elder-eric-floyd-women-rock-when-holding-onto-the-solid-rockElder Eric Floyd - Women Rock When Holding onto the Solid Rock

Elder Eric Floyd - Women Rock...



mothers-dayMother's Day

Mother's Day



the-ministry-of-momsThe Ministry of Moms

The Ministry of Moms

mothers-dayMother's Day

Mother's Day

first-plymouth-may-8-2016First-Plymouth - May 8, 2016

First-Plymouth - May 8, 2016

mary-and-the-resurrected-jesus-john-2011-18Mary and the Resurrected Jesus . John 20:11-18

Mary and the Resurrected Jesus...

bon-appetitBon Appétit

Bon Appétit

testimonies-of-gospel-centered-mission-focused-parents-2-timothy-11-17-may-8-2016Testimonies of Gospel-Centered, Mission-Focused Parents, 2 Timothy 1:1-17, May 8 2016

Testimonies of Gospel-Centered...

three-for-threeThree For Three

Three For Three

jochebed-a-mother-in-israel-pastor-rossiJochebed, a Mother in Israel - Pastor Rossi

Jochebed, a Mother in Israel -...

being-a-powerful-pray-erBeing a Powerful Pray-er

Being a Powerful Pray-er

dab-may-8-2016-1DAB May 8 - 2016

DAB May 8 - 2016

easter-week-7-572016Easter Week 7 5/7/2016

Easter Week 7 5/7/2016

the-bible-part-3The Bible Part 3

The Bible Part 3

sermon-may-7-2016Sermon - May 7, 2016

Sermon - May 7, 2016

sabbath-school-may-7-2016Sabbath School - May 7, 2016

Sabbath School - May 7, 2016

dab-may-7-2016-1DAB May 7 - 2016

DAB May 7 - 2016

porn-strong-desiresPorn-Strong Desires

Porn-Strong Desires

they-didnt-get-it-either-padmThey Didn't Get It Either (PADM)

They Didn't Get It Either (PAD...

follow-gods-example-3Follow God's Example 3. (더 비우심의 본 되신 예수님!)

Follow God's Example 3. (더 비우심...

whats-it-all-aboutWhats it all about?

Whats it all about?

dab-may-6-2016-1DAB May 6 - 2016

DAB May 6 - 2016

holy-spirit-the-results-of-intimacyHoly Spirit- The results of intimacy

Holy Spirit- The results of in...

graduation-5-5-16Graduation 5-5-16

Graduation 5-5-16

bae-your-relationship-with-godBAE: Your Relationship with God

BAE: Your Relationship with Go...

your-grief-will-become-joyYour Grief Will Become Joy

Your Grief Will Become Joy

interview-in-taipei-taiwanInterview in Taipei, Taiwan

Interview in Taipei, Taiwan

day-trippinDay Trippin

Day Trippin





getting-in-shape-part-2Getting In Shape Part 2

Getting In Shape Part 2

lesson-4-chapter-1-johns-vision-of-jesus-part-3-pastor-greg-kittredgeLesson 4 : Chapter 1 John's Vision Of Jesus Part 3, Pastor Greg Kittredge

Lesson 4 : Chapter 1 John's Vi...

joy-in-after-the-weeping-padmJoy In & After The Weeping (PADM)

Joy In & After The Weeping (PA...

sermon-1Sermon 1

Sermon 1

giving-your-bestGiving Your Best

Giving Your Best

dab-may-5-2016-1DAB May 5 - 2016

DAB May 5 - 2016

a-season-of-rebuildingA Season of Rebuilding

A Season of Rebuilding



the-thought-of-revival-pastor-chad-braleyThe Thought of Revival - Pastor Chad Braley

The Thought of Revival - Pasto...

joy-for-living-part-5-pastor-rossiJoy for Living Part 5 - Pastor Rossi

Joy for Living Part 5 - Pastor...

bp-sin-and-holiness-050416BP: Sin and Holiness 05/04/16

BP: Sin and Holiness 05/04/16

dica-wednesday-4th-may-2016-bible-study-pastor-moses-the-ancient-barriers-tore-down-by-christDICA Wednesday 4th May 2016 - Bible Study - Pastor Moses - The Ancient Barriers _ Tore Down By Christ

DICA Wednesday 4th May 2016 -...



radio-program-for-friday-may-6-2016Radio program for Friday May 6, 2016

Radio program for Friday May 6...

radio-program-for-thursday-may-5-2016Radio program for Thursday May 5, 2016

Radio program for Thursday May...

