Satan-Wild-Beasts-AngelsSatan, Wild Beasts & Angels

Satan, Wild Beasts & Angels

Womens-Ministry-3309Womens Ministry - 3/3/09

Womens Ministry - 3/3/09

Where-Is-God-in-All-of-ThisWhere Is God in All of This?

Where Is God in All of This?

Crosswave-Week-of-Mar-2ndCrosswave - Week of Mar 2nd

Crosswave - Week of Mar 2nd

BSJ-Drivers-Ed-03-01-09BSJ-Driver's Ed-03-01-09

BSJ-Driver's Ed-03-01-09

Lessons-from-the-SHACK-2Lessons from the SHACK #2

Lessons from the SHACK #2

3-1-09-HE-IS-HOLY-Part-33-1-09 HE IS HOLY - Part 3

3-1-09 HE IS HOLY - Part 3

Kingdom-Requirements-Part-8-2nd-ServiceKingdom: Requirements Part 8 2nd Service

Kingdom: Requirements Part 8 2...

The-Keynote-Phil-31The Keynote-Phil. 3:1

The Keynote-Phil. 3:1

The-Outpouring-The-Pharisee-Within-and-The-Word-of-KnowledgeThe Outpouring: The Pharisee Within and The Word of Knowledge

The Outpouring: The Pharisee W...

Lessons-from-THE-SHACK-1Lessons from THE SHACK #1

Lessons from THE SHACK #1

Sermon-3109Sermon - 3/1/09

Sermon - 3/1/09

Kingdom-Requirements-Part-8-1st-ServiceKingdom - Requirements Part 8 - 1st Service

Kingdom - Requirements Part 8...

Como-Tener-Exito-En-El-Matrimonio-2Como Tener Exito En El Matrimonio  2

Como Tener Exito En El Matrimo...

Como-Tener-Exito-En-El-Matrimonio-1Como Tener Exito En El Matrimonio  1

Como Tener Exito En El Matrimo...

A-Glorious-PresenceA Glorious Presence

A Glorious Presence

A-Cleansing-PresenceA Cleansing Presence

A Cleansing Presence

The-God-of-Abraham-God-who-Hears-meThe God of Abraham- God who Hears me

The God of Abraham- God who He...

1-Peter-51-14-Jerel-Olson1 Peter 5:1-14 (Jerel Olson)

1 Peter 5:1-14 (Jerel Olson)

Womens-Ministry-22409Womens Ministry - 2/24/09

Womens Ministry - 2/24/09

Crosswave-Week-of-Feb-23rdCrosswave - Week of Feb 23rd

Crosswave - Week of Feb 23rd

Mercy-Changes-LivesMercy Changes Lives

Mercy Changes Lives

The-Power-of-A-Patient-FaithThe Power of A Patient Faith

The Power of A Patient Faith

The-Gospel-is-Christological-Theological-HistoricalThe Gospel is Christological, Theological & Historical

The Gospel is Christological,...



2-22-09-HE-IS-HOLY-Part-22-22-09 HE IS HOLY - Part 2

2-22-09 HE IS HOLY - Part 2

All-I-Remember-is-Love-4All I Remember is Love, #4

All I Remember is Love, #4

Kingdom-Responsibilities-Part-7-2nd-ServiceKingdom Responsibilities - Part 7 - 2nd Service

Kingdom Responsibilities - Par...

Conoces-a-Dios-o-de-Dios-parte-2Conoces a Dios o de Dios? parte 2

Conoces a Dios o de Dios? part...

Kingdom-Requirements-Part-7-1st-ServiceKingdom Requirements -Part 7 - 1st Service

Kingdom Requirements -Part 7 -...

Mr-HandsomeMr. Handsome

Mr. Handsome

Conoces-a-Dios-o-de-Dios-parte-1Conoces a Dios o de Dios? parte  1

Conoces a Dios o de Dios? part...

The-Outpouring-Divine-HealingThe Outpouring: Divine Healing

The Outpouring: Divine Healing

Acts-222-24-Charles-HamptonActs 2:22-24 (Charles Hampton)

Acts 2:22-24 (Charles Hampton)

Sermon-22209Sermon - 2/22/09

Sermon - 2/22/09

Is-Christ-Enough-for-Your-LifeIs Christ Enough for Your Life?

