Episode-77-What-Do-Millennials-Want-in-a-ChurchEpisode 77: What Do Millennials Want in a Church?

Episode 77: What Do Millennial...

Can-You-Dig-It-Pt-1Can You Dig It? Pt. 1

Can You Dig It? Pt. 1

worshipper-bewareWorshipper Beware

Worshipper Beware

141019-What-a-Savior141019 What a Savior

141019 What a Savior

the-word-of-prophecy-nov-9thThe Word of Prophecy  -Nov 9th

The Word of Prophecy -Nov 9th

through-the-lens-nov-2nd Through the Lens   Nov 2nd

Through the Lens Nov 2nd

Jesus-A-Friend-of-SinnersJesus, A Friend of Sinners!

Jesus, A Friend of Sinners!

I-Love-This-Place-Part-2I Love This Place: Part 2

I Love This Place: Part 2

Growing-our-Church-Grandir-Notre-EgliseGrowing our Church - Grandir Notre Eglise

Growing our Church - Grandir N...

Divinely-PositionedDivinely Positioned

Divinely Positioned

Lets-Give-God-a-ReasonLet's Give God a Reason

Let's Give God a Reason

The-Beautiful-Gate-Pt-2The Beautiful Gate Pt. 2

The Beautiful Gate Pt. 2

El-Senor-Mi-PastorEl Senor Mi Pastor

El Senor Mi Pastor

Why-We-Need-Veterans-DayWhy We Need Veterans Day

Why We Need Veterans Day

Do-you-want-to-be-healedDo you want to be healed?

Do you want to be healed?

A-Story-of-Restoration-Reconnecting-to-the-Foundation-Sermon-OnlyA Story of Restoration - Reconnecting to the Foundation - (Sermon Only)

A Story of Restoration - Recon...

A-Story-of-Restoration-Reconnecting-to-the-Foundation-Entire-ServiceA Story of Restoration - Reconnecting to the Foundation - (Entire Service)

A Story of Restoration - Recon...

Divine-FootnotesDivine Footnotes

Divine Footnotes

Building-Blocks-Wk-5Building Blocks Wk 5

Building Blocks Wk 5

A-Great-Pumpkin-FaithA Great Pumpkin Faith

A Great Pumpkin Faith

20141109-AM-Persecution20141109 AM Persecution

20141109 AM Persecution

a-rebuke-to-the-unrighteous-rich-part-1-how-you-spend-itA Rebuke to the Unrighteous Rich part 1 How you spend it

A Rebuke to the Unrighteous Ri...

Obey-His-CommandsObey His Commands

Obey His Commands

Live-in-the-World-but-Not-of-ItLive in the World, but Not of It.

Live in the World, but Not of...

The-Flesh-is-Your-Problem-The-Cross-is-Your-SolutionThe Flesh is Your Problem.  The Cross is Your Solution

The Flesh is Your Problem. Th...

See-As-He-SeesSee As He Sees

See As He Sees

james-51-12-the-rich-and-the-restlessJames 5:1-12 (The Rich and The Restless)

James 5:1-12 (The Rich and The...

Built-UpBuilt Up

Built Up

ILTP-Part1bI Love This Place: Part 1

I Love This Place: Part 1

hurried-worried-buried-how-to-overcome-fear-worry-and-anxiety-2Hurried, Worried, Buried (How to Overcome Fear, Worry, and Anxiety)

Hurried, Worried, Buried (How...

The-Love-DareThe Love Dare

The Love Dare

so-what-orange-county-thursday-night-1So What? (Orange County Thursday Night)

So What? (Orange County Thursd...

The-Beautfiul-Gate-Pt-1The Beautfiul Gate Pt 1

The Beautfiul Gate Pt 1



God-has-called-us-to-accomplish-His-purposeGod has called us to accomplish His purpose

God has called us to accomplis...

Rooftop-EvangelismRooftop Evangelism

Rooftop Evangelism

November-22014-ServiceNovember 2,2014 Service

November 2,2014 Service

I-Love-This-Place-Part-1I Love This Place: Part 1

I Love This Place: Part 1

Whats-Your-Life-Built-OnWhat's Your Life Built On

What's Your Life Built On

20141102PM-Essential-Ingredients-for-Peace20141102PM Essential Ingredients for Peace

20141102PM Essential Ingredien...

El-Senor-Mi-LibertadorEl Senor Mi Libertador

El Senor Mi Libertador



Discount-ChristanityDiscount Christanity

Discount Christanity

A-Story-of-Restoration-Restoring-the-Pieces-Sermon-OnlyA Story of Restoration - Restoring the Pieces - (Sermon Only)

A Story of Restoration - Resto...

A-Story-of-Restoration-Restoring-the-Pieces-Entire-ServiceA Story of Restoration - Restoring the Pieces - (Entire Service)

A Story of Restoration - Resto...

Building-Blocks-Wk-4Building Blocks Wk 4

Building Blocks Wk 4

Practical-Points-For-Operating-in-the-Gifts-of-the-SpiritPractical Points For Operating in the Gifts of the Spirit

Practical Points For Operating...

