Sermon-12708Sermon - 12/7/08

Sermon - 12/7/08

Kingdom-Introductions-Part-1-first-serviceKingdom: Introductions - Part 1 - first service

Kingdom: Introductions - Part...

The-Audacity-Of-HopeThe Audacity Of Hope

The Audacity Of Hope

Crosswave-Week-of-Dec-1stCrosswave - Week of Dec 1st

Crosswave - Week of Dec 1st

EPOH-When-Your-Rights-Get-Repealed-11-30-08EPOH-When Your Rights Get Repealed-11-30-08

EPOH-When Your Rights Get Repe...

God-Alone-Reigns-A-Sign-for-the-AgesGod Alone Reigns - A Sign for the Ages

God Alone Reigns - A Sign for...

11-30-08-DO-I-LOVE-GOD11-30-08 DO I LOVE GOD?

11-30-08 DO I LOVE GOD?

Proximo-paso-4-BProximo paso 4-B

Proximo paso 4-B

RSVP-2nd-ServiceRSVP - 2nd Service

RSVP - 2nd Service

Proximo-Paso-4-AProximo Paso 4-A

Proximo Paso 4-A

RSVP-1st-ServiceRSVP - 1st Service

RSVP - 1st Service

The-Way-of-GreatnessThe Way of Greatness

The Way of Greatness

A-Season-of-Miracles-for-Your-Hurting-RelationshipsA Season of Miracles for Your Hurting Relationships

A Season of Miracles for Your...

Sermon-113008Sermon - 11/30/08

Sermon - 11/30/08

Jesus-Our-PurificationJesus Our Purification

Jesus Our Purification

I-Am-GratefulI Am Grateful

I Am Grateful

Crosswave-Week-of-Nov-24thCrosswave - Week of Nov 24th

Crosswave - Week of Nov 24th

EPOH-When-Your-Circumstances-Change-11-23-08EPOH-When Your Circumstances Change-11-23-08

EPOH-When Your Circumstances C...

11-23-08-THE-REAL-DEAL-Part-211-23-08 THE REAL DEAL - Part 2

11-23-08 THE REAL DEAL - Part...

Proximo-Paso-3Proximo Paso 3

Proximo Paso 3

Generosity-part-4-2nd-ServiceGenerosity - part 4 - 2nd Service

Generosity - part 4 - 2nd Serv...

The-Joy-of-GratitudeThe Joy of Gratitude

The Joy of Gratitude

Generosity-part-4-1st-ServiceGenerosity - part 4 - 1st Service

Generosity - part 4 - 1st Serv...

They-Found-the-SecretThey Found the Secret

They Found the Secret

Thank-God-For-TomorrowThank God For Tomorrow

Thank God For Tomorrow

Sermon-112308Sermon - 11/23/08

Sermon - 11/23/08

Spiritual-Gifts-The-BasicsSpiritual Gifts - The Basics

Spiritual Gifts - The Basics

QA-night-of-MarriageQ&A night of Marriage

Q&A night of Marriage

Generosity-part-3-The-Marks-of-GenerosityGenerosity - part 3: The Marks of Generosity

Generosity - part 3: The Marks...

Wasted-Spaces-Part-6-Wasted-Experiences-Jerel-OlsonWasted Spaces Part 6 Wasted Experiences (Jerel Olson)

Wasted Spaces Part 6 Wasted Ex...

Womens-Ministry-111808Womens Ministry - 11/18/08

Womens Ministry - 11/18/08

Crosswave-Week-of-Nov-17thCrosswave - Week of Nov 17th

Crosswave - Week of Nov 17th

EPOH-When-Close-Relationships-Turn-Bad-11-16-08EPOH-When Close Relationships Turn Bad 11-16-08

EPOH-When Close Relationships...

Translate-the-Gospel-to-Your-LifeTranslate the Gospel to Your Life

Translate the Gospel to Your L...

