Even the Stones Cry Out - 4/10/22

Series: Full to the Brim: An Expansive Lent

April 10, 2022
Justin Spurlock

Even the Stones Cry Out - As Jesus enters Jerusalem, the multitude of disciples begins to joyfully shout with praise. The Pharisees try to silence them, but Jesus responds: “I tell you, even if these were silent, the stones would shout out.” All of creation cries out with praise—that message rises above the noise, even if the oppressive powers want to silence it. As we begin our walk through Holy Week, let us ask: What can’t be silenced? What must be said? What things can we not stay quiet about? What is bubbling up that we need to give voice to—faith questions, apologies, issues of justice, truth-telling? As we go deeper into the story, the truth will soon be set free. Based on Scripture: Scripture: Luke 19:28-40

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