Growing Up in Christ

August 04, 2019
Rev. Dennis R. Hartman

Maybe you can remember back when you first received Christ as you savior. Remember the excitement that you felt. The newness of life and the promise of life eternal. Then you found out that the excitement was slowly slipping away. Then the training began to learn more about this life of faith. It took time and effort to learn, and maybe you still are. Then after a while you had to put what you learned to practice. Tough times as you struggle to discipline yourself with what you learned. Again, maybe this is where you are at. As you looked ahead, you can see mastery over these things. This is when you should be ready to lead others along the way and encouraging them as they struggle. Well, John writes with a fervor and a passion to people just like us. We want to examine the next section of John’s letter and see what is involved in growing up in Christ.


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