FRED Talks

We love TED Talks, so we thougth we would do a not quite as cool version of our own called FRED Talks

People of deep faith and people very skeptical of faith often ask the same three questions: 1. How can you believe in Religion in an age of science ? 2. Isn't Religion the source of wars and hatred and intolerance in the world ? Wouldn't we be better without it ? 3. If God exists, why does he let bad things happen ? If God is all powerful and all loving, how can you explain the terrible suffering in this world ? Join us as we wrestle with the big three.

TED Talks #1 - Faith and Science

January 15, 2017 at 11:00 AM

If you want to hear some grumpy people, just go to a web site where they are debating Creation versus Evolution. The one side asks “How can you believe in the primitive myths of Religion when Science can show you what is actually true about the world ?” The other side asks “How can you be so blind and arrogant that you cannot recognize that this creation proves there is a creator ?” Who is right ? Is it rational and logical to be fully devoted to Science and fully devoted to God at the same time? In this talk, Pastor Langdon Palmer goes to some pretty strange sources including Snow White, Donkey Kong,, and the source of all inspiration – the shower. But we think you will find a fresh new way to understand the roles of faith and science which will free you to pursue both with passion and joy.

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