He Is Risen

April 04, 2021
Rev. Dennis R. Hartman

For the past 4 weeks we have talked about what the cross and the resurrection is all about. Today we reach the final chapter, which serves as only a beginning. We began by establishing that because of sin that began in the Garden of Eden, we are all sinners with a need to be saved from that sin. A sinner is one who does not or cannot measure up to God’s holiness; we disobey God’s revealed will. Because of this God set in motion before the foundation of the world, the perfect sacrifice, at the perfect time, in the perfect place, according to His prefect will, to achieve perfect results! The perfect sacrifice was Jesus, the Lamb of God which takes away the sin of the world. The perfect time was about 2000 years ago. The perfect place was Jerusalem, where He caused His name to dwell. His perfect will was accomplished by Jesus and His death on the cross. Today we celebrate the perfect results! This morning we will cap off the truth of the matter and send you out building on the right foundation for your life in Christ!


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