Advent Scene 1 - The sign of the star

Series: Advent 2018

December 02, 2018
Langdon Palmer

This Advent we look at four signs that declared that the Messiah really was to come on the first Christmas morning. This morning we look at the story of the Wisemen and the Star of Bethlehem. Is this story just a cute myth for children that has nothing to do with the actual history of the world ? Why would a Jewish author writing to a Jewish audience make pagan astrologers from Babylon the heroes of his story ? How could a “star” stand in one place over Bethlehem when we know that comets and planets move ? Recent scientific discoveries released just this month imply that there is much stronger connection between bible stories and cosmology than we realized. Join us for a fascinating journey into the story of the Wisemen! Video Clip of the conjunction of Jupiter and Venus: Video of how planet orbits appear from Earth showing retrograde motion:

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