Refresh-RefocusRefresh - Refocus

Refresh - Refocus

The-Fields-are-White-for-HarvestThe Fields are White for Harvest

The Fields are White for Harve...

Sermon-10310Sermon - 10/3/10

Sermon - 10/3/10

Jesus-Heals-Two-Blind-Men-Kris-HallfrischJesus Heals Two Blind Men (Kris Hallfrisch)

Jesus Heals Two Blind Men (Kri...

deliverance-into-destinyDeliverance Into Destiny

Deliverance Into Destiny

Radical-Shirft-in-VisionRadical Shirft in Vision

Radical Shirft in Vision

Seeing-The-VisionSeeing The Vision

Seeing The Vision

El-Plan-BEl Plan B

El Plan B


09-26-10 "Soul(land) Security"

Jesus-Guest-or-MasterJesus: Guest or Master

Jesus: Guest or Master

Redemptive-SufferingRedemptive Suffering

Redemptive Suffering

The-Fall-Genesis-3-Jerel-OlsonThe Fall (Genesis 3) (Jerel Olson)

The Fall (Genesis 3) (Jerel Ol...

Authentic-HumilityAuthentic Humility

Authentic Humility

Sept-26-2010-Its-all-about-Jesus-Luke-1619-31Sept. 26, 2010: It's all about Jesus - Luke 16:19-31

Sept. 26, 2010: It's all about...

Womens-Ministry-92810Womens Ministry - 9/28/10

Womens Ministry - 9/28/10

A-Prosperous-SoundA Prosperous Sound

A Prosperous Sound

Looks-Can-Be-DeceivingLooks Can Be Deceiving

Looks Can Be Deceiving


"When Everything is Gone, God...

How-do-you-break-up-with-a-friendHow do you break up with a friend

How do you break up with a fri...

Gods-WorkmanshipGod's Workmanship

God's Workmanship



Who-is-your-ROCKWho is your ROCK

Who is your ROCK

The-Fruit-of-the-Spirit-is-PatienceThe Fruit of the Spirit is Patience

The Fruit of the Spirit is Pat...

Sermon-92610Sermon - 9/26/10

Sermon - 9/26/10

Water-to-WineWater to Wine

Water to Wine

Breaking-The-ShellBreaking The Shell

Breaking The Shell


"How to Handle Painful Situati...

When-God-is-in-the-HouseWhen God is in the House

When God is in the House

Sept-19-2010-Luke-161-13-The-Dishonest-ManagerSept 19, 2010: Luke 16:1-13 - The Dishonest Manager

Sept 19, 2010: Luke 16:1-13 -...

Your-First-LoveYour First Love

Your First Love

Womens-Ministry-92110Womens Ministry - 9/21/10

Womens Ministry - 9/21/10

09-19-10-The-Secret-of-The-H-Word09-19-10 The Secret of

09-19-10 The Secret of "The H...

09-12-10-What-Do-You-Say-When-God-Is-Far-Away09-12-10 What Do You Say When God Is Far Away

09-12-10 What Do You Say When...

Emergency-ExitsEmergency Exits

Emergency Exits

Isaacs-Dysfunctional-FamilyIsaac's Dysfunctional Family

Isaac's Dysfunctional Family

The-Scandalous-Love-of-GodThe Scandalous Love of God

The Scandalous Love of God

Refresh-The-ResultRefresh - The Result

Refresh - The Result



Who-Do-Men-Say-That-I-AmWho Do Men Say That I Am?

Who Do Men Say That I Am?

The-Fruit-of-the-Spirit-is-PeaceThe Fruit of the Spirit is Peace

The Fruit of the Spirit is Pea...

The-Vision-CompletedThe Vision Completed

The Vision Completed

Sermon-91910Sermon - 9/19/10

Sermon - 9/19/10

Simple-Christianity-Acts-2513-27-Charles-HamptonSimple Christianity (Acts 25:13-27) (Charles Hampton)

Simple Christianity (Acts 25:1...

Residue-Of-RemembranceResidue Of Remembrance

Residue Of Remembrance

Moral-RelativismMoral Relativism

Moral Relativism


"It's Coming"

The-First-Breath-of-Humanity-Genesis-1-2-Jerel-OlsonThe First Breath of Humanity (Genesis 1 & 2)  (Jerel Olson)

The First Breath of Humanity (...

Sept-12-2010-A-Hands-On-Kind-of-God-Luke-151-10Sept. 12, 2010: A Hands-On Kind of God - Luke 15:1-10

Sept. 12, 2010: A Hands-On Kin...



Womens-Ministry-91410Womens Ministry - 9/14/10

Womens Ministry - 9/14/10

The-Long-Road-A-Season-of-RecoveryThe Long Road: A Season of Recovery

The Long Road: A Season of Rec...

Episode-46-Hipster-Christianity-when-the-church-meets-coolEpisode 46: Hipster Christianity--when the church meets cool

Episode 46: Hipster Christiani...

A-Covenant-Keeping-GodA Covenant Keeping God

A Covenant Keeping God

Sunday-PM-September-5-2010Sunday PM, September 5, 2010

Sunday PM, September 5, 2010

Wednesday-PM-September-8-2010Wednesday PM, September 8, 2010

Wednesday PM, September 8, 201...

