pastor-michael-thigpen-the-markings-of-faithPastor Michael Thigpen- The Markings of Faith

Pastor Michael Thigpen- The Ma...

big-sexBig Sex

Big Sex

live-your-best-life-pastor-robertLive Your Best Life - Pastor Robert

Live Your Best Life - Pastor R...

baccalaureate-serviceBaccalaureate Service

Baccalaureate Service

dab-may-17-2015-1DAB May 17 - 2015

DAB May 17 - 2015

freedom-from-fearFreedom From Fear

Freedom From Fear

encountering-god-1Encountering God

Encountering God

dab-may-16-2015-1DAB May 16 - 2015

DAB May 16 - 2015

5-10-15150510 For the Sake of the Family

150510 For the Sake of the Fam...

april-5-2015-easter-sundayApril 5, 2015: Easter Sunday

April 5, 2015: Easter Sunday

dab-may-15-2015-1DAB May 15 - 2015

DAB May 15 - 2015

grace-explosions-pt-2Grace Explosions pt 2

Grace Explosions pt 2

dab-may-14-2015-1DAB May 14 - 2015

DAB May 14 - 2015

may-10-2015-and-god-said-lech-lchaMay 10, 2015: And God said, ‘Lech, L’cha!’

May 10, 2015: And God said, ‘L...

may-03-2015-here-i-amMay 03, 2015: Here I Am

May 03, 2015: Here I Am

designation-leads-to-destiny-april-12-2015-1designation leads to destiny, April 12 2015

designation leads to destiny,...

holy-spirit-fulfillment-pt2-april-26-2015-1Holy Spirit fulfillment Pt.2, April 26, 2015

Holy Spirit fulfillment Pt.2,...

god-does-not-get-weary-1God does not get weary

God does not get weary

dab-may-13-2015-1DAB May 13 - 2015

DAB May 13 - 2015

mothers-day-2015-1mothers day 2015

mothers day 2015

gods-party-has-dominion-may-10-2015God's Party Has Dominion -May 10, 2015

God's Party Has Dominion -May...

mothers-day-2015Mothers Day 2015

Mothers Day 2015

5-10-15-recharged5-10-15 - Recharged

5-10-15 - Recharged

mothers-day-forgiveness-1Mother's Day Forgiveness

Mother's Day Forgiveness

holy-spirit-fulfillment-april-19-2015-1Holy Spirit fulfillment APRIL 19 2015

Holy Spirit fulfillment APRIL...

developing-your-spiritual-senses-may10-2015-clinton-1Developing Your Spiritual Senses May10, 2015 Clinton

Developing Your Spiritual Sens...

the-embassy-may-3-2015-1The Embassy May 3, 2015

The Embassy May 3, 2015



happy-mothers-in-law-day-1Happy Mother's in law Day!

Happy Mother's in law Day!

dab-may-12-2015-1DAB May 12 - 2015

DAB May 12 - 2015

passing-on-the-baton-1Passing On The Baton

Passing On The Baton

mothers-day-2015-part-1-audio-onlyMother's Day 2015 (part 1 audio only)

Mother's Day 2015 (part 1 audi...

mothers-day-2015-part-3-audio-onlyMother's Day 2015 (part 3 audio only)

Mother's Day 2015 (part 3 audi...

mothers-day-2015-part-2-audio-only-1Mother's Day 2015 (part 2 audio only)

Mother's Day 2015 (part 2 audi...

what-image-do-you-haveWhat Image do you have?

What Image do you have?

dab-may-11-2015-1DAB May 11 - 2015

DAB May 11 - 2015

grandmas-faithGrandma's Faith

Grandma's Faith

holy-spirit-and-a-hardened-heartHoly Spirit and a Hardened Heart

Holy Spirit and a Hardened Hea...

madres-acorazadasMadres Acorazadas

Madres Acorazadas

being-a-church-that-loves-part-6-romans-138-10-1Being a Church That Loves- part 6 Romans 13:8-10

Being a Church That Loves- par...

committed-the-masters-sermon-me-worry-sermon-onlyCommitted - The Master's Sermon - Me Worry?  - (Sermon Only)

Committed - The Master's Sermo...

committed-the-masters-sermon-me-worry-entire-serviceCommitted - The Master's Sermon - Me Worry? - (Entire Service)

Committed - The Master's Sermo...

20150510am-new-instructions-120150510am new instructions

20150510am new instructions



lessons-from-the-prodigal-son-the-fatherLessons from The Prodigal Son-The Father

Lessons from The Prodigal Son-...

agree-with-one-anotherAgree With One Another

Agree With One Another

gods-incomparable-power-laura-bentleyGod's Incomparable Power - Laura Bentley

God's Incomparable Power - Lau...

david-bancroft-05-10-2015David Bancroft 05-10-2015

David Bancroft 05-10-2015

develop-your-spiritual-senses-1Develop Your Spiritual Senses

Develop Your Spiritual Senses

women-of-vision-1women of vision

women of vision

effects-of-righteousness-pt2-1Effects of Righteousness Pt2

Effects of Righteousness Pt2

being-a-mother-is-hard-workBeing a Mother is Hard Work

Being a Mother is Hard Work

pastor-michael-thigpen-raising-eaglesPastor Michael Thigpen- Raising Eagles

Pastor Michael Thigpen- Raisin...