God-High-and-Lifted-UpGod - High and Lifted Up

God - High and Lifted Up

11-16-08-THE-REAL-DEAL-Part-111-16-08 THE REAL DEAL - Part 1

11-16-08 THE REAL DEAL - Part...

Proximo-Paso-2Proximo Paso 2

Proximo Paso 2

A-Worthy-WalkA Worthy Walk

A Worthy Walk

Forgive-GratefullyForgive Gratefully

Forgive Gratefully

Thank-God-For-MercyThank God For Mercy

Thank God For Mercy

Sermon-111608Sermon - 11/16/08

Sermon - 11/16/08

2nd-Anniversary-11-12-082nd Anniversary 11-12-08

2nd Anniversary 11-12-08

Jesus-The-Stumbling-BlockJesus The Stumbling Block

Jesus The Stumbling Block

Alien-Life-Forms-1-Peter-211-25-Jerel-OlsonAlien Life Forms (1 Peter 2:11-25 - Jerel Olson)

Alien Life Forms (1 Peter 2:11...

Wasted-Spaces-Part-5-Wasted-Relationships-Chris-MadisonWasted Spaces Part 5 Wasted Relationships (Chris Madison)

Wasted Spaces Part 5 Wasted Re...

Womens-Ministry-111108Womens Ministry - 11/11/08

Womens Ministry - 11/11/08

Crosswave-Week-of-Nov-10thCrosswave - Week of Nov 10th

Crosswave - Week of Nov 10th

God-Your-Father-Is-Also-Your-JudgeGod Your Father Is Also Your Judge

God Your Father Is Also Your J...

EPOH-When-Your-Good-Reputation-is-Revoked-11-09-08EPOH-When Your Good Reputation is Revoked 11-09-08

EPOH-When Your Good Reputation...

Who-Are-You-Looking-ForWho Are You Looking For?

Who Are You Looking For?

You-Are-Gifted-for-the-Common-GoodYou Are Gifted for the Common Good

You Are Gifted for the Common...

Liberty-3-from-SexDrugsRocknRollLiberty (#3 from SexDrugsRocknRoll)

Liberty (#3 from SexDrugsRockn...

11-9-08-Making-Disciples-Gods-Way-Loving-One-Another11-9-08 Making Disciples God's Way - Loving One Another

11-9-08 Making Disciples God's...

Proximo-Paso-1Proximo Paso 1

Proximo Paso 1

Generosity-Part-2-2nd-ServiceGenerosity - Part 2 - 2nd Service

Generosity - Part 2 - 2nd Serv...

Whether-I-Live-or-DieWhether I Live or Die

Whether I Live or Die

Thank-God-for-YouThank God for You

Thank God for You

Sermon-11908Sermon - 11/9/08

Sermon - 11/9/08

Generosity-Part-2-1st-ServiceGenerosity - Part 2 - 1st Service

Generosity - Part 2 - 1st Serv...

Jesus-The-Life-GiverJesus The Life Giver

Jesus The Life Giver

Living-Stones-1-Peter-24-10-Jerel-OlsonLiving Stones (1 Peter 2:4-10 - Jerel Olson

Living Stones (1 Peter 2:4-10...

License-2-from-SexDrugsRocknRollLicense (#2 from SexDrugsRocknRoll)

License (#2 from SexDrugsRockn...

Legalism-1-from-SexDrugsRocknRollLegalism (#1 from SexDrugsRocknRoll)

Legalism (#1 from SexDrugsRock...

Wasted-Spaces-Part-4-Wasted-Trials-Jerel-OlsonWasted Spaces Part 4 Wasted Trials (Jerel Olson)

Wasted Spaces Part 4 Wasted Tr...

Womens-Ministry-11-04-08Womens Ministry - 11-04-08

Womens Ministry - 11-04-08

Crosswave-Week-of-Nov-3rdCrosswave - Week of Nov 3rd

Crosswave - Week of Nov 3rd

EPOH-When-Life-Shifts-11-02-08EPOH-When Life Shifts 11-02-08

EPOH-When Life Shifts 11-02-08

The-Truth-About-the-Future-According-to-God-Not-the-PunditsThe Truth About the Future: According to God, Not the Pundits

The Truth About the Future: Ac...

