ENVY - Feeling bitter when others have it better - The Seven Deadly Sins #1

January 10, 2016
Langdon Palmer

If you want to make sure you have a miserable life, pursue one or more of the Seven deadly sins. Each promises us happiness as it drives us further and further away from real happiness. The first of these deadly habits of thought is ENVY. Have you ever looked at someone else and compared their situation to yours and secretly thought "I wish our situations were reversed..." In other words have you ever found yourself getting bitter when others get it better ? These are hints that Envy is crouching at your door. Today we look at two people Antonio Salieri from the movie Amadeus and Cain from the book of Genesis to help us see the root of Envy in our own lives. We conclude with practical steps you can take against the rule of Envy in your life. Sermon notes and quotes are available.

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