Jordan Peterson meets Jesus Sermon Podcast 02 - Don't be the Hermit Crab

Series: Jordon Peterson meets Jesus

September 30, 2018
Langdon Palmer

Some of us are tempted to withdraw from relationships and isolate ourselves from the messiness of people. We are tempted to live like hermit crabs, withdrawing into our own private Idaho – where no one can hurt us. Instead of spending time looking into a good friend’s eyes, we stare into the dark glass of our smart phones. Others are tempted to do the exact opposite – to jump into unhealthy relationships with people who are no good for us. Today we look at the second sure fire way to avoid happiness – settling for loneliness or toxic relationships. We look at practical advise from Jordan Peterson’s “12 rules for life” and then compare that to the ancient wisdom of the scriptures. We study three different stances we take that cause us to sabotage our own happiness instead engaging in the rich personal relationships God intended for us. We flesh out rule #2 for living life well: “Don’t be the hermit crab, make friends with people who want the best for you and those who will draw you closer to God.”

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This podcast builds upon (and hopefully does not distort too badly) the work of Jordan Peterson in "12 Rules for Life"


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