Less-is-MoreLess is More

Less is More


11-2-08 BUT, HOW DO I GET THER...

What-Has-Happened-to-MeWhat Has Happened to Me

What Has Happened to Me

Anchoring-to-AbsolutesAnchoring to Absolutes

Anchoring to Absolutes

Sermon-11208Sermon - 11/2/08

Sermon - 11/2/08

Generosity-Part-1-1st-ServiceGenerosity - Part 1 - 1st Service

Generosity - Part 1 - 1st Serv...

Jesus-The-Hope-of-The-HopelessJesus The Hope of The Hopeless

Jesus The Hope of The Hopeless

Where-Should-I-Put-It-1-Peter-21-3-Jerel-OlsonWhere Should I Put It (1 Peter 2:1-3 Jerel Olson)

Where Should I Put It (1 Peter...

Practices-for-Releasing-FearPractices for Releasing Fear

Practices for Releasing Fear

Looking-at-Your-Life-Through-Spiritual-EyesLooking at Your Life Through Spiritual Eyes

Looking at Your Life Through S...

The-American-Church-It-Has-Nothing-to-Do-With-the-EconomyThe American Church: It Has Nothing to Do With the Economy

The American Church: It Has No...

Wasted-Spaces-Part-3-Wasted-Gifts-Chris-MadisonWasted Spaces Part 3 Wasted Gifts (Chris Madison)

Wasted Spaces Part 3 Wasted Gi...

Womens-Ministry-102808Womens Ministry - 10/28/08

Womens Ministry - 10/28/08

Crosswave-Week-of-Oct-27thCrosswave - Week of Oct 27th

Crosswave - Week of Oct 27th

Split-Screen-Screen-Burn10-26-08Split Screen-Screen Burn10-26-08

Split Screen-Screen Burn10-26-...



Where-do-we-go-from-hereWhere do we go from here ?

Where do we go from here ?

Dr-Gary-Frazier-Discovery-MinistriesDr. Gary Frazier-Discovery Ministries

Dr. Gary Frazier-Discovery Min...

Hacia-la-meta-Parte-1Hacia la meta.  Parte 1

Hacia la meta. Parte 1

Fall-Family-Focus-Special-FamiliesFall Family Focus: Special Families

Fall Family Focus: Special Fam...

Sermon-102608Sermon - 10/26/08

Sermon - 10/26/08

Rejoice-in-Your-Own-Spiritual-GiftsRejoice in Your Own Spiritual Gifts

Rejoice in Your Own Spiritual...

Jesus-The-Calm-In-The-StormJesus The Calm In The Storm

Jesus The Calm In The Storm



Por-que-4-evangeliosPor que 4 evangelios?

Por que 4 evangelios?

Wasted-Spaces-Part-2-Wasted-Plans-Jerel-OlsonWasted Spaces Part 2 Wasted Plans (Jerel Olson)

Wasted Spaces Part 2 Wasted Pl...

Womens-Ministry-102108Womens Ministry - 10/21/08

Womens Ministry - 10/21/08

Crosswave-Week-of-Oct-20thCrosswave - Week of Oct 20th

Crosswave - Week of Oct 20th

Split-Screen-On-Demand-10-19-08Split Screen-On Demand 10-19-08

Split Screen-On Demand 10-19-0...

Ignore-the-Scoffers-Who-Themselves-Ignore-the-Promise-and-Authority-of-GodIgnore the Scoffers Who Themselves Ignore the Promise and Authority of God

Ignore the Scoffers Who Themse...

Build-Upon-the-RockBuild Upon the Rock

Build Upon the Rock

Concerning-Spiritual-GiftsConcerning Spiritual Gifts

Concerning Spiritual Gifts

Promesas-Parte-2Promesas Parte 2

Promesas Parte 2

Faith-LiftFaith Lift

Faith Lift