LUST - Fire ...and ashes. - The Seven Deadly Sins #7

February 21, 2016
Langdon Palmer

Some parts of the bible make sex sound amazing and joyful, other parts give warnings and set boundaries. Why? What's wrong with a little lust - what's wrong with looking as long as you don't touch ? Isn't sex the spice of life ? Aren't Christians overly uptight about Sex anyway ? By way of "The Church Lady", Burkas, and Cosmopolitan Magazine, we take an honest look at the last of the Deadly Sins, the one no one wants to talk about: Lust. New scientific research is revealing that pornography use works like a drug on the brain- actually changing the brain physically, and setting us up for miserable, lonely, unfulfilling sex lives. If you struggle in this area, there is hope for you - things you can do to make a real change. And best of all, we worship the God of second chances, the God who created sex to be rich, sensual, delicious and the celebration feast of true love.

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