the-government-of-godThe Government of God

The Government of God

ruth-submits-to-her-redeemer-pastor-chad-braleyRuth Submits to Her Redeemer - Pastor Chad Braley

Ruth Submits to Her Redeemer -...

revival-of-the-heartRevival of the Heart

Revival of the Heart

sg-till-the-day-i-die-restored-by-his-gospelSG  Till The Day I Die     Restored By His Gospel

SG Till The Day I Die Res...

majoring-on-the-minors-malachiMajoring on the Minors: Malachi

Majoring on the Minors: Malach...

cr-till-the-day-i-die-restored-by-his-gospelCR  Till The Day I Die     Restored By His Gospel

CR Till The Day I Die Res...

there-is-power-in-the-bloodThere is Power in the Blood

There is Power in the Blood

untitled-recording-jan-24-120pmA Portrait of Jesus - A Wedding Dilemma - (Sermon Only)

A Portrait of Jesus - A Weddin...

untitled-recording-jan-24-113pmA Portrait of Jesus - A Wedding Dilemma - (Entire Service)

A Portrait of Jesus - A Weddin...

sunday-january-24-2016-whats-your-storySunday January 24, 2016: What’s Your Story?

Sunday January 24, 2016: What’...

a-people-of-the-wordA People of The Word

A People of The Word

cling-to-hope-part-3Cling to Hope part 3

Cling to Hope part 3

the-kingdom-of-godThe Kingdom of God

The Kingdom of God

what-you-dont-know-will-hurt-you-1What You Don't Know Will Hurt You

What You Don't Know Will Hurt...

jesus-who-closed-the-gapJesus, Who Closed the Gap

Jesus, Who Closed the Gap

jesus-equal-with-godJesus - Equal with God

Jesus - Equal with God

160124-worship16.01.24 - Worship

16.01.24 - Worship

huge-part-3-with-ps-jane-evansHuge Part 3 with Ps Jane Evans

Huge Part 3 with Ps Jane Evans



the-book-reviewThe Book Review

The Book Review

1-24-live-as-citizens-of-heaven1-24 Live as citizens of Heaven

1-24 Live as citizens of Heave...

prayer-12416Prayer 1.24.16

Prayer 1.24.16


"2016: The Year To Be Rich In...

exegetical-teaching-1st-of-9marksExegetical Teaching: 1st of 9Marks

Exegetical Teaching: 1st of 9M...

how-we-relate-to-our-lord-jesusHow We Relate To Our Lord Jesus

How We Relate To Our Lord Jesu...

hteae-part-3-breaking-free-from-the-pastHTEAE Part 3: Breaking Free From the Past

HTEAE Part 3: Breaking Free Fr...

a-strong-tower-pastor-chad-braleyA Strong Tower - Pastor Chad Braley

A Strong Tower - Pastor Chad B...

the-church-and-the-governmentThe Church and the Government

The Church and the Government

never-again-patrick-myersNever Again - Patrick Myers

Never Again - Patrick Myers

useable-and-useful-for-the-purpose-of-godUseable and Useful for the Purpose of GOD

Useable and Useful for the Pur...

frozen-by-fearFrozen By Fear

Frozen By Fear

nehemiah-8-becoming-people-of-the-bookNehemiah 8 - Becoming People of the Book

Nehemiah 8 - Becoming People o...

where-are-we-goingWhere Are We Going?

Where Are We Going?

presenting-jump-pastor-robert-1030amPresenting JUMP - Pastor Robert (10:30am)

Presenting JUMP - Pastor Rober...

ecclesiastes-212-26-all-work-and-no-playEcclesiastes 2:12-26 (All Work and No Play...)

Ecclesiastes 2:12-26 (All Work...

the-battle-before-youThe Battle Before You

The Battle Before You

trust-in-the-lord-with-all-your-heartTrust in the Lord with all Your Heart

Trust in the Lord with all You...

what-are-you-waiting-forWhat Are You Waiting For?

What Are You Waiting For?

min-tiffany-holbert-rebuilding-the-bodyMin. Tiffany Holbert - Rebuilding the Body

Min. Tiffany Holbert - Rebuild...

i-will-not-let-my-church-be-about-my-preferences-chase-merrellI Will Not Let My Church Be About My Preferences - Chase Merrell

I Will Not Let My Church Be Ab...

living-the-transformed-lifeLiving The Transformed Life

Living The Transformed Life

from-excuses-and-failureFrom Excuses and Failure

From Excuses and Failure

the-righeousness-of-godThe Righeousness of God

The Righeousness of God

faith-without-fear-6-23-13Faith Without Fear 6-23-13

Faith Without Fear 6-23-13

connect-pt4Connect Pt.4

Connect Pt.4

conversation-at-the-well-bob-schubert-9amConversation at the Well - Bob Schubert (9am)

Conversation at the Well - Bob...

walking-after-christ-in-2016Walking After Christ in 2016

Walking After Christ in 2016

first-plymouth-january-24-2016First-Plymouth - January 24, 2016

First-Plymouth - January 24, 2...

our-vision-2Our Vision.

