Let-Somebody-Else-Cook-The-Steaks_061613Let Somebody Else Cook The Steaks_06.16.13

Let Somebody Else Cook The Ste...

The-Book-of-John-23-of-40-Loose-Him-and-Let-Him-GoThe Book of John - 23 of 40

The Book of John - 23 of 40 "L...

the-road-less-traveled-part-5The Road Less Traveled Part 5

The Road Less Traveled Part 5

god-is-with-you-1God is with You

God is with You

the-kingdom-is-now-1The Kingdom is Now

The Kingdom is Now

Turn-it-Over-to-the-HelpTurn it Over to the Help!

Turn it Over to the Help!

06-09-13-Message06-09-13 Message

06-09-13 Message

The-Book-of-John-22-of-40-I-Am-ResurrectionThe Book of John - 22 of 40

The Book of John - 22 of 40 "I...

Buoyancy-Part-2Buoyancy Part 2

Buoyancy Part 2

His-Word-on-Your-LipsHis Word on Your Lips

His Word on Your Lips

June-92013-ServiceJune 9,2013 Service

June 9,2013 Service

Faith-and-HopeFaith and Hope

Faith and Hope

La-Foi-et-LEspranceLa Foi et L'Espérance

La Foi et L'Espérance

Faith-and-PowerFaith and Power

Faith and Power


"Sin Cannot Be Justified"

Shift-Part-2Shift Part 2

Shift Part 2

Heroes-Provision-y-SeguridadHeroes: Provision y Seguridad

Heroes: Provision y Seguridad



Celebrating-our-11th-AnniversaryCelebrating our 11th Anniversary

Celebrating our 11th Anniversa...

Communication-Is-ImportantCommunication Is Important

Communication Is Important



Definition-2013-Lord-Could-I-Please-Have-Leadership-Like-a-Moses-Sermon-OnlyDefinition 2013 -

Definition 2013 - "Lord, Could...

Definition-2013-Lord-Could-I-Please-Have-Leadership-Like-a-Moses-Entire-ServiceDefinition 2013 -

Definition 2013 - "Lord, Could...



After-the-EncounterAfter the Encounter

After the Encounter

Love-Is-ActionLove Is Action

Love Is Action

City-GatekeepersCity Gatekeepers

City Gatekeepers



Self-Control-The-Off-SwitchSelf Control The Off Switch

Self Control The Off Switch

Can-We-Comprehend-The-Size-Of-The-Love-Of-God_060913Can We Comprehend The Size Of The Love Of God?_06.09.13

Can We Comprehend The Size Of...

the-road-less-traveled-part-4The Road Less Traveled Part 4

The Road Less Traveled Part 4

the-awesome-in-the-awkward-1The Awesome in the Awkward

The Awesome in the Awkward

the-king-is-coming-3The King is Coming

The King is Coming

contending-for-the-kingdom-1Contending for the Kingdom

Contending for the Kingdom

the-kingdom-is-like-a-mustard-seed-1The Kingdom is like a Mustard Seed

The Kingdom is like a Mustard...

130602-Letters-in-the-Sand130602 Letters in the Sand

130602 Letters in the Sand

The-Unction-to-IncreaseThe Unction to Increase

The Unction to Increase

Buoyancy-Part-1Buoyancy Part 1

Buoyancy Part 1

Waiting-On-GodWaiting On God

Waiting On God

June-22013-ServiceJune 2,2013 Service

June 2,2013 Service

Apostles-Creed-Revelation-1-God-the-Father-Isaiah-452-22Apostles' Creed Revelation 1 - God the Father - Isaiah 45:2-22

Apostles' Creed Revelation 1 -...

His-Presence-in-Our-MidstHis Presence in Our Midst

His Presence in Our Midst

Good-IntentionsGood Intentions

Good Intentions

Walking-with-God-Through-RejectionWalking with God Through Rejection

Walking with God Through Rejec...



Revolution-Through-LoyaltyRevolution Through Loyalty

Revolution Through Loyalty

Its-Our-Job-To-Share-Todays-Miracles-Of-ChristIt's Our Job To Share Today's Miracles Of Christ

It's Our Job To Share Today's...

Shift-1st-gearShift-1st gear

Shift-1st gear

Definition-2013-Lord-Could-I-Please-Have-The-Faith-of-an-Abraham-Sermon-OnlyDefinition 2013 -

Definition 2013 - "Lord, Could...

Definition-2013-Lord-Could-I-Please-Have-The-Faith-of-an-Abraham-Entire-ServiceDefinition 2013 -

Definition 2013 - "Lord, Could...


6-2-13 GENESIS: JUDAH... TAMA...

Apostles-Creed-Revolution-3-God-The-Son-Victorious-Revelation-Chapters-1-5Apostles' Creed Revolution 3 - God The Son Victorious - Revelation Chapters 1 & 5

Apostles' Creed Revolution 3 -...