Wednesday-PM-September-1-2010Wednesday PM, September 1, 2010

Wednesday PM, September 1, 201...

Sunday-AM-September-5-2010Sunday AM, September 5, 2010

Sunday AM, September 5, 2010

Wednesday-PM-August-25-2010Wednesday PM, August 25, 2010

Wednesday PM, August 25, 2010


9-12-08 JESUS: THE HEAD OF TH...

What-Is-Your-ClassificationWhat Is Your Classification

What Is Your Classification

The-Fruit-of-the-Spirit-is-JoyThe Fruit of the Spirit is Joy

The Fruit of the Spirit is Joy

Eliminate-the-CompetitionEliminate the Competition

Eliminate the Competition

Refresh-The-ChallengeRefresh - The Challenge

Refresh - The Challenge

Trust-in-the-LordTrust in the Lord

Trust in the Lord

Sermon-91210Sermon 9/12/10

Sermon 9/12/10

A-New-Way-Of-ImagingA New Way Of Imaging

A New Way Of Imaging

revelation-in-remote-placesRevelation In Remote Places

Revelation In Remote Places

Hit-The-Cut-Off-ManHit The Cut Off Man

Hit The Cut Off Man

Persue-Gods-Will-Acts-25-1-12-Charles-HamptonPersue God's Will (Acts 25: 1-12) (Charles Hampton)

Persue God's Will (Acts 25: 1-...

instant-blessings-that-are-at-a-distanceInstant Blessings That are At A Distance

Instant Blessings That are At...

Wholeness-Through-BrokennessWholeness Through Brokenness

Wholeness Through Brokenness

dealing-with-disappointment-1Dealing With Disappointment

Dealing With Disappointment

I-Want-To-See-ItI Want To See It

I Want To See It

09-05-10-Lectio-Devina-Psalm-9109-05-10 Lectio Devina:  Psalm 91

09-05-10 Lectio Devina: Psalm...

God-Created-Genesis-1-Jerel-OlsonGod Created (Genesis 1) (Jerel Olson)

God Created (Genesis 1) (Jerel...

The-Matter-at-Hand-Authoritys-Release-of-PowerThe Matter at Hand [Authority's Release of Power]

The Matter at Hand [Authority'...

People-Pleasers-Acts-2422-27-Charles-HamptonPeople Pleasers (Acts 24:22-27) (Charles Hampton)

People Pleasers (Acts 24:22-27...

From-the-Inside-Out-The-story-behind-the-songFrom the Inside Out - The story behind the song

From the Inside Out - The stor...


"Claim Your Victory"

Competition-for-Your-AttentionCompetition for Your Attention

Competition for Your Attention

Refresh-The-Number-1-ThingRefresh - The Number 1 Thing

Refresh - The Number 1 Thing

Sept-5-2010-Luke-1425-35Sept. 5, 2010: Luke 14:25-35

Sept. 5, 2010: Luke 14:25-35



The-Clock-is-TickingThe Clock is Ticking

The Clock is Ticking

Sermon-9510Sermon - 9/5/10

Sermon - 9/5/10

Spiritual-Heroes-Labor-DaySpiritual Heroes-Labor Day

Spiritual Heroes-Labor Day

The-Sweetest-BreadThe Sweetest Bread

The Sweetest Bread

The-Assumption-of-MaryThe Assumption of Mary

The Assumption of Mary

We-Have-the-PowerWe Have the Power

We Have the Power

The-Pursuit-of-HappinessThe Pursuit of Happiness

The Pursuit of Happiness

Giving-August-29-2010Giving August 29, 2010

Giving August 29, 2010

Worship-August-29-2010Worship August 29, 2010

Worship August 29, 2010

God-Is-Love-I-John-4-7-8-Jerel-OlsenGod Is Love (I John 4 7-8) (Jerel Olsen)

God Is Love (I John 4 7-8) (Je...

Episode-45-What-do-the-Mosque-at-Ground-Zero-and-Glen-Beck-say-about-religious-toleranceEpisode 45: What do the Mosque at Ground Zero and Glen Beck say about religious tolerance?

Episode 45: What do the Mosque...

08-29-10-Faith-Formation08-29-10 Faith Formation

08-29-10 Faith Formation

08-22-10-The-Way-of-Wisdom08-22-10 The Way of Wisdom

08-22-10 The Way of Wisdom

Grace-and-Peace-Multiplied-To-YouGrace and Peace Multiplied To You

Grace and Peace Multiplied To...

Compromise-Acts-241-21-Charles-HamptonCompromise (Acts 24:1-21) (Charles Hampton)

Compromise (Acts 24:1-21) (Cha...

I-Expect-an-OverflowI Expect an Overflow

I Expect an Overflow

You-are-Holy-The-story-behind-the-songYou are Holy - The story behind the song

You are Holy - The story behin...


"It's My Life and My Body"

Understanding-the-Things-of-GodUnderstanding the Things of God

Understanding the Things of Go...