A Christian in a Godless World

November 29, 2020
Rev. Dennis R. Hartman

We find ourselves today living in a post Christian nation. Our response has been to indulge in the offerings of the society, seeking pleasure, money, things, instead of seeking God. We have bought into the deception. Our nation was founded on Biblical principles, and we have even seen evidence of this in the historical records kept. As much as we have seen, we still are not willing to do what is necessary to change the course. If no one else is going to change, then I am not either seems to be our motto. So, we find ourselves in the mire of godlessness and a society that even hates those who would claim the name of Jesus for the life and practice. For many reasons like these we find ourselves like Daniel. Even though not of his doing he finds himself in a post God environment. Lets see if we can glean some lessons from Daniel about being a Christian in a godless world.


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