A biblical encounter with Jordan Peterson's Rule #9 "If old memories still upset you write them down carefully and completely"

Series: Beyond Order & Chaos

March 06, 2022
Langdon Palmer

The New York Times called Jordan Peterson “The most influential public intellectual in the Western World right now.” He is despised by both the far Left and the far Right, but he genuinely seems to be trying to understand what is real in this world. Whether you are an atheist, a skeptic, or a dedicated follower of Jesus, we hope this message series will challenge and inspire you. It looks at the places where Peterson’s latest book illustrates and fleshes out the ancient wisdom of the Scriptures and applies it to our current day. And yes, we are going to talk a lot about Jesus. You can see the entire series and find additional resources at https://levpres.org/beyond-order-and-chaos/

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