7-habits-of-a-successful-christian7 Habits Of A Successful Christian

7 Habits Of A Successful Chris...

the-7-growth-points-of-every-organizationThe 7 Growth Points of Every Organization

The 7 Growth Points of Every O...

dan-prus-5-4-16Dan Prus 5-4-16

Dan Prus 5-4-16

with-grateful-hearts-padmWith Grateful Hearts (PADM)

With Grateful Hearts (PADM)

radio-program-for-wednesday-may-4-2016Radio program for Wednesday May 4, 2016

Radio program for Wednesday Ma...

the-kings-promiseThe King's Promise

The King's Promise

dab-may-4-2016-1DAB May 4 - 2016

DAB May 4 - 2016

it-did-not-cost-god-anythingIt Did Not Cost God Anything

It Did Not Cost God Anything

praying-in-the-intervalPraying In The Interval

Praying In The Interval

words-unemployedWord's Unemployed

Word's Unemployed



untitled-recording-may-3-353pm160501 Living Like a King

160501 Living Like a King

jesus-redeemsJesus Redeems

Jesus Redeems

well-of-healingWell of Healing

Well of Healing

may-01-2016-worship-do-you-want-to-be-made-wellMay 01 2016 Worship: Do You Want To Be Made Well?

May 01 2016 Worship: Do You Wa...

seek-godSeek God

Seek God

abide-in-love-050116Abide in Love 05/01/16

Abide in Love 05/01/16

living-victoriously-equipped-for-victory-part-4-may-3-1201pmLiving Victoriously - Equipped for Victory Part 4  May 3 12:01pm

Living Victoriously - Equipped...

sermon-may-1-2016-a-meal-of-surprisesSermon May 1, 2016 -

Sermon May 1, 2016 - "A Meal o...

pt-2-they-love-each-otherPT. 2 They Love Each Other

PT. 2 They Love Each Other

pt-1-they-love-gods-wordPt. 1 They Love God's Word

Pt. 1 They Love God's Word

the-baptism-of-jesus-christThe Baptism of Jesus Christ

The Baptism of Jesus Christ

sam-bombara-5-3-16Sam Bombara 5-3-16

Sam Bombara 5-3-16

stock-market-election-yearsStock Market & Election Years

Stock Market & Election Years

faithful-as-papa-tracey-padmFaithful As Papa Tracey (PADM)

Faithful As Papa Tracey (PADM)

radio-program-for-tuesday-may-3-2016Radio program for Tuesday May 3, 2016

Radio program for Tuesday May...

sun-svs-200316sun svs - 200316

sun svs - 200316

130316主日崇拜 - 130316

主日崇拜 - 130316

the-one-about-indiana-jonesThe One About Indiana Jones

The One About Indiana Jones

the-power-of-perceptionThe Power of Perception

The Power of Perception

dab-may-3-2016-1DAB May 3 - 2016

DAB May 3 - 2016

his-kingdom-may-1st-2016His Kingdom - May 1st , 2016

His Kingdom - May 1st , 2016

untitled-recording-may-2-312pm160424 What Is Our Classification

160424 What Is Our Classificat...

equip-part-5-loving-the-lovableEquip: Part 5 - Loving the Lovable

Equip: Part 5 - Loving the Lov...

the-lord-goes-before-usThe Lord Goes Before Us

The Lord Goes Before Us

love-god-love-peopleLove God, Love People

Love God, Love People

equip-week-5-loving-the-unlovableEquip Week 5 - Loving the Unlovable

Equip Week 5 - Loving the Unlo...

faithful-like-saint-athanasius-padmFaithful Like Saint Athanasius (PADM)

Faithful Like Saint Athanasius...


"Does God Have a Specific Will...

dab-may-2-2016-1DAB May 2 - 2016

DAB May 2 - 2016

get-upGet Up

Get Up

david-the-sandwich-carrierDavid The Sandwich Carrier

David The Sandwich Carrier

happy-moneyHappy Money

Happy Money

saying-no-to-godSaying No To God

Saying No To God

increasing-to-great-faith-may-1-635pm-clintonIncreasing to Great Faith May 1 6:35pm Clinton

Increasing to Great Faith May...

my-name-is-narcissus-and-these-are-my-qualities-pastor-rossiMy Name is Narcissus, and These are my Qualities - Pastor Rossi

My Name is Narcissus, and Thes...



our-walk-with-god-bro-will-duttryOur Walk With God - Bro. Will Duttry

Our Walk With God - Bro. Will...

john-131-17John 13.1-17

John 13.1-17

religious-liberties-and-discussion-of-house-bill-1523Religious Liberties and Discussion of House Bill 1523

Religious Liberties and Discus...

hunger-for-the-wordHunger for the Word

Hunger for the Word

church-interruptedChurch, Interrupted

Church, Interrupted

radio-program-for-monday-may-2-2016Radio program for Monday May 2, 2016

Radio program for Monday May 2...

loving-obedienceLoving Obedience

Loving Obedience

psalm-121-where-does-my-help-come-fromPsalm 121 - Where Does My Help Come From?

Psalm 121 - Where Does My Help...