An Attitude of Humility

September 22, 2019
Rev. Dennis R. Hartman

When we hear someone say that someone has an attitude, or is copping an attitude it usually means that they want to do what they want to do, without listening to sound advice. In other words, they want to please themselves. If the word, attitude, is coupled with another word, we can see a whole different attitude emerge. As we remember that it was stated that we should conduct ourselves worthy of the gospel of Christ, we want to see that we need to have an attitude of humility. Humility is often looked upon as a poor, whipped person with no self worth and even a sense of being a slave. But to be humble is a noble word and should be the goal of every believer. The word carries the meaning ‘to bring low’. And as we see our participation in the Gospel, we are brought low at the cross of Christ. For our pride will keep us from eternal life in heaven if we do not humble ourselves as a little child (Matthew 18:4). Once we have humbled ourselves before the cross of Christ, and accept His salvation, then we are placed in a high position in Christ (Ephesians 1). Having this high position can go to our heads. We can become prideful, and this can lead to disunity in the Body of Christ, and disgust from the unsaved. Therefore, we need to practice humility.


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