FRED Talks

We love TED Talks, so we thougth we would do a not quite as cool version of our own called FRED Talks

People of deep faith and people very skeptical of faith often ask the same three questions: 1. How can you believe in Religion in an age of science ? 2. Isn't Religion the source of wars and hatred and intolerance in the world ? Wouldn't we be better without it ? 3. If God exists, why does he let bad things happen ? If God is all powerful and all loving, how can you explain the terrible suffering in this world ? Join us as we wrestle with the big three.

TED Talks #3 - If God is real, then why does God allow terrible things to happen ? Faith & Suffering

January 29, 2017 at 11:00 AM

Our last FRED Talk deals with the hardest question of all: If God is all powerful and all loving, how could God possibly allow the horrible things that happen in this world ? Why doesn’t God stop them ? This talk looks at the various ways people have tried to understand this dilemma and comes to a conclusion that is brutally honest and realistic yet still full of real hope that comes from the Maker of Heaven and Earth. NOTE: The video we watched can be found here:

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