Letting Jesus Wreck My Life #4 - Psychology: Carl Jung meets Jesus

Series: Letting Jesus Wreck My Life

January 31, 2021
Langdon Palmer

A lot of us like the sound of "choosing reality over appearances." But when it involves taking a hard look at the worst parts of ourselves and comparing that to "together" persona we present to others, we tend to avoid this crucial hard work! Today we look at Carl Jung's idea of the shadow and how we hide our own worst flaws from ourselves by projecting them on to others. This idea echoes the deep teaching of the scriptures. If I am going to be a Christian, I need to be brutally honest about my own sin. Today we look at the relationship between Psychology and Faith, and explore the ways we can distort our thinking when we use Psychology the wrong way. You can see the entire service at https://youtu.be/F52gS-WMP10, and you can see the entire series at https://levpres.org/letting-jesus-wreck-my-life/

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