mothers-day-4Mother's Day

Mother's Day

jesus-meets-a-mom-pastor-robertJesus Meets a Mom - Pastor Robert

Jesus Meets a Mom - Pastor Rob...

the-meaning-of-marriageThe Meaning of Marriage

The Meaning of Marriage

under-your-wingsUnder Your Wings

Under Your Wings

dab-may-10-2015-1DAB May 10 - 2015

DAB May 10 - 2015

freedom-from-fear-1Freedom From Fear

Freedom From Fear

how-can-god-be-knownHow Can God Be Known

How Can God Be Known

dab-may-9-2015-1DAB May 9 - 2015

DAB May 9 - 2015

america-this-is-your-wake-up-call-orange-county-thursday-night-1America, This Is Your Wake-up Call! (Orange County Thursday Night)

America, This Is Your Wake-up...

holy-spirit-and-unbeliefHoly Spirit and unbelief

Holy Spirit and unbelief

dab-may-8-2015-1DAB May 8 - 2015

DAB May 8 - 2015

5-3-15-authority-that-is-life-giving5-3-15 - Authority That is Life-giving

5-3-15 - Authority That is Lif...



lofty-goals-1lofty goals

lofty goals

i-set-the-lord-before-me-always-may-3rdI set the Lord before me always - May 3rd

I set the Lord before me alway...

first-john-chapter-2-part-2-pastor-greg-kittredgeFirst John, Chapter 2 Part 2, Pastor Greg Kittredge

First John, Chapter 2 Part 2,...

dab-may-7-2015-1DAB May 7 - 2015

DAB May 7 - 2015

keeping-your-head-in-a-crisisKeeping Your Head in a Crisis

Keeping Your Head in a Crisis

est-ce-que-ta-vie-est-un-buisson-ardent-1Est-ce que ta vie est un Buisson Ardent?

Est-ce que ta vie est un Buiss...

dab-may-6-2015-1DAB May 6 - 2015

DAB May 6 - 2015

john-21-11-wine-and-whip-part-1-graceJohn 2:1-11  Wine and Whip Part 1: Grace

John 2:1-11 Wine and Whip Par...

exercise-your-senses-clinton-apr-26-2015-1Exercise Your Senses, Clinton Apr 26 2015

Exercise Your Senses, Clinton...

dab-may-5-2015-1DAB May 5 - 2015

DAB May 5 - 2015

if-christ-had-not-been-raised-1If Christ had Not Been Raised

If Christ had Not Been Raised

memukan-with-dr-bruce-webb-1Memukan : With Dr. Bruce Webb

Memukan : With Dr. Bruce Webb

easter-at-the-pavilion-2015-1Easter at the Pavilion 2015

Easter at the Pavilion 2015

rushing-wind-part-4-1Rushing Wind: part 4

Rushing Wind: part 4

rushing-wind-part-4Rushing Wind: part 4

Rushing Wind: part 4

standing-outStanding out?

Standing out?

the-dead-thingsThe dead things

The dead things

being-a-church-that-loves-part-5-romans-131-8-1Being a Church That Loves- part 5 Romans 13:1-8

Being a Church That Loves- par...

dab-may-4-2015-1DAB May 4 - 2015

DAB May 4 - 2015

grace-explosionsGrace Explosions

Grace Explosions

doble-porcionDoble Porcion

Doble Porcion

20150503am-all-things-new-new-purpose20150503AM All Things New; New Purpose

20150503AM All Things New; New...

how-we-are-to-walkHow we are to walk

How we are to walk

everyday-discipleship-serve-like-jesus-3EVERYDAY DISCIPLESHIP  Serve Like Jesus


everyday-discipleship-serve-like-jesus-1EVERYDAY DISCIPLESHIP  Serve Like Jesus


do-you-desire-to-live-for-jesusDo you desire to live for Jesus?

Do you desire to live for Jesu...

committed-the-masters-sermon-real-value-disciple-sermon-onlyCommitted - The Master's Sermon - Real Value = Disciple - (Sermon Only)

Committed - The Master's Sermo...

committed-the-masters-sermon-real-value-disciple-entire-serviceCommitted - The Master's Sermon - Real Value = Disciple - (Entire Service)

Committed - The Master's Sermo...

fire-within-fire-without-1Fire Within, Fire Without

Fire Within, Fire Without

johns-witness-day-1-the-religious-leadershipJohn's Witness - Day 1 The Religious Leadership

John's Witness - Day 1 The Rel...

grace-unlimitedGrace Unlimited

Grace Unlimited

lessons-from-the-prodigal-son-the-sonLessons from The Prodigal Son-The Son

Lessons from The Prodigal Son-...

kiss-one-anotherKiss One Another

Kiss One Another

a-better-resurrectionA Better Resurrection

A Better Resurrection

david-bancroft-05-03-2015David Bancroft 05-03-2015

David Bancroft 05-03-2015

love-vs-lustLove vs Lust

Love vs Lust