20141102AM-Peace-Making-10120141102AM Peace Making 101

20141102AM Peace Making 101

Pray-OftenPray Often

Pray Often

the-wonderful-will-of-godThe Wonderful Will of God

The Wonderful Will of God

End-Time-PreperationEnd Time Preperation

End Time Preperation


"Its Time To Get Right"

The-Gifts-of-the-Spirit-Part-2The Gifts of the Spirit Part 2

The Gifts of the Spirit Part 2

Whatever-He-Tells-You-To-Do-Do-ItWhatever He Tells You To Do, Do It!

Whatever He Tells You To Do, D...

james-411-17-lord-willingJames 4:11-17 (Lord-Willing)

James 4:11-17 (Lord-Willing)



what-jesus-taught-about-prayer-part-2-2What Jesus Taught about Prayer, Part 2

What Jesus Taught about Prayer...

Digging-SheltersDigging Shelters

Digging Shelters

do-you-wish-to-be-made-wellDo You Wish To Be Made Well

Do You Wish To Be Made Well

Victory-Over-LustVictory Over Lust

Victory Over Lust

the-story-of-parihakaThe Story of Parihaka

The Story of Parihaka

Understanding-Your-Spiritual-AuthorityUnderstanding Your Spiritual Authority

Understanding Your Spiritual A...

Taking-ActionTaking Action

Taking Action

Racines-de-Caractre-Pt-2Racines de Caractère Pt 2

Racines de Caractère Pt 2

Garder-Vos-fenetre-OuvertesGarder Vos fenetre Ouvertes

Garder Vos fenetre Ouvertes

he-iwi-tahi-tatouHe Iwi Tahi Tatou

He Iwi Tahi Tatou

recognising-the-moment-and-moving-togetherRecognising the Moment and Moving Together

Recognising the Moment and Mov...

Episode-76-Same-Sex-Attraction-and-the-ChurchEpisode 76: Same-Sex Attraction and the Church

Episode 76: Same-Sex Attractio...

when-heaven-comes-to-earth-orange-county-thursday-night-1When Heaven Comes to Earth (Orange County Thursday Night)

When Heaven Comes to Earth (Or...



this-is-better-than-thatThis Is Better Than That

This Is Better Than That

Fighting-for-FaithFighting for Faith

Fighting for Faith



141005-Fundamentals-of-Christianity141005 Fundamentals of Christianity

141005 Fundamentals of Christi...

October-26-2014-ServiceOctober 26, 2014 Service

October 26, 2014 Service

Mexico-Mission-Team-Testimony-Sunday-Oct-26thMexico Mission Team -Testimony Sunday Oct 26th

Mexico Mission Team -Testimony...

10-12-14-Love-In-Action10-12-14 Love In Action

10-12-14 Love In Action

antichrist-armageddon-and-america-1Antichrist, Armageddon, and America

Antichrist, Armageddon, and Am...

20141026PM-Gods-Best20141026PM God's Best

20141026PM God's Best

A-Divine-Invasion-with-a-Divine-DirectiveA Divine Invasion with a Divine Directive

A Divine Invasion with a Divin...

Honour-the-ProcessHonour the Process

Honour the Process

A-Story-of-Restoration-The-Enemy-That-Doesnt-Fight-Fair-Sermon-OnlyA Story of Restoration - The Enemy That Doesn't Fight Fair - (Sermon Only)

A Story of Restoration - The E...

A-Story-of-Restoration-The-Enemy-That-Doesnt-Fight-Fair-Entire-ServiceA Story of Restoration - The Enemy That Doesn't Fight Fair - (Entire Service)

A Story of Restoration - The E...

Treasures-In-HeavenTreasures In Heaven

Treasures In Heaven

Over-and-above-all-that-we-dare-ask-or-thinkOver and above all that we dare ask or think

Over and above all that we dar...

The-Narrow-WayThe Narrow Way

The Narrow Way

Building-Blocks-Wk-3Building Blocks Wk 3

Building Blocks Wk 3

Climbing-The-Right-MountainClimbing The Right Mountain

Climbing The Right Mountain

Building-Blocks-Wk-2Building Blocks Wk 2

Building Blocks Wk 2


"A Cheating Heart"

conflict-within-the-church-part-5-the-demonic-deed-of-defamationConflict Within the Church part 5  The Demonic Deed of Defamation

Conflict Within the Church par...

20141026AM-In-Heart20141026AM In Heart

20141026AM In Heart

james-41-10-the-way-down-is-the-way-upJames 4:1-10 (The Way Down is the Way Up)

James 4:1-10 (The Way Down is...

Take-Care-How-You-ListenTake Care How You Listen

Take Care How You Listen

Glory-Brings-UnityGlory Brings Unity

Glory Brings Unity

Diplomatic-ImmunityDiplomatic Immunity

Diplomatic Immunity

where-are-youWhere Are You

Where Are You

god-of-nationsGod of Nations

God of Nations

mission-interrupted-1Mission Interrupted

Mission Interrupted

recognising-the-moment-and-moving-together-1Recognising the Moment and Moving Together

Recognising the Moment and Mov...

October-192014-ServiceOctober 19,2014 Service

October 19,2014 Service

Identifying-MarkIdentifying Mark

Identifying Mark