Joy-In-FindingJoy In Finding

Joy In Finding

A-Confession-Im-AfraidA Confession: I'm Afraid

A Confession: I'm Afraid

Faith-at-WorkFaith at Work

Faith at Work



The-DAY-Is-ComingThe DAY Is Coming

The DAY Is Coming

drifters-part-2Drifters - Part 2

Drifters - Part 2

roadblocks-to-intimacyRoadblocks to Intimacy

Roadblocks to Intimacy

We-Dont-Shrink-BackWe Don't Shrink Back

We Don't Shrink Back

The-Passion-Deepens-Flesh-and-SoulThe Passion Deepens Flesh and Soul

The Passion Deepens Flesh and...

eternal-thoughts-1Eternal Thoughts

Eternal Thoughts

this-is-the-day-2This is the Day

This is the Day

encountering-god-4Encountering God

Encountering God

the-peace-of-god-5The Peace of God

The Peace of God

A-Revolution-of-PraiseA Revolution of Praise!

A Revolution of Praise!

The-Parenting-PanelThe Parenting Panel

The Parenting Panel

John-The-BelovedJohn: The Beloved

John: The Beloved

November-102013-ServiceNovember 10,2013 Service

November 10,2013 Service

TBF-Womens-Discipleship-Week-7TBF Women's Discipleship Week 7

TBF Women's Discipleship Week...

131110-The-Power-of-Regeneration131110 The Power of Regeneration

131110 The Power of Regenerati...

Breaking-Holding-PatternsBreaking Holding Patterns

Breaking Holding Patterns

Accomplish-the-ImpossibleAccomplish the Impossible

Accomplish the Impossible

Invita-al-cojo-a-bailarInvita al cojo a bailar

Invita al cojo a bailar

Is-any-of-this-real-Hope-for-WYSIWYG-Christians-John-2024-36Is any of this real ?   Hope for WYSIWYG Christians   John 20:24-36

Is any of this real ? Hope f...

Deeper-Part-2Deeper Part 2

Deeper Part 2



Definition-2013-A-Month-of-Thanksgiving-2-Sermon-OnlyDefinition 2013 - A Month of Thanksgiving 2 (Sermon Only)

Definition 2013 - A Month of T...

Bookmarks-Lavish-GraceBookmarks - Lavish Grace

Bookmarks - Lavish Grace

Definition-2013-A-Month-of-Thanksgiving-2-Entire-ServiceDefinition 2013 - A Month of Thanksgiving 2 (Entire Service)

Definition 2013 - A Month of T...

Kingdom-Manifesto-Turn-On-The-LightKingdom Manifesto - Turn On The Light

Kingdom Manifesto - Turn On Th...

Forward-ThinkingForward Thinking

Forward Thinking

drifters-part-1Drifters - Part 1

Drifters - Part 1



come-to-jesus-part-5Come to Jesus Part 5

Come to Jesus Part 5

The-Role-of-a-VeteranThe Role of a Veteran

The Role of a Veteran

a-sermon-on-the-sermon-1A Sermon on the Sermon

A Sermon on the Sermon

a-tale-of-two-sons-1A Tale of Two Sons

A Tale of Two Sons

They-Need-UsThey Need Us

They Need Us

getting-practical-1Getting Practical

Getting Practical

the-religious-man-and-the-rascal-1The Religious Man and The Rascal

The Religious Man and The Rasc...

Ive-Got-ThisI've Got This

I've Got This



Finding-Your-MissionFinding Your Mission

Finding Your Mission

preparing-for-fasting-why-fastPreparing For Fasting-Why Fast?

Preparing For Fasting-Why Fast...

TBF-Womens-Discipleship-Week-6TBF Women's Discipleship Week 6

TBF Women's Discipleship Week...

October-272013-ServiceOctober 27,2013 Service

October 27,2013 Service

The-Catcher-in-the-Rye-Mark-114-20-Mark-213-17The Catcher in the Rye    -   Mark 1:14-20 Mark 2:13-17

The Catcher in the Rye -...

Gideons-InternationalGideons International

Gideons International


"Encourage Yourself"

No-una-pieza-de-museoNo una pieza de museo

No una pieza de museo





Definition-2013-A-Month-of-Thanksgiving-Sermon-OnlyDefinition 2013 - A Month of Thanksgiving (Sermon Only)

Definition 2013 - A Month of T...

Definition-2013-A-Month-of-Thanksgiving-Entire-ServiceDefinition 2013 - A Month of Thanksgiving (Entire Service)

Definition 2013 - A Month of T...

