untitled-recording-jan-14-838am160110 No Turning Back

160110 No Turning Back

radio-program-for-thursday-january-14-2016Radio program for Thursday January 14, 2016

Radio program for Thursday Jan...

collective-night-january-16Collective Night // January '16

Collective Night // January '1...

dab-january-14-2016-1DAB January 14 - 2016

DAB January 14 - 2016

vision-of-pleasing-him-pastor-rossiVision of Pleasing Him- Pastor Rossi

Vision of Pleasing Him- Pastor...


"Awake And Arise"



kingdom-vision-11316Kingdom Vision 1/13/16

Kingdom Vision 1/13/16

who-am-i-finding-your-identity-in-christWho am I? Finding Your Identity in Christ

Who am I? Finding Your Identit...

renovate-week-2Renovate: Week 2

Renovate: Week 2

renovate-week-2Renovate: Week 2

Renovate: Week 2

radio-program-for-wednesday-january-13-2016Radio program for Wednesday January 13, 2016

Radio program for Wednesday Ja...

dab-january-13-2016-1DAB January 13 - 2016

DAB January 13 - 2016

sermon-may-the-force-be-with-us-december-27-2015Sermon: May the Force Be With Us - December 27, 2015

Sermon: May the Force Be With...

2015-01-10-sermon-epiphany-yields-to-ordinary-times2015-01-10-Sermon, Epiphany Yields To Ordinary Times

2015-01-10-Sermon, Epiphany Yi...

why-missionsWhy Missions?

Why Missions?

god-with-binocularsGod With Binoculars

God With Binoculars

100-moments-and-sit-walk-stand-part-1-jan-12-952am100 Moments and Sit, Walk, Stand part 1 Jan 12 9:52am

100 Moments and Sit, Walk, Sta...

the-dove-and-the-lambThe Dove and the Lamb

The Dove and the Lamb

jesus-says-what-does-jesus-say-about-sexual-sin-matthew-527-30-1616Jesus Says: What Does Jesus Say About Sexual Sin?, Matthew 5:27-30, 1/6/16

Jesus Says: What Does Jesus Sa...

radio-program-for-tuesday-january-12-2016Radio program for Tuesday January 12, 2016

Radio program for Tuesday Janu...

dab-january-12-2016-1DAB January 12 - 2016

DAB January 12 - 2016

i-believe-in-jesus-christI BELIEVE In Jesus Christ

I BELIEVE In Jesus Christ

all-inAll In

All In


"God Helps in Time of Crisis"

ask-the-way-8Ask the Way 8. (신앙이 자라려면 정성이 아니라 순종으로)

Ask the Way 8. (신앙이 자라려면 정성이 아...

that-i-may-know-himThat I may know Him

That I may know Him

what-i-have-i-give-to-youWhat I have I give to you

What I have I give to you

genesis-13-faith-filled-choicesGenesis 13- Faith-Filled Choices

Genesis 13- Faith-Filled Choic...


"Hear the Voice of GOD"

160110-worship16.01.10 - Worship

16.01.10 - Worship

here-lord-take-theseHere Lord Take These

Here Lord Take These

20160110pm-community20160110PM Community

20160110PM Community

dab-january-11-2016-1DAB January 11 - 2016

DAB January 11 - 2016



my-imagination-is-connected-to-my-faith-clinton-jan-10-606pmMy Imagination is Connected to My Faith, Clinton Jan 10 6:06pm

My Imagination is Connected to...

envy-feeling-bitter-when-others-have-it-better-the-seven-deadly-sins-1ENVY - Feeling bitter when others have it better - The Seven Deadly Sins #1

ENVY - Feeling bitter when oth...

fasting-for-breakthroughFasting for Breakthrough

Fasting for Breakthrough

his-name-alone-is-excellent-pastor-chad-braleyHis Name Alone Is Excellent - Pastor Chad Braley

His Name Alone Is Excellent -...

gods-divine-intervention-dr-chuck-hardingGod's Divine Intervention- Dr. Chuck Harding

God's Divine Intervention- Dr....

radio-program-for-monday-january-11-2016Radio program for Monday January 11, 2016

Radio program for Monday Janua...

turn-it-over-to-jesusTurn it over to JESUS

Turn it over to JESUS

untitled-recording-jan-10-230pmUntitled Recording Jan 10 2:30pm

Untitled Recording Jan 10 2:30...

sg-till-the-day-i-die-concinced-by-his-claimsSG  Till The Day I Die     Concinced By His Claims

SG Till The Day I Die Con...

psalm-2-the-king-of-kingsPsalm 2 - The King of Kings

Psalm 2 - The King of Kings

cr-till-the-day-i-die-convinced-by-his-claimsCR  Till The Day I Die     Convinced By His Claims

CR Till The Day I Die Con...

untitled-recording-jan-10-121pmA Portrait of Jesus - The Divine Adventure - (Sermon Only)

A Portrait of Jesus - The Divi...

untitled-recording-jan-10-114pmA Portrait of Jesus - The Divine Adventure - (Entire Service)

A Portrait of Jesus - The Divi...

where-are-youWhere Are You?

Where Are You?

cling-to-hope-part-1Cling to Hope Part 1

Cling to Hope Part 1

one-of-us-4One Of Us 4

One Of Us 4

untitled-recording-jan-10-1203pmA People of Mission

A People of Mission

this-is-war-1This is War!