Is Christ Enough for Your Life...

Worship-Women-the-WordWorship, Women & the Word

Worship, Women & the Word

Last-Things-1-Peter-47-11-Jerel-OlsonLast Things 1 Peter 4:7-11 (Jerel Olson)

Last Things 1 Peter 4:7-11 (Je...

Lies-Will-Kill-You-Romans-1-8Lies Will Kill You | Romans 1-8

Lies Will Kill You | Romans 1-...

Womens-Ministry-21709Womens Ministry - 2/17/09

Womens Ministry - 2/17/09

Crosswave-Week-of-Feb-16thCrosswave - Week of Feb 16th

Crosswave - Week of Feb 16th



2-15-09-HE-IS-HOLY-Part-12-15-09 HE IS HOLY - Part 1

2-15-09 HE IS HOLY - Part 1

Be-The-Love-You-Want-3Be The Love You Want, #3

Be The Love You Want, #3

Kingdom-Requirements-Part-6-021509-2nd-ServiceKingdom Requirements Part 6 021509 2nd Service

Kingdom Requirements Part 6 02...

No-One-Like-Him-Phil-219-24No One Like Him-Phil 2:19-24

No One Like Him-Phil 2:19-24

The-Outpouring-The-First-ChurchThe Outpouring: The First Church

The Outpouring: The First Chur...

Acts-21417-Charles-HamptonActs 2:14:17 (Charles Hampton)

Acts 2:14:17 (Charles Hampton)

Poyecto-Timoteo-Parte-2Poyecto Timoteo Parte 2

Poyecto Timoteo Parte 2

Sermon-21509Sermon - 2/15/09

Sermon - 2/15/09

Poyecto-Timoteo-Parte-1Poyecto Timoteo Parte 1

Poyecto Timoteo Parte 1

Kingdom-Requirements-6-090215-1st-ServiceKingdom Requirements 6 090215 1st Service

Kingdom Requirements 6 090215...

New-Year-Resolutions-its-all-rubbishNew Year Resolutions- it's all rubbish

New Year Resolutions- it's all...

That-The-Dead-May-Live-1-Peter-43-6-Jerel-OlsonThat The Dead May Live 1 Peter 4:3-6 (Jerel Olson)

That The Dead May Live 1 Peter...

The-God-Of-Abraham-Waiting-on-GodThe God Of Abraham- Waiting on God

The God Of Abraham- Waiting on...

The-Fifth-Element-James-127-The-final-reversalThe Fifth Element - James 1:27 - The final reversal

The Fifth Element - James 1:27...

Womens-Ministry-21009Womens Ministry - 2/10/09

Womens Ministry - 2/10/09

The-Influence-of-GraceThe Influence of Grace

The Influence of Grace

Joy-CompleteJoy Complete

Joy Complete

For-the-Good-of-the-Church-BodyFor the Good of the Church Body

For the Good of the Church Bod...

Crosswave-Week-of-Feb-8thCrosswave - Week of Feb 8th

Crosswave - Week of Feb 8th



2-8-09-HE-CAN2-8-09 HE CAN

2-8-09 HE CAN

Here-Comes-That-DreamerHere Comes That Dreamer

Here Comes That Dreamer

Groundbreaking-Love-2Groundbreaking Love, #2

Groundbreaking Love, #2

El-Poder-de-la-Enseanza-2El Poder de la EnseƱanza  2

El Poder de la Enseñanza 2

El-Poder-de-la-Enseanza-1El Poder de la EnseƱanza  1

El Poder de la Enseñanza 1

Acts-21-13-Charles-HamptonActs 2:1-13  (Charles Hampton)

Acts 2:1-13 (Charles Hampton)

The-Outpouring-The-Language-of-the-HeartThe Outpouring: The Language of the Heart

The Outpouring: The Language o...

Sermon-2809Sermon - 2/8/09

Sermon - 2/8/09

Kingdom-Requirements-Part-5-1st-ServiceKingdom: Requirements Part 5 - 1st Service

Kingdom: Requirements Part 5 -...

