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Title Speaker Date
Live by Faith not Reason Ps. Steve Middleton September 17, 2017
Provision in Christ Sharon Aubrey August 20, 2017
Release His Spirit and Power2 Pastor Steve Middleton, Clinton July 09, 2017
Faith in the Power of God Jul 2 6:24pm Pastor Steve Middleton, Clinton July 02, 2017
Faith Clinton May 21 5:57pm Cheryl Braden & Dylan Harper VTC Student Tour May 21, 2017
What do you see? Look Beyond Feb 12 2017 Pastor Steve Middleton, Clinton February 12, 2017
Lift up your eyes and see Heaven Feb 5 6:02pm Pastor Steve Middleton, Clinton February 05, 2017
Back to the Wild Place Ps. Steve Middleton November 13, 2016
What Are You Afraid Of. Sep 18 6:16pm Lisa & Brian Schell September 18, 2016
Defeating The Lion Bear and The Giant Aug 7 5:57pm Pastor Steve Middleton Clinton August 07, 2016
Moving from conflict into Fruit Jul 10 6:29pm Pastor Steve Middleton Clinton July 10, 2016
Moving from Conflict to Fruit Ps Steve Middleton July 10, 2016
What is Your Focus Jul 3 6:19pm Pastor Steve Middleton July 03, 2016
Is Faith Your Focus, or Circumstance Your Focus? Ps. Steve Middleton July 03, 2016
What do you See~Speak to Your Mountain Jun 26 6:03pm Pastor Steve Middleton June 26, 2016
Enemies Of Faith Jun 12 6:12pm Pastor Steve Middleton Clinton June 12, 2016
What are the Enemies of our Faith? Ps Steve Middleton June 12, 2016
Increasing Your Faith For More May 29 6:34pm Pastor Steve Middleton Clinton May 29, 2016
Growing Faith Ps Steve Middleton May 29, 2016
Increasing to Great Faith May 1 6:35pm Clinton Pastor Steve Middleton May 01, 2016
Maintain or Increase Ps. Steve Middleton May 01, 2016
Managing the Gap in Canada Ps. Gen Richards April 17, 2016
Managing the Gap Ps. Steve Middleton April 10, 2016
Little Faith Clinton, Mar 13 5:57pm Pastor Steve Middleton March 13, 2016
Building Your Faith Ps. Steve Middleton March 06, 2016
My Imagination is Connected to My Faith, Clinton Jan 10 6:06pm Pastor Steve Middleton January 10, 2016

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