VAIN GLORY - When image is everything, and it's all about you - The Seven Deadly Sins #2

January 17, 2016
Langdon Palmer

Do you have people in your life that no matter the topic of conversation, they are always able to turn it around to themselves, making themselves the center of attention ? Vainglory is an old fashioned word - but it means empty glory - the desperate seeking after attention. It is about life where image is everything, where "it's all about you." In a cultural moment filled with Selfies, we may be the most vulnerable generation yet to the insidious ways this sin shrinks and distorts our souls. And like all the other seven deadly sins, Vainglory is much easier to see in other people than to recognize in our ourselves. Today we take a funny but haunting look at this vice - how to see it and how to deal with it. Sermon notes and quotes are available.

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