PodPoint Default Album Art" alt="Blessed-And-Still-Buried-_Pt2-GraveclothesBlessed And Still Buried _Pt2 Graveclothes">

Blessed And Still Buried _Pt2...

PodPoint Default Album Art" alt="Blessed-And-Still-Buried-_Pt1Blessed And Still Buried _Pt1">

Blessed And Still Buried _Pt1

PodPoint Default Album Art" alt="I-Hear-The-Sound-Of-AbundanceI Hear The Sound Of Abundance">

I Hear The Sound Of Abundance

PodPoint Default Album Art" alt="God-Has-A-Plan-And-He-Will-Work-It-OutGod Has A Plan And He Will Work It Out">

God Has A Plan And He Will Wor...

PodPoint Default Album Art" alt="Put-Your-Foot-DownPut Your Foot Down">

Put Your Foot Down

A-Sacred-PresenceA Sacred Presence

A Sacred Presence

Of-the-Inferno-and-Baptism-1-Peter-319-22-Jerel-OlsonOf the Inferno and Baptism, 1 Peter 3:19-22 (Jerel Olson)

Of the Inferno and Baptism, 1...

The-God-of-Abraham-A-shield-and-a-rewardThe God of Abraham- A shield and a reward

The God of Abraham- A shield a...

Womens-Ministry-2309Womens Ministry - 2/3/09

Womens Ministry - 2/3/09

Crosswave-Week-of-Feb-2ndCrosswave - Week of Feb 2nd

Crosswave - Week of Feb 2nd



A-Mystery-Hidden-But-Now-RevealedA Mystery Hidden But Now Revealed

A Mystery Hidden But Now Revea...

Calling-the-ChurchCalling the Church

Calling the Church

Strive-to-Build-Up-the-ChurchStrive to Build Up the Church

Strive to Build Up the Church

Love-Relationhsip-Basics-1Love Relationhsip Basics, #1

Love Relationhsip Basics, #1

Which-Way-Will-It-Be-Romans-109-John-111-12-the-4th-Great-ReversalWhich Way Will It Be ?  - Romans 10:9 & John 1:11-12 - the 4th Great Reversal

Which Way Will It Be ? - Roma...

2-1-09-HES-HERE2-1-09 HE'S HERE

2-1-09 HE'S HERE

Cual-es-mi-puesto-Parte-2Cual es mi puesto? Parte 2

Cual es mi puesto? Parte 2

Cual-es-mi-puesto-Parte-1Cual es mi puesto? Parte 1

Cual es mi puesto? Parte 1

Kingdom-Requirements-Part-4-2nd-ServiceKingdom: Requirements Part 4 - 2nd Service

Kingdom: Requirements Part 4 -...

Daily-Dose-of-Discipline-Phil-212-13Daily Dose of Discipline-Phil. 2:12-13

Daily Dose of Discipline-Phil....

The-Outpouring-PentecostThe Outpouring: Pentecost

The Outpouring: Pentecost

Acts-114-26-Charles-HamptonActs 1:14-26 (Charles Hampton)

Acts 1:14-26 (Charles Hampton)

Sermon-2109Sermon - 2/1/09

Sermon - 2/1/09

Kingdom-Requirements-Part-4Kingdom: Requirements - Part 4

Kingdom: Requirements - Part 4

Blessed-To-Suffer-1-Peter-313-18-41-2-12-19-Jerel-OlsonBlessed To Suffer 1 Peter 3:13-18, 4:1-2, 12-19 (Jerel Olson)

Blessed To Suffer 1 Peter 3:13...

Womens-Ministry-12709Womens Ministry - 1/27/09

Womens Ministry - 1/27/09

The-Character-of-LoveThe Character of Love

The Character of Love

Blessed-is-the-Man-Who-Remains-SteadfastBlessed is the Man Who Remains Steadfast

Blessed is the Man Who Remains...

What-God-Wants-to-Do-in-the-World-TodayWhat God Wants to Do in the World Today

What God Wants to Do in the Wo...

Crosswave-Week-of-Jan-26thCrosswave - Week of Jan 26th

Crosswave - Week of Jan 26th