from-the-pastFrom the Past

From the Past

radical-love-in-review-pt-1Radical love in review Pt 1

Radical love in review Pt 1

the-secret-place-part-1The Secret Place Part 1

The Secret Place Part 1

good-riddance-dayGood Riddance Day

Good Riddance Day

rev-sharon-montgomery-impartationRev. Sharon Montgomery - Impartation

Rev. Sharon Montgomery - Impar...

the-fear-of-the-lordThe Fear of the Lord

The Fear of the Lord

the-necessity-of-maturityThe Necessity of Maturity

The Necessity of Maturity

living-a-purposeful-life-in-2016-part-1-2-pet-15-11Living a purposeful life in 2016- part 1. 2 Pet 1:5-11

Living a purposeful life in 20...

christian-generosity-why-be-generousChristian Generosity - Why Be Generous?

Christian Generosity - Why Be...

first-plymouth-january-3-2016First-Plymouth - January 3, 2016

First-Plymouth - January 3, 20...

the-book-of-the-twelve-hosea-love-for-the-unlovable-a-warning-concerning-the-spirit-of-harlotry-hosea-51-15-1316The Book of the Twelve: Hosea, Love for the Unlovable; A Warning Concerning the Spirit of Harlotry, Hosea 5:1-15, 1/3/16

The Book of the Twelve: Hosea,...

the-compelling-power-of-visionThe Compelling Power Of Vision

The Compelling Power Of Vision

dab-january-3-2016-1DAB January 3 - 2016

DAB January 3 - 2016

times-of-refreshingTimes of Refreshing

Times of Refreshing

revelation-1Revelation 1

Revelation 1

morning-manna-jan-15-2016Morning Manna Jan 15, 2016

Morning Manna Jan 15, 2016

morning-manna-jan-14-2016Morning Manna Jan 14, 2016

Morning Manna Jan 14, 2016

morning-manna-jan-13-2016Morning Manna Jan 13, 2016

Morning Manna Jan 13, 2016

morning-manna-jan-12-2016Morning Manna Jan 12, 2016

Morning Manna Jan 12, 2016

morning-manna-jan-11-2016Morning Manna Jan 11, 2016

Morning Manna Jan 11, 2016

divine-worship-jan-2-2016Divine Worship - Jan 2, 2016

Divine Worship - Jan 2, 2016

dab-january-2-2016-1DAB January 2 - 2016

DAB January 2 - 2016

morning-manna-jan-10-2016Morning Manna Jan 10, 2016

Morning Manna Jan 10, 2016

morning-manna-jan-9-2016Morning Manna Jan 9, 2016

Morning Manna Jan 9, 2016

morning-manna-jan-8-2016Morning Manna Jan 8, 2016

Morning Manna Jan 8, 2016

morning-manna-jan-7-2016Morning Manna Jan 7, 2016

Morning Manna Jan 7, 2016

morning-manna-jan-6-2016Morning Manna Jan 6, 2016

Morning Manna Jan 6, 2016

morning-manna-jan-5-2016Morning Manna Jan 5, 2016

Morning Manna Jan 5, 2016

morning-manna-jan-4-2016Morning Manna Jan 4, 2016

Morning Manna Jan 4, 2016

morning-manna-jan-3-2016Morning Manna Jan 3, 2016

Morning Manna Jan 3, 2016

generation-of-powerGeneration Of Power

Generation Of Power

the-stumbling-stonesThe Stumbling Stones

The Stumbling Stones

morning-manna-jan-2-2016Morning Manna Jan 2, 2016

Morning Manna Jan 2, 2016

beatitudes-part-1Beatitudes Part 1

Beatitudes Part 1

beatitudes-part-2Beatitudes Part 2

Beatitudes Part 2

beatitudes-part-3Beatitudes Part 3

Beatitudes Part 3

beatitudes-part-4Beatitudes Part 4

Beatitudes Part 4

beatitudes-part-5Beatitudes Part 5

Beatitudes Part 5

beatitudes-part-6Beatitudes Part 6

Beatitudes Part 6

beatitudes-part-7Beatitudes Part 7

Beatitudes Part 7

beatitudes-part-8Beatitudes Part 8

Beatitudes Part 8

radio-program-for-friday-january-1-2016Radio program for Friday January 1, 2016

Radio program for Friday Janua...

morning-manna-jan-1-2016Morning Manna  Jan 1, 2016

Morning Manna Jan 1, 2016

dab-january-1-2016-1DAB January 1 - 2016

DAB January 1 - 2016

gods-love-bro-ed-vincentGod's Love - Bro. Ed Vincent

God's Love - Bro. Ed Vincent

radical-loveRadical Love

Radical Love

the-royal-lawThe Royal Law

The Royal Law

maturing-in-christMaturing in Christ

Maturing in Christ

leaving-2015Leaving 2015

Leaving 2015

radio-program-for-thursday-december-31-2015Radio program for Thursday December 31, 2015

Radio program for Thursday Dec...

dab-december-31-2015-1DAB December 31- 2015

DAB December 31- 2015

jesus-says-what-does-jesus-say-about-anger-matthew-5-123015Jesus Says: What Does Jesus Say about Anger, Matthew 5, 12/30/15

Jesus Says: What Does Jesus Sa...

