Ephesians 2:11-22 Sermon Podcast - The sin of "Those People-ism"

Series: The Book of Ephesians

February 10, 2019
Langdon Palmer

Today we look at the good news of the gospel … but it ends up forcing us to take a hard look inside ourselves. The current raging debate in the U.S. over a southern border wall reveals the bigotry of both the political right and the political left. It reveals the bigotry in me, and that is not a comfortable thing to experience. This podcast will not be easy, but we hope it will get people of all political persuasions to reflect on their own temptations to see people as guilty by association, to reduce them to nothing more than a totem for “Those People.” We look at when walls and tribes are good, and when walls and tribes become bad. We dig into what Paul meant by the “dividing wall of hostility” and the incredibly good news that Jesus went to the cross not only to pay for our personal sins, but to reconcile us the clans we are tempted to despise as “those people.”

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