Are You The Best

June 24, 2018
Rev Dennis R Hartman

We live in a world that makes a point to say who is better than another. Our whole society labors intensely to see who can be the best, receiving the most money, applause, and recognition in their field of work. This clashes with what the Bible tells us about the gospel, and everyone who is a part of it. Let's be like the word of God and not the world. The Gospel is the power of God unto salvation, to the Jew first and also to the Greek. So now Paul must address the obvious question that the Jew would have, if I am a Jew and cannot judge others, what advantage is being a Jew? They were under the teaching that they were God's chosen people (and they are) and that they, who were righteous, could not associate with the unchosen people (the uncircumcised). Since this difference is taken away in the Gospel, what advantage is being a Jew.


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