one-mandate-pastor-rossiOne Mandate- Pastor Rossi

One Mandate- Pastor Rossi


"Back to Normal"

pray-and-pray-right-pt-2Pray and Pray Right Pt. 2

Pray and Pray Right Pt. 2

pray-and-pray-right-pt-3Pray and Pray Right Pt. 3

Pray and Pray Right Pt. 3

radio-program-for-wednesday-december-30-2015Radio program for Wednesday December 30, 2015

Radio program for Wednesday De...

dab-december-30-2015-1DAB December 30- 2015

DAB December 30- 2015

the-visit-of-the-wise-menThe Visit of the Wise Men

The Visit of the Wise Men

searching-for-the-perfect-orange-juliusSearching for the Perfect Orange Julius

Searching for the Perfect Oran...

gods-covenantGod's Covenant

God's Covenant

jubilee-anointingJubilee Anointing

Jubilee Anointing

pray-and-pray-rightPray and Pray Right

Pray and Pray Right

untitled-recording-dec-29-853am151227 Unshaken in a Shaken World

151227 Unshaken in a Shaken Wo...

radio-program-for-tuesday-december-29-2015Radio program for Tuesday December 29, 2015

Radio program for Tuesday Dece...

ask-the-way-6Ask the Way 6. (지금은 교회가 회개할 때)

Ask the Way 6. (지금은 교회가 회개할 때)

the-lord-will-never-turn-from-doing-you-goodThe Lord will never turn from doing you good

The Lord will never turn from...

dab-december-29-2015-1DAB December 29- 2015

DAB December 29- 2015

another-way-pastor-rossiAnother Way- Pastor Rossi

Another Way- Pastor Rossi

for-god-so-loved-the-worldFor God So Loved The World

For God So Loved The World

the-trial-of-your-faithThe Trial Of Your Faith

The Trial Of Your Faith

dealing-with-disappointmentDealing with Disappointment

Dealing with Disappointment

christmas-eve-2015Christmas Eve 2015

Christmas Eve 2015

one-marriage-pastor-rossiOne Marriage- Pastor Rossi

One Marriage- Pastor Rossi

christmas-eve-2015Christmas Eve 2015

Christmas Eve 2015

sermon-on-the-mountSermon On The Mount

Sermon On The Mount

responding-to-christmas-matthew-21-23Responding to Christmas (Matthew 2:1-23)

Responding to Christmas (Matth...

winning-the-day-part-2Winning The Day Part 2

Winning The Day Part 2

radio-program-for-monday-december-28-2015Radio program for Monday December 28, 2015

Radio program for Monday Decem...

rev-deborah-dixon-living-for-eternityRev. Deborah Dixon - Living for Eternity

Rev. Deborah Dixon - Living fo...

20151227pm-what-next-pt2-seek-growth20151227PM What Next pt2 Seek Growth

20151227PM What Next pt2 Seek...

dab-december-28-2015-1DAB December 28- 2015

DAB December 28- 2015



the-redeemer-pastor-chad-braleyThe Redeemer - Pastor Chad Braley

The Redeemer - Pastor Chad Bra...

prophetic-word-hope-pt-2 Prophetic Word HOPE pt 2

Prophetic Word HOPE pt 2

genesis-11b-12a-the-progression-of-a-patriarchGenesis 11b-12a The Progression of a Patriarch

Genesis 11b-12a The Progressio...

dec-27-2015-it-doesnt-last-what-doesDec 27, 2015 -

Dec 27, 2015 - "It Doesn't Las...

may-the-force-be-with-us-december-27-2015May the Force Be With Us December 27, 2015

May the Force Be With Us Decem...

one-of-us-3One Of Us 3

One Of Us 3

the-gift-giverThe Gift Giver

The Gift Giver

the-church-that-jesus-buildsThe Church that Jesus builds

The Church that Jesus builds

12-27-the-bible-chanllenge-to-read-it-know-it-trust-it12-27 The Bible - Chanllenge to read it, know it, trust it

12-27 The Bible - Chanllenge t...

jesus-journey-through-samaria-living-water-part-5Jesus Journey Through Samaria - Living Water part 5

Jesus Journey Through Samaria...

finish-well-with-ps-ashley-evansFinish Well with Ps Ashley Evans

Finish Well with Ps Ashley Eva...

merry-and-bright-pt-5Merry and Bright Pt. 5

Merry and Bright Pt. 5

simeons-magnum-opusSimeon's Magnum Opus

Simeon's Magnum Opus

life-in-a-culture-of-honorLife in a Culture of Honor

Life in a Culture of Honor

advent-week-4Advent: week 4

Advent: week 4

what-is-your-vision-of-god-by-brian-mark-wellerWhat is Your Vision of God? by Brian Mark Weller

What is Your Vision of God? by...

so-mightily-grew-the-word-of-god-pastor-chad-braleySo Mightily Grew The Word of God - Pastor Chad Braley

So Mightily Grew The Word of G...


"Completing The Works Of Jesus...

my-times-are-in-your-hand-psalms-chapter-31-verse-15-pastor-greg-kittredgeMy Times Are In Your Hand, Psalms chapter 31 verse 15, Pastor Greg Kittredge

My Times Are In Your Hand, Psa...