Finding Rest for Your Soul

October 18, 2020
Rev. Dennis R. Hartman

We live in a fast paced world. We have so many things on our plates that we are burdened and weary as we press on through this journey. We seemed to be plagued with great concerns over our family’s well being, our jobs, the anarchy that is going on in our nation and the worry what tomorrow will bring. And to cause greater concerns we listen to what is reported on the media that works people up into a tither. In Christianity we have false teachers, and people that thrive on sensationalism. There are many who keep worrying that God will not do what we want to happen, and it causes them to question if He is concerned with out plight, or even if He exists. So, with all this happening, what are we as believers supposed to do? Listen to the words of our Lord Jesus Christ.


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