This is War!

2016-jesus-the-cure-for-lostness-jan-10-1148am2016 Jesus the Cure for Lostness Jan 10 11:48am

2016 Jesus the Cure for Lostne...

1-10-16-perilous-times-require-powerful-witnesses1-10-16 Perilous Times Require Powerful Witnesses

1-10-16 Perilous Times Require...

a-new-miracle-performedA New Miracle Performed

A New Miracle Performed

huge-part-1-with-ps-ashley-evansHuge Part 1 with Ps Ashley Evans

Huge Part 1 with Ps Ashley Eva...

gaining-the-victoryGaining the Victory

Gaining the Victory

plans-purposes-pursuits-part-1Plans Purposes & Pursuits Part 1

Plans Purposes & Pursuits Part...

invited-to-powerINVITED to Power

INVITED to Power

prayer-11016Prayer 1.10.16

Prayer 1.10.16

pre-flight-checklist-what-does-your-baptism-mean-todayPre-Flight Checklist: What Does Your Baptism Mean Today?

Pre-Flight Checklist: What Doe...

resolved-life-commitments-for-the-new-yearResolved: Life Commitments for the New Year

Resolved: Life Commitments for...

attributes-of-godAttributes of God

Attributes of God

stewardship-contentmentStewardship: Contentment

Stewardship: Contentment

hteae-part-2-willing-to-failHTEAE Part 2 Willing to Fail

HTEAE Part 2 Willing to Fail

winter-connect-groupsWinter Connect Groups

Winter Connect Groups


"Maintaing A Pure Heart Before...

jesus-loves-the-leperJesus Loves the Leper

Jesus Loves the Leper



reaching-our-jerusalemReaching Our Jerusalem

Reaching Our Jerusalem

what-have-you-left-undone-pastor-chad-braleyWhat Have You Left Undone? - Pastor Chad Braley

What Have You Left Undone? - P...

back-to-the-bible-and-prayer-matthew-chapter-17-verse-21-pastor-greg-kittredgeBack To The Bible And Prayer, Matthew chapter 17 verse 21, Pastor Greg Kittredge

Back To The Bible And Prayer,...

see-something-better-be-something-betterSee Something Better, Be Something Better!

See Something Better, Be Somet...

how-to-discern-and-know-gods-will-for-your-lifeHow to Discern and Know God's Will for YOUR Life

How to Discern and Know God's...

passing-through-the-watersPassing Through the Waters

Passing Through the Waters

in-god-we-trust-dr-chuck-hardingIn God We Trust- Dr. Chuck Harding

In God We Trust- Dr. Chuck Har...

the-voice-of-perfection-is-deceptionThe Voice Of Perfection Is Deception

The Voice Of Perfection Is Dec...

believe-what-you-have-imagined-is-realBelieve What You Have Imagined Is Real

Believe What You Have Imagined...

the-momentThe Moment

The Moment

ecclesiastes-112-18-solomon-the-wise-guyEcclesiastes 1:12-18 (Solomon, the Wise Guy)

Ecclesiastes 1:12-18 (Solomon,...

hope-faith-love-part-2-pastor-robertHope-Faith-Love Part 2 - Pastor Robert

Hope-Faith-Love Part 2 - Pasto...

whats-our-strategyWhat's Our Strategy?

What's Our Strategy?

from-guilt-and-shameFrom Guilt and Shame

From Guilt and Shame


"Gifts" Recording

i-will-be-a-functioning-church-member-marcia-bethkeI Will Be a Functioning Church Member - Marcia Bethke

I Will Be a Functioning Church...

life-lessons-from-our-youthLife Lessons From Our Youth

Life Lessons From Our Youth

put-the-promise-over-the-problemPut the Promise over the Problem

Put the Promise over the Probl...

the-secret-place-part-2The Secret Place Part 2

The Secret Place Part 2

john-16-18John 1:6-18

John 1:6-18

connect-pt2Connect Pt.2

Connect Pt.2

gospel-songs-psalm-51-chris-horneGospel Songs: Psalm 51 | Chris Horne

Gospel Songs: Psalm 51 | Chris...

how-to-become-a-generous-giverHow to Become a Generous Giver

How to Become a Generous Giver

living-a-purposeful-life-in-2016-part-2-2-pet-15-11Living a purposeful life in 2016- part 2. 2 Pet 1:5-11

Living a purposeful life in 20...

first-plymouth-january-10-2016First-Plymouth - January 10, 2016

First-Plymouth - January 10, 2...

the-service-of-worshipThe Service Of Worship

The Service Of Worship

1-6-16-god-bless-you1-6-16 God Bless You

1-6-16 God Bless You

122715-christmas-living12/27/15  Christmas Living

12/27/15 Christmas Living

122415-christmas-eve-11pm-candlelight-service12/24/15 Christmas Eve. 11pm Candlelight Service

12/24/15 Christmas Eve. 11pm C...

121315-ah-the-joy-of-retoration12/13/15  Ah, The Joy of Retoration

12/13/15 Ah, The Joy of Retor...

112915-we-are-a-people-of-hope11/29/15 We are a People of Hope

11/29/15 We are a People of Ho...

111515-breaking-down-to-build-up11/15/15 Breaking Down to Build Up

11/15/15 Breaking Down to Buil...