Politics... or Easter ?

March 27, 2016
Rev. Dr. Langdon Palmer

It turns out there are basically two ways to look at the world - the way of Politics and the Way of Easter. Materialists, like atheists and communists are those who say we live in a closed system - there is just matter, just stuff and that is it. There is no God, no supernatural, no spiritual realm - just the physical stuff that science can tell us about, and therefore people are nothing more than stuff too. In a world like that, politics is all you've got to try to make a better world. On the other hand, Christians believe we live in an open system - there is more going on here than can be measured with instruments. This physical world is not all there is. The world of science and politics and stuff is very real, but only a part of reality. What happened on the first Easter ? Was it just one more political event ? Or was it a singularity in human history, when the Maker of Heaven and Earth broke into the world of politics and made a way where there was no way - when he revealed once and for all that there is far more to life than we have been thinking ? Join us for this Easter sermon where we first have some fun with the current election year politics and then turn to the deep and beautiful truth of the Resurrection.

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