Our Vision.

first-things-first-5First Things First.

First Things First.

dab-january-24-2016-1DAB January 24 - 2016

DAB January 24 - 2016

epiphany-week-3-12316Epiphany Week 3 1/23/16

Epiphany Week 3 1/23/16

our-vision-2Our Vision

Our Vision

revelation-5Revelation 5

Revelation 5

victorious-living-leadershipVictorious Living - Leadership

Victorious Living - Leadership

dab-january-23-2016-1DAB January 23 - 2016

DAB January 23 - 2016

morning-manna-feb-10-2016Morning Manna Feb 10, 2016

Morning Manna Feb 10, 2016

morning-manna-feb-9-2016Morning Manna Feb 9, 2016

Morning Manna Feb 9, 2016

morning-manna-feb-8-2016Morning Manna Feb 8, 2016

Morning Manna Feb 8, 2016

p-adrian-1-22-16P Adrian 1-22-16

P Adrian 1-22-16

what-if-jesus-came-to-your-church-1What If Jesus Came to Your Church?

What If Jesus Came to Your Chu...

dab-january-22-2016-1DAB January 22 - 2016

DAB January 22 - 2016

faith-trustFaith = Trust

Faith = Trust

little-thingsLittle Things

Little Things

revelation-4Revelation 4

Revelation 4

how-to-study-your-bibleHow to Study Your Bible

How to Study Your Bible

increase-your-talentIncrease Your Talent

Increase Your Talent

fusion-x-announcementFusion X Announcement

Fusion X Announcement

john-622-58John 6.22-58

John 6.22-58

john-61-21John 6.1-21

John 6.1-21

morning-manna-feb-7-2016Morning Manna Feb 7, 2016

Morning Manna Feb 7, 2016

morning-manna-feb-6-2016Morning Manna Feb 6, 2016

Morning Manna Feb 6, 2016

morning-manna-feb-5-2016Morning Manna Feb 5, 2016

Morning Manna Feb 5, 2016

morning-manna-feb-4-2016Morning Manna Feb 4, 2016

Morning Manna Feb 4, 2016

morning-manna-feb-3-2016Morning Manna Feb 3, 2016

Morning Manna Feb 3, 2016

morning-manna-feb-2-2016Morning Manna Feb 2, 2016

Morning Manna Feb 2, 2016

discoverys-logo-and-what-it-meansDiscovery's Logo and what it means

Discovery's Logo and what it m...

dab-january-21-2016-1DAB January 21 - 2016

DAB January 21 - 2016

is-god-truly-the-lord-of-your-life-pastor-chad-braleyIs God Truly the Lord of Your Life? - Pastor Chad Braley

Is God Truly the Lord of Your...


"The Fruit Of The Spirit. Part...

both-andnot-either-orBoth and....not either or.

Both and....not either or.

radio-program-for-friday-january-22-2016Radio program for Friday January 22, 2016

Radio program for Friday Janua...

radio-program-for-thursday-january-21-2016Radio program for Thursday January 21, 2016

Radio program for Thursday Jan...

untitled-recording-jan-20-201pm160117 A Lost Church Member

160117 A Lost Church Member

perspective-on-volatility-corrections-and-challenging-marketsPerspective on Volatility, Corrections, and Challenging Markets

Perspective on Volatility, Cor...

radio-program-for-wednesday-january-20-2016Radio program for Wednesday January 20, 2016

Radio program for Wednesday Ja...

dab-january-20-2016-1DAB January 20 - 2016

DAB January 20 - 2016

your-rmd-questions-answeredYour RMD Questions Answered

Your RMD Questions Answered


2016-01-17-Sermon, "A Deep Dri...

radio-program-for-tuesday-january-19-2016Radio program for Tuesday January 19, 2016

Radio program for Tuesday Janu...

revelation-3Revelation 3

Revelation 3

whats-gods-design-for-the-familyWhat's God's Design For The Family?

What's God's Design For The Fa...

selfy-nationSelfy Nation

Selfy Nation

dab-january-19-2016-1DAB January 19 - 2016

DAB January 19 - 2016

god-with-binoculars-part-2God With Binoculars Part 2

God With Binoculars Part 2

ill-give-you-what-i-have-dudesI'll give you what I have (dudes)

I'll give you what I have (dud...

desperation-for-godDesperation for God

Desperation for God

the-power-of-restThe power of rest

The power of rest

radio-program-for-monday-january-18-2016Radio program for Monday January 18, 2016

Radio program for Monday Janua...

web-ets-12-the-art-of-evangelismweb ETS 12: The Art of Evangelism

web ETS 12: The Art of Evangel...

itunes-ets-12-the-art-of-evangelismitunes ETS 12: The Art of Evangelism

itunes ETS 12: The Art of Evan...

12160117pm-closing-the-generation-gap12160117PM Closing the Generation Gap

12160117PM Closing the Generat...