Womens-Ministry-22310Womens Ministry - 2/23/10

Womens Ministry - 2/23/10

Episode-28-Engaging-Media-Some-GuidelinesEpisode 28: Engaging Media: Some Guidelines

Episode 28: Engaging Media: So...

ING-The-LivING-Water-February-21-2010ING - The LivING Water - February 21, 2010

ING - The LivING Water - Febru...

Worship-February-21-2010Worship - February 21, 2010

Worship - February 21, 2010

Turning-Your-Favour-on-Your-FamineTurning Your Favour on Your Famine

Turning Your Favour on Your Fa...

CS-Lewis-and-the-Great-Divorce-06-The-Embarassed-Woman-Matthew-235-1223-28C.S. Lewis and the Great Divorce 06 - The Embarassed Woman - Matthew 23:5-12,23-28

C.S. Lewis and the Great Divor...

Who-Is-JesusWho Is Jesus?

Who Is Jesus?

2-21-10-A-CRISIS-OF-FAITH-Part-22-21-10 A CRISIS OF FAITH - Part 2

2-21-10 A CRISIS OF FAITH - Pa...


"God's Relief Plan-23rd Psalm

Vessels-of-HonorVessels of Honor

Vessels of Honor

The-Elephants-in-the-Church-Series-Why-not-pray-moreThe Elephants in the Church Series: Why not pray more?

The Elephants in the Church Se...

Having-the-Preacher-for-LunchHaving the Preacher for Lunch

Having the Preacher for Lunch

How-Do-I-Get-My-Marriage-Out-of-DebtHow Do I Get My Marriage Out of Debt

How Do I Get My Marriage Out o...

Sermon-22110Sermon - 2/21/10

Sermon - 2/21/10

It-Is-the-Holy-Spirit-That-Directs-the-Movement-of-the-Gospel-Acts-166-13-Charles-HamptonIt Is the Holy Spirit That Directs the Movement of the Gospel (Acts 16:6-13 Charles Hampton)

It Is the Holy Spirit That Dir...

Kingdom-Judgement-6-The-Long-and-Winding-RoadKingdom - Judgement - 6 - The Long and Winding Road

Kingdom - Judgement - 6 - The...

All-Things-Are-Possible-February-14-2010All Things Are Possible - February 14, 2010

All Things Are Possible - Febr...

Worship-February-14-2010Worship - February 14, 2010

Worship - February 14, 2010

A-New-DecadeA New Decade

A New Decade

Under-Construction-Restoring-Your-Soul-Part-5Under Construction: Restoring Your Soul (Part 5)

Under Construction: Restoring...

Sharing-Life-to-Share-the-Gospel-Boldness-1-Thessalonians-21-12-Jerel-OlsonSharing Life to Share the Gospel Boldness, 1 Thessalonians 2:1-12 (Jerel Olson)

Sharing Life to Share the Gosp...

What-To-Do-When-You-Feel-OverwhelmedWhat To Do When You Feel Overwhelmed

What To Do When You Feel Overw...

Arm-Yourself-To-WinArm Yourself To Win

Arm Yourself To Win

What-is-WisdomWhat is Wisdom

What is Wisdom

Episode-27-Engaging-Media-Is-it-OK-to-just-be-entertainedEpisode 27: Engaging Media: Is it OK to just be entertained?

Episode 27: Engaging Media: Is...

Secrets-from-Under-the-TableSecrets from Under the Table

Secrets from Under the Table

Requirements-for-a-Godly-LifeRequirements for a Godly Life

Requirements for a Godly Life

CS-Lewis-and-the-Great-Divorce-05-Robert-and-the-FIX-HIM-woman-1-Kings-316-28C.S. Lewis and the Great Divorce 05 - Robert and the FIX HIM woman - 1 Kings 3:16-28

C.S. Lewis and the Great Divor...

2-14-09-A-CRISIS-OF-FAITH-Part-12-14-09 A CRISIS OF FAITH - Part 1

2-14-09 A CRISIS OF FAITH - Pa...


"Heart Matters"

Comandment-to-LoveComandment to Love

Comandment to Love



Sermon-21410Sermon - 2/14/10

Sermon - 2/14/10

When-Dreams-Become-ExpectationsWhen Dreams Become Expectations

When Dreams Become Expectation...

Kingdom-Judgement-5-We-Are-Entitled-to-More-RightKingdom - Judgement 5 - We Are Entitled to More, Right?

Kingdom - Judgement 5 - We Are...




"Come As You Are"

God-Is-LoveGod Is... Love

God Is... Love

Worship-February-7-2010Worship - February 7, 2010

Worship - February 7, 2010

Womens-Ministry-2910Womens Ministry - 2/9/10

Womens Ministry - 2/9/10

Episode-26-A-Christianity-that-is-unoriginal-undiscerning-and-looks-exactly-like-the-worldEpisode 26: A Christianity that is unoriginal, undiscerning, and looks exactly like the world.

Episode 26: A Christianity tha...

Expecting-Unusual-MiraclesExpecting Unusual Miracles

Expecting Unusual Miracles

THe-Elephant-in-the-Church-Series-Where-are-Todays-ServantsTHe Elephant in the Church Series - Where are Todays Servants?

THe Elephant in the Church Ser...

Accountability-What-goes-around-comes-aroundAccountability - What goes around comes around

Accountability - What goes aro...



We-Would-See-JesusWe Would See Jesus

We Would See Jesus


"Prayer re-Quest"

CS-Lewis-and-The-Great-Divorce-04-Ikey-and-the-Hard-bitten-man-Isaiah-6110C.S. Lewis and The Great Divorce 04 - Ikey and the Hard-bitten man - Isaiah 61:10

C.S. Lewis and The Great Divor...

