December 22, 2019
Rev. Dennis R. Hartman

I watch people today and listen to the commercials that bombard us about Christmas. It makes me weep inside because we have lost the meaning of the event that we celebrate! We have elevated things like presents, santa claus, parties, and so on above God’s wonderful news of a Savior!! We can’t hurry enough to go to church and get the “requirements” out of the way so that we can get on with what is most important to us; things; events; food. I know this is tradition, but it is wrong. Do all these things on a different day if you want but don’t overshadow the meaning of the birth of Jesus the Christ! The birth of Christ is the greatest, most significant event in the history of the world! It is the pivot point for life and death! Without His birth, He would not have died on the cross for our sin, and we would die because of sin, eternally separated from God, Who created us!


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