intimacy-understanding-headship-part-2Intimacy:  Understanding Headship Part 2

Intimacy: Understanding Heads...

The-Book-of-John-30-of-40-My-AdvantageThe Book of John - 30 of 40

The Book of John - 30 of 40 "M...

giving-away-the-favour-of-god-1Giving away the Favour of God

Giving away the Favour of God

seed-need-and-greed-1Seed, Need and Greed

Seed, Need and Greed

freely-receive-freely-give-1Freely Receive, Freely Give

Freely Receive, Freely Give



Talent-What-are-you-looking-at-Part-3Talent: What are you looking at? Part 3

Talent: What are you looking a...

130811-A-Warning-to-America130811 A Warning to America

130811 A Warning to America

130804-God-Building-His-Church130804 God Building His Church

130804 God Building His Church

130728-The-Bibles-Ugly-Page130728 The Bible's Ugly Page

130728 The Bible's Ugly Page

130721-Our-Coming-King130721 Our Coming King

130721 Our Coming King

08-18-13-Crossed-Signals08-18-13 Crossed Signals

08-18-13 Crossed Signals

A-Report-Card-for-the-Church-Faith-WorksA Report Card for the Church: Faith & Works

A Report Card for the Church:...

August-182013-ServiceAugust 18,2013 Service

August 18,2013 Service

Spirit-and-TruthSpirit and Truth

Spirit and Truth

He-Knows-My-NameHe Knows My Name

He Knows My Name

Vas-a-asombrar-a-DiosVas a asombrar a Dios

Vas a asombrar a Dios

Definition-2013-The-Charge-Never-Changes-Sermon-OnlyDefinition 2013 - The Charge Never Changes (Sermon Only)

Definition 2013 - The Charge N...

Definition-2013-The-Charge-Never-ChangesDefinition 2013 - The Charge Never Changes

Definition 2013 - The Charge N...

Have-A-HeartHave A Heart

Have A Heart

Unity-MattersUnity Matters

Unity Matters

A-Place-Where-You-Can-BelongA Place Where You Can Belong

A Place Where You Can Belong



Courage-Part-3Courage Part 3

Courage Part 3

intimacy-tenderness-of-the-lion-strength-of-the-lambIntimacy:  Tenderness of the Lion, Strength of the Lamb

Intimacy: Tenderness of the L...

Children-of-the-RessurectionChildren of the Ressurection

Children of the Ressurection

The-Azusa-Code-HOPEThe Azusa Code - HOPE

The Azusa Code - HOPE

faith-filled-giving-1Faith Filled Giving

Faith Filled Giving

you-are-what-you-eat-2You Are What You Eat

You Are What You Eat

cultivating-a-generous-life-1Cultivating a Generous Life

Cultivating a Generous Life

true-treasure-1True Treasure

True Treasure

The-StoryThe Story

The Story

A-Report-Card-for-the-Church-IdolatryA Report Card for the Church: Idolatry

A Report Card for the Church:...

Talent-Focus-on-itTalent: Focus on it!

Talent: Focus on it!

Established-and-Grounded-in-HimEstablished and Grounded in Him

Established and Grounded in Hi...

08-11-13-When-History-is-Re-Made08-11-13 When History is Re-Made

08-11-13 When History is Re-Ma...

August-112013-ServiceAugust 11,2013 Service

August 11,2013 Service

Our-Witness-In-WorshipOur Witness In Worship

Our Witness In Worship

From-Slavery-to-SonshipFrom Slavery to Sonship

From Slavery to Sonship



Definition-2013-Standing-on-the-Edge-Sermon-OnlyDefinition 2013 -

Definition 2013 - "Standing on...

Definition-2013-Standing-on-the-Edge-Entire-ServiceDefinition 2013 -

Definition 2013 - "Standing on...

Stand-Boldly-for-ChristStand Boldly for Christ

Stand Boldly for Christ



The-Connected-LifeThe Connected Life

The Connected Life

intimacy-understanding-headshipIntimacy - Understanding Headship

Intimacy - Understanding Heads...

The-Book-of-John-29-of-40-Abiding-LoveThe Book of John 29 of 40 - Abiding Love

The Book of John 29 of 40 - Ab...

From-Judgment-to-MercyFrom Judgment to Mercy

From Judgment to Mercy

be-encouraged-part-6Be Encouraged Part 6

Be Encouraged Part 6

Courage-Part-2Courage Part 2

Courage Part 2

Looking-for-OneLooking for One

Looking for One

generous-like-god-1Generous like God

Generous like God

a-giving-lifestyle-1A Giving Lifestyle

A Giving Lifestyle

What-Is-My-Role-In-WorshipWhat Is My Role In Worship

What Is My Role In Worship

Grace-EverlastingGrace Everlasting

Grace Everlasting

A-Report-Card-for-the-Church-CompromiseA Report Card for the Church: Compromise

A Report Card for the Church:...

