Advent-Conspiracy-His-Name-Shall-be-Called-Entire-ServiceAdvent Conspiracy - His Name Shall be Called - (Entire Service)

Advent Conspiracy - His Name S...

Redeeming-ChristmasRedeeming Christmas

Redeeming Christmas

The-Family-Of-GodThe Family Of God

The Family Of God

Making-Up-For-Lost-TimeMaking Up For Lost Time

Making Up For Lost Time

Stepping-UpStepping Up

Stepping Up



The-Soil-of-Humility-Yields-The-Fruit-of-LoveThe Soil of Humility Yields The Fruit of Love

The Soil of Humility Yields Th...

20141130AM-God-Knows-When-to-Show-Up20141130AM God Knows When to Show Up

20141130AM God Knows When to S...

Build-Your-Temple-Under-His-AuthorityBuild Your Temple Under His Authority

Build Your Temple Under His Au...

Heaven-BoundHeaven Bound

Heaven Bound

watch-what-we-sayWatch What we Say

Watch What we Say

Part-1-Christmas-Nativity-UnveiledPart 1 - Christmas Nativity Unveiled

Part 1 - Christmas Nativity Un...

The-Yes-of-GodThe Yes of God

The Yes of God

ILTP-Part4I Love This Place: Part 4

I Love This Place: Part 4

who-is-my-neighborWho is My Neighbor

Who is My Neighbor

israel-iran-and-isis-in-bible-prophecy-2Israel, Iran, and ISIS in Bible Prophecy

Israel, Iran, and ISIS in Bibl...

The-Power-of-ANDThe Power of AND

The Power of AND

god-restoring-our-soulGod Restoring Our Soul

God Restoring Our Soul

knowing-our-storyKnowing Our Story

Knowing Our Story

finding-my-maori-identityFinding My Maori Identity

Finding My Maori Identity

living-a-life-of-generosity-3Living a Life of Generosity

Living a Life of Generosity

the-harpers-from-mozambiqueThe Harpers from Mozambique

The Harpers from Mozambique

joshua-projectJoshua Project

Joshua Project

reaching-the-worldReaching the world

Reaching the world

the-great-commisionThe great commision

The great commision

the-lost-worldThe lost world

The lost world

El-ElyonEl Elyon

El Elyon

an-attitude-of-gratitude-2An Attitude of Gratitude

An Attitude of Gratitude

Episode-78-Our-Thanksgiving-EpisodeEpisode 78: Our Thanksgiving Episode!

Episode 78: Our Thanksgiving E...

10-19-14-The-Point-of-the-Journey10-19-14 The Point of the Journey

10-19-14 The Point of the Jour...

A-Truth-for-Troubled-TimesA Truth for Troubled Times

A Truth for Troubled Times

Pastor-Charlotte-Quist-Sunday-Morning-November-23rdPastor Charlotte Quist - Sunday Morning November 23rd

Pastor Charlotte Quist - Sunda...

Giving-thanks-for-what-God-has-done-for-usGiving thanks for what God has done for us

Giving thanks for what God has...

I-Love-This-Place-Part-4I Love This Place: Part 4

I Love This Place: Part 4

November-23-2014-ServiceNovember 23, 2014 Service

November 23, 2014 Service

November-162014-ServiceNovember 16,2014 Service

November 16,2014 Service

November-92014-ServiceNovember 9,2014 Service

November 9,2014 Service

Living-Without-FearLiving Without Fear

Living Without Fear

20141123PM-Gratitude-for-Gods-Provision20141123PM Gratitude for Gods Provision

20141123PM Gratitude for Gods...

The-Spirit-of-ProphecyThe Spirit of Prophecy

The Spirit of Prophecy

Flow-Of-GodFlow Of God

Flow Of God

20141123AM-Keeping-an-Attitude-of-Graditude20141123AM Keeping an Attitude of Graditude

20141123AM Keeping an Attitude...

Faith-for-the-Future-Sermon-OnlyFaith for the Future - (Sermon Only)

Faith for the Future - (Sermon...

Faith-for-the-Future-Entire-ServiceFaith for the Future - (Entire Service)

Faith for the Future - (Entire...

How-Would-You-Tell-Your-StoryHow Would You Tell Your Story?

How Would You Tell Your Story?

Garrison-VictoryGarrison Victory

Garrison Victory

Restaurando-el-GozoRestaurando el Gozo

Restaurando el Gozo

Building-Blocks-Wk-7Building Blocks Wk 7

Building Blocks Wk 7

Give-Thanks-to-GodGive Thanks to God

Give Thanks to God

patient-perseverance-in-trialsPatient Perseverance in Trials

Patient Perseverance in Trials

In-Pursuit-of-the-Good-of-Others-Humility-ReignsIn Pursuit of the Good of Others, Humility Reigns

In Pursuit of the Good of Othe...