Gatekeepers-of-the-TabernacleGatekeepers of the Tabernacle

Gatekeepers of the Tabernacle

The-Bible-Is-EnoughThe Bible Is Enough

The Bible Is Enough

Forgiven-and-FreeForgiven and Free

Forgiven and Free



Demonstrate-Signs-Light-Salt-City-on-a-Hill-Part-6Demonstrate Signs:  Light, Salt, City on a Hill Part 6

Demonstrate Signs: Light, Sal...

The-Book-of-John-21-of-40-Life-From-DeathThe Book of John - 21 of 40

The Book of John - 21 of 40 "L...

the-road-less-traveled-part-3The Road Less Traveled Part 3

The Road Less Traveled Part 3


"We All Face Giants"

June-2nd-2-2013-One-Thing-Leads-To-AnotherJune 2nd (2), 2013 :

June 2nd (2), 2013 : "One Thin...

entering-the-kingdom-stretch-zone-1Entering the Kingdom Stretch Zone

Entering the Kingdom Stretch Z...

having-a-kingdom-vocation-1Having a Kingdom Vocation

Having a Kingdom Vocation

In-the-Wind-Part-2In the Wind - Part 2

In the Wind - Part 2

05-26-13-The-Gap-in-the-Creed05-26-13 The Gap in the Creed

05-26-13 The Gap in the Creed

05-19-13-The-holy-catholic-church05-19-13 The holy catholic church

05-19-13 The holy catholic chu...

When-a-Great-Man-Commits-a-Great-SinWhen a Great Man Commits a Great Sin

When a Great Man Commits a Gre...

Illusion-de-Fumer-et-MiroirIllusion de Fumer et Miroir

Illusion de Fumer et Miroir

Smoke-and-MirrorsSmoke and Mirrors

Smoke and Mirrors

A-No-Name-MomA No Name Mom

A No Name Mom

Dieu-LIncomprhensibleDieu L'Incompréhensible

Dieu L'Incompréhensible

God-The-ImcomprehensibleGod The Imcomprehensible

God The Imcomprehensible

Heart-to-Heart-The-ReturnHeart to Heart- The Return

Heart to Heart- The Return

His-Peace-in-Your-LifeHis Peace in Your Life

His Peace in Your Life

His-Strength-in-Your-WeaknessHis Strength in Your Weakness

His Strength in Your Weakness

May-262013-ServiceMay 26,2013 Service

May 26,2013 Service

Salt-Light-City-on-HillSalt Light City on Hill

Salt Light City on Hill



In-The-Wind-Part-OneIn The Wind - Part One

In The Wind - Part One

Suelta-tu-cantaroSuelta tu cantaro

Suelta tu cantaro

What-Is-The-Abundant-LifeWhat Is The Abundant Life?

What Is The Abundant Life?

Memorial-DayMemorial Day

Memorial Day

Definition-2013-Let-Us-Encourage-Till-the-Day-Sermon-OnlyDefinition 2013 -

Definition 2013 - "Let Us" Enc...

Definition-2013-Let-Us-Encourage-Till-the-Day-Entire-ServiceDefinition 2013 -

Definition 2013 - "Let Us" Enc...

Prayer-Nothing-Happens-Without-ItPrayer-Nothing Happens Without It

Prayer-Nothing Happens Without...



The-Living-WordThe Living Word

The Living Word

Shaking-The-Dust-Off-Your-FeetShaking The Dust Off Your Feet

Shaking The Dust Off Your Feet

The-Light-is-ShiningThe Light is Shining

The Light is Shining

Now-I-SeeNow I See

Now I See

The-Book-of-John-20-of-40-I-am-the-Door-and-Good-ShepherdThe Book of John - 20 of 40

The Book of John - 20 of 40 "I...

the-road-less-traveled-part-2The Road Less Traveled Part 2

The Road Less Traveled Part 2

May-26th-2013-A-Different-LookMay 26th, 2013 :

May 26th, 2013 : "A Different...

tag-preaching-luke-1222-34-1Tag Preaching: Luke 12:22-34

Tag Preaching: Luke 12:22-34

divine-in-the-daily-1Divine in the Daily

Divine in the Daily

Rivers-of-Living-WaterRivers of Living Water

Rivers of Living Water

Power-and-AuthorityPower and Authority

Power and Authority

The-NetThe Net

The Net

Receiving-Gods-InstructionsReceiving God's Instructions

Receiving God's Instructions

May-192013-ServiceMay 19,2013 Service

May 19,2013 Service

Definition-2013-Let-Us-Not-Ignore-the-Joy-Sermon-OnlyDefinition 2013 -

Definition 2013 - "Let Us" Not...