Calm in the Midst of Adversity

March 17, 2019
Rev. Dennis R. Hartman

Living by faith in a corrupt world can be difficult at best. If we do what is right or stand up for what is right, we are challenged by those around us. If we speak the truth of God's word, we are heckled and put down as not being tolerant of others. Even though they refuse to be tolerant of us. We have legislated atrocities and are plummeting into destruction. So what are we, as God's people supposed to do? The story or account of Daniel in the lion’s den is similar to what we are experiencing today. He lived in an ungodly world with corruption and challenges at every turn. Daniel serves as an example for us today. This account of Daniel in the lions’ den gives us a look at living the Christian life calmly in the midst of adversity.


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