RESCUE-Do-Not-Be-AfraidRESCUE  Do Not Be Afraid

RESCUE Do Not Be Afraid

Chips-Hot-SauceChips & Hot Sauce

Chips & Hot Sauce

Sermon-12212Sermon - 12/2/12

Sermon - 12/2/12

Developing-the-Word-to-Exude-from-UsDeveloping the Word to Exude from Us

Developing the Word to Exude f...

Uprising-Part-2Uprising Part 2

Uprising Part 2

Watching-Out-for-You-and-MeWatching Out for You and Me

Watching Out for You and Me

Does-God-Have-FavoritesDoes God Have Favorites

Does God Have Favorites


"Victory Through Praise"

Turn-the-PageTurn the Page

Turn the Page

Articles-of-Faith-Part-3Articles of Faith Part 3

Articles of Faith Part 3

Breakthrough-3-ResentmentBreakthrough: 3 - Resentment

Breakthrough: 3 - Resentment

November-252012-ServiceNovember 25,2012 Service

November 25,2012 Service

November-182012-ServiceNovember 18,2012 Service

November 18,2012 Service

The-Courtroom-of-the-UniverseThe Courtroom of the Universe

The Courtroom of the Universe

Demonstrators-at-a-GateDemonstrators at a Gate

Demonstrators at a Gate

Newness-FactorNewness Factor

Newness Factor

Se-Acerca-el-VeranoSe Acerca el Verano

Se Acerca el Verano

Advent-Conspiracy-A-Jolly-Consumer-Christmas-Sermon-OnlyAdvent Conspiracy - A Jolly Consumer Christmas (Sermon Only)

Advent Conspiracy - A Jolly Co...

Advent-Conspiracy-A-Jolly-Consumer-Christmas-Entire-ServiceAdvent Conspiracy - A Jolly Consumer Christmas (Entire Service)

Advent Conspiracy - A Jolly Co...

Sermon-by-Clayton-PriceSermon by Clayton Price

Sermon by Clayton Price

Until-The-Apology-ComesUntil The Apology Comes

Until The Apology Comes

11-25-12-THANKFUL-PART-211-25-12 THANKFUL - PART 2

11-25-12 THANKFUL - PART 2

The-SeedsThe Seeds

The Seeds

Redeemed-No-Matter-the-CostRedeemed, No Matter the Cost

Redeemed, No Matter the Cost

A-Life-of-AdventureA Life of Adventure

A Life of Adventure

The-Anatomy-of-the-Church-View-5The Anatomy of the Church, View 5

The Anatomy of the Church, Vie...

Sermon-112512Sermon - 11/25/12

Sermon - 11/25/12

Livin-The-High-Life-A-Truly-Rich-LifeLivin The High Life    A Truly Rich Life

Livin The High Life A Truly...

3-Mindsets-Part-33 Mindsets Part 3

3 Mindsets Part 3

Uprising-Part-1Uprising Part 1

Uprising Part 1


"God Knows Your Case"

The-Dash-Between-the-DatesThe Dash Between the Dates

The Dash Between the Dates

Thanksgiving-the-Spiritual-ThemometerThanksgiving the Spiritual Themometer

Thanksgiving the Spiritual The...

Thanksgiving-A-Way-of-LifeThanksgiving: A Way of Life

Thanksgiving: A Way of Life

Breakthrough-2-GreedBreakthrough: 2 - Greed

Breakthrough: 2 - Greed

Hearing-His-VoiceHearing His Voice

Hearing His Voice

Guest-Teacher-Sue-BoldtGuest Teacher: Sue Boldt

Guest Teacher: Sue Boldt

Sermon-by-DeanSermon by Dean

Sermon by Dean


"Trust in the Lord"

The-Anointing-of-DavidThe Anointing of David

The Anointing of David

Actitud-del-CorazonActitud del Corazon

Actitud del Corazon

Radical-Generosity-Why-Just-2-Coins-Sermon-OnlyRadical Generosity - Why Just 2 Coins (Sermon Only)

Radical Generosity - Why Just...

Radical-Generosity-Why-Just-2-Coins-Entire-ServiceRadical Generosity - Why Just 2 Coins (Entire Service)

Radical Generosity - Why Just...

11-18-12-THANKFUL-Part-111-18-12 THANKFUL - Part 1

11-18-12 THANKFUL - Part 1

Livin-The-High-Life-Ready-To-ShareLivin The High Life    Ready To Share

Livin The High Life Ready T...

Crunch-TimeCrunch Time

Crunch Time

Anatomy-of-the-Church-View-4Anatomy of the Church, View 4

Anatomy of the Church, View 4

Find-Refuge-in-Gods-Covenant-LoveFind Refuge in God's Covenant Love

Find Refuge in God's Covenant...

Sermon-111812Sermon - 11/18/12

Sermon - 11/18/12

When-Extraordinary-Becomes-OrdinaryWhen Extraordinary Becomes Ordinary

When Extraordinary Becomes Ord...