Be-An-Instrument-for-God-In-Your-WorldBe An Instrument for God In Your World

Be An Instrument for God In Yo...

Kingdom-Manifesto-Salt-of-the-EarthKingdom Manifesto - Salt of the Earth

Kingdom Manifesto - Salt of th...

How-Shall-We-ReturnHow Shall We Return?

How Shall We Return?

4-Winds-of-God4 Winds of God

4 Winds of God

Wheats-TaresWheats & Tares

Wheats & Tares

Satisfied-HungerSatisfied Hunger

Satisfied Hunger

Passion-DeepeningPassion Deepening

Passion Deepening

the-everyday-evangelist-1The Everyday Evangelist

The Everyday Evangelist

the-father-heart-of-god-4The Father Heart of God

The Father Heart of God

a-body-not-a-limb-1A Body not a Limb

A Body not a Limb

Forward-ThinkingForward Thinking

Forward Thinking

10-27-13-The-Catcher-in-the-Rye10-27-13 The Catcher in the Rye

10-27-13 The Catcher in the Ry...

Episode-58-Apologies-Challenges-Terrible-Candy-and-HalloweenEpisode 58: Apologies, Challenges, Terrible Candy, and Halloween

Episode 58: Apologies, Challen...



Broken-No-MoreBroken No More

Broken No More

Comforter-Come-BreatheComforter Come Breathe

Comforter Come Breathe

Lets-Talk-About-HalloweenLet's Talk About Halloween

Let's Talk About Halloween

131006-A-Victory-Celebration131006 A Victory Celebration

131006 A Victory Celebration

TBF-Womens-Discipleship-Week-5TBF Women's Discipleship Week 5

TBF Women's Discipleship Week...

A-New-CovenantA New Covenant

A New Covenant


"The WORD will Never Change"

Its-Time-to-Shatter-Our-God-BoxesIt's Time to Shatter Our God Boxes

It's Time to Shatter Our God B...

Heavenly-Minded-Part-2Heavenly Minded Part 2

Heavenly Minded Part 2

Kingdom-Manifesto-The-PersecutedKingdom Manifesto - The Persecuted

Kingdom Manifesto - The Persec...

Definition-2013-Following-the-Master-Go-Therefore-and-Make-Disciples-Sermon-OnlyDefinition 2013 - Following the Master - Go Therefore and Make Disciples (Sermon Only)

Definition 2013 - Following th...

Definition-2013-Following-the-Master-Go-Therefore-and-Make-Disciples-Entire-ServiceDefinition 2013 - Following the Master - Go Therefore and Make Disciples (Entire Service)

Definition 2013 - Following th...


10-27-13 COLOSSIANS: 1ST PLAC...

The-Way-of-RestorationThe Way of Restoration

The Way of Restoration

Foundation-of-VictoryFoundation of Victory

Foundation of Victory

come-to-jesus-part-4Come to Jesus Part 4

Come to Jesus Part 4

Supernatural-HarvestSupernatural Harvest

Supernatural Harvest

The-Devils-DecoyThe Devils Decoy

The Devils Decoy

obeying-gods-voice-2Obeying God's Voice

Obeying God's Voice

living-life-large-1Living Life Large

Living Life Large

building-bridges-2Building Bridges

Building Bridges

Brink-Special-D6-and-the-Young-Adult-ChallengeBrink Special: D6 and the Young Adult Challenge

Brink Special: D6 and the Youn...

How-Well-Are-You-RunningHow Well Are You Running?

How Well Are You Running?

Save-the-ScrapsSave the Scraps

Save the Scraps

To-the-Ends-of-the-Earth-part-3To the Ends of the Earth part 3

To the Ends of the Earth part...

10-20-13-Something-To-Say10-20-13 Something To Say

10-20-13 Something To Say

The-Big-CatchThe Big Catch

The Big Catch

Beyond-Church-AttendanceBeyond Church Attendance

Beyond Church Attendance

discipline-of-dependability-in-discipleshipDiscipline of Dependability in Discipleship

Discipline of Dependability in...

Our-Vision-A-Joyful-Place-to-ServeOur Vision: A Joyful Place to Serve

Our Vision: A Joyful Place to...

10-13-13-The-Way-of-Wisdom10-13-13 The Way of Wisdom

10-13-13 The Way of Wisdom

TBF-Womens-Discipleship-Week-4TBF Women's Discipleship Week 4

TBF Women's Discipleship Week...

October-202013-ServiceOctober 20,2013 Service

October 20,2013 Service

October-132013-ServiceOctober 13,2013 Service

October 13,2013 Service