Confidence Before God

August 25, 2019
Rev. Dennis R. Hartman

Confidence is that assurance of one’s ability to succeed in a matter. It is a great thing to have confidence in your ability to carry out a task that you have been given. A carpenter gains confidence in his work as he does different projects coupled with what he already knows. A master carpenter can tackle most any job because he has confidence. Unfortunately in these days, and throughout history, many have mistaken stupidity with confidence. Just because someone plows through a task doesn’t mean they have confidence. It usually ends up being a disaster. Confidence before God in our walk with the LORD is much more than saying I believe God and I have a Bible, so watch out here I come. Confidence in our walk with the LORD comes from time and the tempering of our daily walk with Him. As believers, we should be showing confidence as a Christian! Confidence to live for Him, confidence to testify for Him, confidence to lead others in their walk with Him.


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