He-Gives-Us-VictoryHe Gives Us Victory

He Gives Us Victory

Offended-by-JesusOffended by Jesus?

Offended by Jesus?

God-Appointed-TimeGod Appointed Time

God Appointed Time

ILTP-Part3I Love This Place: Part 3

I Love This Place: Part 3



whats-your-nameWhat's Your Name

What's Your Name

the-gospel-changes-thingsThe Gospel Changes Things

The Gospel Changes Things

the-maori-world-viewThe Maori World View

The Maori World View

finding-my-maori-identity-1Finding My Maori Identity

Finding My Maori Identity

Raise-Your-White-FlagRaise Your White Flag

Raise Your White Flag

greed-or-gratitudeGreed or Gratitude

Greed or Gratitude

The-Power-of-Holy-DesperationThe Power of Holy Desperation

The Power of Holy Desperation



141102-A-Great-Salvation141102 A Great Salvation

141102 A Great Salvation

do-you-know-jesus-nov-16thDo you Know Jesus  - Nov 16th

Do you Know Jesus - Nov 16th

How-to-have-JoyHow to have Joy

How to have Joy

I-Love-This-Place-Part-3I Love This Place: Part 3

I Love This Place: Part 3

The-Cost-of-Doing-BusinessThe Cost of Doing Business

The Cost of Doing Business

20141116PM-Learning-to-Live-as-a-Community20141116PM Learning to Live as a Community

20141116PM Learning to Live as...

Double-For-Your-TroubleDouble For Your Trouble!

Double For Your Trouble!

Why-Bother-Giving-GiftsWhy Bother Giving Gifts

Why Bother Giving Gifts

El-Senor-Mi-ProveedorEl Senor, Mi Proveedor

El Senor, Mi Proveedor

Recalculating-Lessons-From-IndiaRecalculating - Lessons From India

Recalculating - Lessons From I...

No-WorriesNo Worries

No Worries

A-Story-of-Restoration-Can-You-Count-Your-Blessings-Sermon-OnlyA Story of Restoration - Can You Count Your Blessings? - (Sermon Only)

A Story of Restoration - Can Y...

A-Story-of-Restoration-Can-You-Count-Your-Blessings-Entire-ServiceA Story of Restoration - Can You Count Your Blessings? - (Entire Service)

A Story of Restoration - Can Y...

Building-Blocks-Wk-6Building Blocks Wk 6

Building Blocks Wk 6

Spontaneous-Worship-and-Prayer-Nov-16-2014Spontaneous Worship and Prayer Nov 16, 2014

Spontaneous Worship and Prayer...

beware-of-the-little-foxesBeware of the Little Foxes

Beware of the Little Foxes

Be-A-WitnessBe A Witness

Be A Witness

a-rebuke-to-the-unrighteous-rich-part-2-how-you-earn-itA Rebuke to the Unrighteous Rich part 2 How you earn it.

A Rebuke to the Unrighteous Ri...

Limitless-LivingLimitless Living

Limitless Living

20141116AM-How-to-be-a-Friend20141116AM  How to be a Friend

20141116AM How to be a Friend

All-You-Need-to-Know-about-the-Second-ComingAll You Need to Know about the Second Coming

All You Need to Know about the...

To-The-One-Who-Stoops-God-Gives-Greater-GraceTo The One Who Stoops, God Gives Greater Grace

To The One Who Stoops, God Giv...

The-Gifts-of-the-Spirit-Part-3The Gifts of the Spirit Part 3

The Gifts of the Spirit Part 3

Priest-Before-KingPriest Before King

Priest Before King

Can-You-Dig-It-Pt-2Can You Dig It? Pt. 2

Can You Dig It? Pt. 2

ILTP-Part2I Love This Place: Part 2

I Love This Place: Part 2

you-da-man-2You Da Man!

You Da Man!

Worth-the-FightWorth the Fight

Worth the Fight

are-you-going-to-build-me-a-houseAre You Going To Build Me A House

Are You Going To Build Me A Ho...

the-maori-world-view-1The Maori World View

The Maori World View

mission-interruptedMission Interrupted

Mission Interrupted

he-iwi-tahi-tatou-one-peopleHe Iwi Tahi Tatou - One People

He Iwi Tahi Tatou - One People

Episode-77-What-Do-Millennials-Want-in-a-ChurchEpisode 77: What Do Millennials Want in a Church?

Episode 77: What Do Millennial...

Can-You-Dig-It-Pt-1Can You Dig It? Pt. 1

Can You Dig It? Pt. 1

worshipper-bewareWorshipper Beware

Worshipper Beware

141019-What-a-Savior141019 What a Savior

141019 What a Savior

the-word-of-prophecy-nov-9thThe Word of Prophecy  -Nov 9th

The Word of Prophecy -Nov 9th

through-the-lens-nov-2nd Through the Lens   Nov 2nd

Through the Lens Nov 2nd