Jordan Peterson meets Jesus Sermon Podcast 09 – Jacob’s Ladder

Series: Jordon Peterson meets Jesus

November 18, 2018
Langdon Palmer

Does God exist ? Some people say “No”, some people say “How would you know?”, and some people say “What difference does it make – I don’t see any signs that God makes any difference to this world…” Although this question sounds philosophical and theoretical, it is actually a very practical question. Few things are more practical than asking what I am here for and who am I meant to be. What should I do with the rest of my life? If there really is a Maker of Heaven and Earth, and he designed me and knows me, mightn’t He have something to say about these things? But when we talk about things like trying to encounter God (who is infinite), our reason (as crucial as it is) can only take us so far. Is it wise to go beyond what reason can tell us ? Today we come to the last in our Jordan Peterson series as we encounter Jacob’s Ladder.

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This podcast builds upon (and hopefully does not distort too badly) the work of Jordan Peterson in "12 Rules for Life"

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