Talent-Part-1Talent Part 1

Talent Part 1

Life-of-The-Living-DeadLife of The Living Dead

Life of The Living Dead

breaking-free-from-slave-mentalityBreaking Free From Slave Mentality

Breaking Free From Slave Menta...

August-42013-ServiceAugust 4,2013 Service

August 4,2013 Service

08-04-13-What-is-the-Good-News-today08-04-13 What is the Good News today

08-04-13 What is the Good News...

Kingdom-Breakthrough-Part-2Kingdom Breakthrough Part 2

Kingdom Breakthrough Part 2

Courage-Part-1Courage Part 1

Courage Part 1

Definition-2013-VBS-Closing-Program-Sermon-OnlyDefinition 2013 VBS Closing Program (Sermon Only)

Definition 2013 VBS Closing Pr...

Definition-2013-VBS-Closing-Program-Entire-ServiceDefinition 2013 - VBS Closing Program (Entire Service)

Definition 2013 - VBS Closing...



The-Grace-That-Was-To-BeThe Grace That Was To Be

The Grace That Was To Be

Ponder-His-Lovingkindness-part-2Ponder His Lovingkindness, part 2

Ponder His Lovingkindness, par...

Dealing-With-the-Flies-in-Your-LifeDealing With the Flies in Your Life

Dealing With the Flies in Your...

running-cows-part-4-dont-run-em-for-nothingRunning Cows Part 4 - Don't Run 'Em For Nothing

Running Cows Part 4 - Don't Ru...

The-Book-of-John-28-of-40-Manifest-KingdomThe Book of John 28 of 40 - Manifest Kingdom

The Book of John 28 of 40 - Ma...

be-encouraged-part-5Be Encouraged Part 5

Be Encouraged Part 5

a-kingdom-of-good-news-1A Kingdom of Good News

A Kingdom of Good News

freedom-faith-and-finances-1Freedom, Faith and Finances

Freedom, Faith and Finances

where-is-your-treasure-3Where is Your Treasure?

Where is Your Treasure?

kingdom-riches-1Kingdom Riches

Kingdom Riches

Finish-the-TowerFinish the Tower

Finish the Tower

Kingdom-BreakthroughKingdom Breakthrough

Kingdom Breakthrough

July-282013-ServiceJuly 28,2013 Service

July 28,2013 Service

Christ-Makes-Us-OneChrist Makes Us One

Christ Makes Us One

Breaking-Through-Part-2Breaking Through-Part 2

Breaking Through-Part 2



David-GoliathDavid & Goliath

David & Goliath

Response-Ability-Responder-or-BystanderResponse Ability - Responder or Bystander

Response Ability - Responder o...

Definition-2013-2013-Adult-VBS-Class-Always-Serve-Sermon-OnlyDefinition 2013 - 2013 Adult VBS Class

Definition 2013 - 2013 Adult V...

Definition-2013-2013-Adult-VBS-Class-Always-Serve-Entire-ServiceDefinition 2013 - 2013 Adult VBS Class

Definition 2013 - 2013 Adult V...

Navigating-WisdomNavigating Wisdom

Navigating Wisdom

Sin-is-Crouching-at-Your-DoorSin is Crouching at Your Door

Sin is Crouching at Your Door

Restored-series-Pt-4Restored series Pt. 4

Restored series Pt. 4

Gods-PresenceGod's Presence

God's Presence

Worship-JubalWorship (Jubal)

Worship (Jubal)

running-cows-part-3-dont-run-em-offRunning Cows Part 3 - Don't Run 'Em Off

Running Cows Part 3 - Don't Ru...

The-Book-of-John-27-of-40-Because-I-GoThe Book of John - 27 of 40

The Book of John - 27 of 40 "B...

Why-Do-We-WishWhy Do We Wish

Why Do We Wish

be-encouraged-part-4Be Encouraged Part 4

Be Encouraged Part 4

attack-on-all-fronts-1Attack on All Fronts

Attack on All Fronts

temple-of-the-holy-spirit-1Temple of the Holy Spirit

Temple of the Holy Spirit

where-is-your-treasure-3Where is Your Treasure

Where is Your Treasure

Breaking-ThroughBreaking Through

Breaking Through

Breakthrough-by-FaithBreakthrough by Faith

Breakthrough by Faith

LImportance-de-tes-MotsL'Importance de tes Mots

L'Importance de tes Mots

Receiving-and-Releasing-FaithReceiving and Releasing Faith

Receiving and Releasing Faith