Spiritually-GiftedSpiritually Gifted

Spiritually Gifted

Sermon-2710Sermon - 2/7/10

Sermon - 2/7/10

Spiritual-War-Pt1-2Cor104-12Spiritual War Pt1 (2Cor10:4-12)

Spiritual War Pt1 (2Cor10:4-12...

Walking-As-He-WalkedWalking As He Walked

Walking As He Walked

Last-Supper-Luke227-24Last Supper (Luke22:7-24)

Last Supper (Luke22:7-24)

Walking-with-ChristPhil127-30Walking with Christ(Phil1:27-30)

Walking with Christ(Phil1:27-3...

Mighty-Men-2Sam238-17Mighty Men (2Sam23:8-17)

Mighty Men (2Sam23:8-17)

Acts-1536-41(Acts 15:36-41)

(Acts 15:36-41)

Look-withinJames41-10Look within(James4:1-10)

Look within(James4:1-10)

Kingdom-Judgement-4-No-WayKingdom - Judgement 4 - No Way

Kingdom - Judgement 4 - No Way


"Make A Decision, Repent"


"God's Way To Heaven"

The-Favoured-Finish-their-predestined-call-through-Wisdoms-mindThe Favoured Finish [their predestined call through Wisdom's mind]

The Favoured Finish [their pre...

God-IsHereGod Is...Here

God Is...Here

Worship-January-31-2010Worship-January 31, 2010

Worship-January 31, 2010

The-Gospel-Not-Preached-A-Call-to-Repentance-Luke-1928-44-Jerel-OlsonThe Gospel Not Preached, A Call to Repentance (Luke 19:28-44 Jerel Olson)

The Gospel Not Preached, A Cal...

Under-Construction-Restoring-Your-Soul-Part-4Under Construction: Restoring Your Soul (Part 4)

Under Construction: Restoring...

01-31-10-Builders-Boomers-Busters01-31-10 Builders, Boomers & Busters

01-31-10 Builders, Boomers & B...

Womens-Ministry-2210Womens Ministry - 2/2/10

Womens Ministry - 2/2/10

01-24-10-Were-All-In-This-Together01-24-10 We're All In This Together

01-24-10 We're All In This Tog...

Episode-25-The-Church-and-the-SuperbowlEpisode 25: The Church and the Superbowl

Episode 25: The Church and the...


It's MOVING Day!

A-New-Look-at-SinA New Look at Sin

A New Look at Sin

How-Do-Faith-and-Tomatoes-Grow-Childrens-SundayHow Do Faith and Tomatoes Grow? (Childrens Sunday)

How Do Faith and Tomatoes Grow...



Lightkeepers-Community-ServiceLightkeepers, Community Service

Lightkeepers, Community Servic...

The-End-is-at-HandThe End is at Hand

The End is at Hand

Sermon-13110Sermon - 1/31/10

Sermon - 1/31/10

Kingdom-Judgement-Pt-3-All-He-Wanted-was-a-GuaranteeKingdom - Judgement - Pt 3 - All He Wanted was a Guarantee

Kingdom - Judgement - Pt 3 - A...

How-to-Find-Joy-in-PainHow to Find Joy in Pain

How to Find Joy in Pain

God-Is-GreatGod Is Great

God Is Great

January-24-2010-WorshipJanuary 24, 2010-Worship

January 24, 2010-Worship

Sharing-Life-to-Share-the-Gospel-Not-in-Words-Alone-1-Thessalonnians-14-7-Jerel-OlsonSharing Life to Share the Gospel Not in Words Alone, 1 Thessalonnians 1:4-7 (Jerel Olson)

Sharing Life to Share the Gosp...

The-Fellowship-of-Believers-Is-of-Great-Importance-Acts-1424-1535-Charles-HamptonThe Fellowship of Believers Is of Great Importance (Acts 14:24-15:35 Charles Hampton)

The Fellowship of Believers Is...

Under-Construction-Restoring-Your-Soul-Part-3Under Construction: Restoring Your Soul (Part 3)

Under Construction: Restoring...

Like-JesusLike Jesus

Like Jesus

Womens-Ministry-12610Womens Ministry - 1/26/10

Womens Ministry - 1/26/10

Episode-24-What-to-do-when-your-church-doesnt-offer-anything-for-youEpisode 24: What to do when your church doesn't offer anything for you.

Episode 24: What to do when yo...



Favourite-OneFavourite One

Favourite One

CS-Lewis-and-the-Great-Divorce-02-The-Big-Man-Luke-189-17C.S. Lewis and the Great Divorce 02 - The Big Man - Luke 18:9-17

C.S. Lewis and the Great Divor...



Door-to-the-Future-January-17-2010Door to the Future-January 17, 2010

Door to the Future-January 17,...

Worship-January-17-2010Worship January 17, 2010

Worship January 17, 2010

The-Elephant-in-The-Church-Series-Why-The-HypocrisyThe Elephant in The Church Series - Why The Hypocrisy?

The Elephant in The Church Ser...

How-Is-Your-FaithHow Is Your Faith

How Is Your Faith

Do-Not-FearDo Not Fear

Do Not Fear

Light-Keepers-God-as-SourceLight Keepers-God as Source

Light Keepers-God as Source

The-Simple-GospelThe Simple Gospel

The Simple Gospel

Sermon-12410Sermon - 1/24/10

Sermon - 1/24/10

01-17-10-Mad-about-Grace01-17-10 Mad about Grace

01-17-10 Mad about Grace

01-17-10-Childrens-Sermon-Jonah01-17-10 Children's Sermon     Jonah

01-17-10 Children's Sermon...

01-10-10-Only-One-Thing01-10-10 Only One Thing

01-10-10 Only One Thing

01-03-10-Where-Is-The-Child01-03-10 Where Is The Child?

01-03-10 Where Is The Child?