Essential Truth About Man

February 06, 2022
Rev Dennis R. Hartman

Some people today believe that we are advancing to a better form of society that will eventually lead to a utopian or heaven like existence. They make note of the advancements or progress in societies, technology, global communications, and so on. Their concept of man is that we were neandrathals, not able to form a cognitive thought and now we are the product of an evolutionary process. Boy, are they blinded by the world around them. It is interesting that man would rather believe the creation, than the Creator! This morning let’s look at what the Word of God tells us about man and his purpose, condition and destiny. Last week we examined the Word of God. The absolute, unchangeable word of God. Before that we said that believing in God is of primary importance. It makes a difference between Almighty God and an imposter. Believing what His word tells us about Himself is deep and wide. We should be plummeting the depths of God and beholding the vast greatness of Who He is.

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