Its-all-about-GodIt's all about God

It's all about God



Taking-Thoughts-CaptiveTaking Thoughts Captive

Taking Thoughts Captive

November-112012-ServiceNovember 11,2012 Service

November 11,2012 Service

Articles-of-Faith-Part-2Articles of Faith Part 2

Articles of Faith Part 2

Gods-RighteounessGod's Righteouness

God's Righteouness



Remembrance-Day-Sermon-by-DeanRemembrance Day Sermon by Dean

Remembrance Day Sermon by Dean

Evangelism-and-YouEvangelism and You

Evangelism and You

El-Deber-CristianoEl Deber Cristiano

El Deber Cristiano

Livin-The-High-Life-For-Your-EnjoymentLivin The High Life    For Your Enjoyment

Livin The High Life For You...

Why-Dont-We-Just-Get-Rid-of-The-DeaconsWhy Don't We Just Get Rid of The Deacons

Why Don't We Just Get Rid of T...



Divine-Healing-Course-Week-3Divine Healing Course - Week #3

Divine Healing Course - Week #...

Radical-Generosity-Treasure-Stewardship-ABCs-What-Do-You-Choose-Sermon-OnlyRadical Generosity - Treasure - Stewardship ABC's - What Do You Choose (Sermon Only)

Radical Generosity - Treasure...

Radical-Generosity-Treasure-Stewardship-ABCs-What-Do-You-Choose-Entire-ServiceRadical Generosity - Treasure - Stewardship ABC's - What Do You Choose (Entire Service)

Radical Generosity - Treasure...


"Make Preparation Now"

Under-the-Wings-of-GodUnder the Wings of God

Under the Wings of God

A-Sabbath-RestA Sabbath Rest

A Sabbath Rest

Loyalty-and-HonorLoyalty and Honor

Loyalty and Honor

Give-Me-This-MountainGive Me This Mountain

Give Me This Mountain

Sermon-111112Sermon - 11/11/12

Sermon - 11/11/12

3-Mindsets-Part-23 Mindsets Part 2

3 Mindsets Part 2

Remember-WhatRemember What?

Remember What?

Guest-Teacher-Barney-WigetGuest Teacher: Barney Wiget

Guest Teacher: Barney Wiget

Why-TonguesWhy Tongues?

Why Tongues?

Articles-of-Faith-Part-1Articles of Faith Part 1

Articles of Faith Part 1

November-42012-ServiceNovember 4,2012 Service

November 4,2012 Service

1-John-4-Children-of-God-How-to-Live-Out-Your-Identity-in-Christ1 John #4 - Children of God: How to Live Out Your Identity in Christ

1 John #4 - Children of God: H...

1-John-3-The-Holy-Spirit-How-to-Remain-in-Christ1 John #3 - The Holy Spirit: How to Remain in Christ

1 John #3 - The Holy Spirit: H...

Breakthrough-1-AngerBreakthrough: 1 - Anger

Breakthrough: 1 - Anger

Salvation-is-MiraculousSalvation is Miraculous

Salvation is Miraculous

Sermon-by-DeanSermon by Dean

Sermon by Dean

The-Purpose-of-the-ChurchThe Purpose of the Church

The Purpose of the Church

Livin-The-High-Life-Are-You-RichLivin The High Life    Are You Rich

Livin The High Life Are You...





Gratitude-A-Lepers-Return-by-Ryan-ChandlerGratitude - A Leper's Return by Ryan Chandler

Gratitude - A Leper's Return b...

Gratitude-A-Lepers-Return-by-Grayson-KellyGratitude - A Leper's Return by Grayson Kelly

Gratitude - A Leper's Return b...

Radical-Generosity-Stewardship-ABCs-The-Bondage-BarrelFear-Factor-Sermon-OnlyRadical Generosity - Stewardship ABC's - The Bondage Barrel...Fear Factor (Sermon Only)

Radical Generosity - Stewardsh...

Radical-Generosity-Stewardship-ABCs-The-Bondage-BarrelFear-Factor-Entire-ServiceRadical Generosity - Stewardship ABC's - The Bondage Barrel...Fear Factor (Entire Service)

Radical Generosity - Stewardsh...


"A Closer Walk with God"

Flee-To-GodFlee To God

Flee To God

Grace-and-TruthGrace and Truth

Grace and Truth

20121104-AM-May-We-Never-Lose-the-Wonder20121104 AM May We Never Lose the Wonder

20121104 AM May We Never Lose...

More-to-ComeMore to Come

More to Come

The-Anatomy-of-the-Church-View-3The Anatomy of the Church, View 3

The Anatomy of the Church, Vie...

What-Do-We-Do-When-The-New-Wears-OffWhat Do We Do When The New Wears Off

What Do We Do When The New Wea...

Sermon-11412Sermon - 11/4/12

Sermon - 11/4/12

3-Mindsets-Part-13 Mindsets Part 1

3 Mindsets Part 1



Forefront-MentalityForefront Mentality

Forefront Mentality