Jesus went to the cross and suffered and died for our sin and rose again so that we could have victory over sin, death and hell! It will do us well to remember what sin is, so that we can remember His precious sacrifice for all. Sin is a terrible thing. It separates us from the Creator. It causes us to live a life of destruction. People who sin without repentance and faith in the finished work of Christ are dead; separated from the giver of life. Their life's goal is hell! The one who has repented and by faith in the finished work of Christ is made alive by the Giver of life. Sin does not have power over us. However, at this point people have not remembered what God says is sin. In fact the motto of the day is, It's just Sin, as if it has no consequences. This message is for us to see and define what sin is; what God has said sin is, so that we can turn away from it by the power of God in us. And for those who do not believe to be convicted of their sin.


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