That Hideous Strength - Addendum: Hegemony = Counterhegemony = Evil

Series: Encountering the Gospel in the C.S. Lewis Space Trilogy

March 15, 2021
Langdon Palmer

George Orwell reviewed C.S. Lewis's book "That Hideous Strength" and loved everything about it except the fact that Lewis worked God into the equation :-). When you read the two books together, it seems Lewis may have had a strong influence on Orwell later writing "1984" : This message is an Addendum to the primary sermon on the book "That Hideous Strength" It explores how "That Hideous Strength" and Orwell's "1984" both prophetically predict actual techniques that have been and currently are being used by those interested in toppling Capitalist and free societies. We look at four quotes from 1984 that lead step by step to the overturning of true democracies. : You can see the entire series at​ : Series Cover Image Credit: Sanford Schwartz “C.S. Lewis on the final frontier”

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