cling-to-hope-part-2Cling to Hope Part 2

Cling to Hope Part 2

20160117am-jesus-the-cure-for-deadness20160117AM Jesus-The Cure for Deadness

20160117AM Jesus-The Cure for...

1-17-how-god-uses-people-who-are-willing-to-be-obedient1-17 How God uses people who are willing to be Obedient

1-17 How God uses people who a...

the-beginning-of-persecutionThe Beginning of Persecution

The Beginning of Persecution

stand-for-truthStand for Truth

Stand for Truth

huge-part-2-with-ps-ashley-evansHuge Part 2 with Ps Ashley Evans

Huge Part 2 with Ps Ashley Eva...

plans-purposes-pursuits-part-2Plans Purposes & Pursuits Part 2

Plans Purposes & Pursuits Part...

prayer-11716Prayer 1.17.16

Prayer 1.17.16

introduction-to-9marks-of-a-healthy-churchIntroduction to 9Marks of a Healthy Church

Introduction to 9Marks of a He...

a-unique-relationship-with-godA Unique Relationship With God

A Unique Relationship With God

the-law-of-god-the-second-commandmentThe Law of God, The Second Commandment

The Law of God, The Second Com...

the-church-in-actsThe Church in Acts

The Church in Acts

true-worship-john-4True Worship - John 4

True Worship - John 4

jesus-loves-the-samaritan-womanJesus Loves the Samaritan Woman

Jesus Loves the Samaritan Woma...

how-to-deal-with-sinful-people-part-1-unbelieversHow to Deal with Sinful People (Part 1 - Unbelievers)

How to Deal with Sinful People...

the-good-shepherd-pastor-chad-braleyThe Good Shepherd - Pastor Chad Braley

The Good Shepherd - Pastor Cha...


"Coming Together Face To Face"

peace-longevity-and-prosperity-proverbs-chapter-3-verses-1-35-pastor-greg-kittredgePeace, Longevity, And Prosperity, Proverbs chapter 3 verses 1-35, Pastor Greg Kittredge

Peace, Longevity, And Prosperi...

local-visionLocal Vision

Local Vision

untitled-recording-jan-17-1053amA People of Vision

A People of Vision

pleasing-him-by-salvation-pastor-rossiPleasing Him by Salvation- Pastor Rossi

Pleasing Him by Salvation- Pas...

life-is-sacred-meditations-on-being-image-bearers-of-the-invisible-godLife is Sacred: Meditations on Being Image Bearers of the Invisible God

Life is Sacred: Meditations on...

time-for-wisdomTime For Wisdom

Time For Wisdom

vain-glory-when-image-is-everything-and-its-all-about-you-the-seven-deadly-sins-2VAIN GLORY - When image is everything, and it's all about you - The Seven Deadly Sins #2

VAIN GLORY - When image is eve...

the-true-and-better-adamThe True and Better Adam

The True and Better Adam

god-blesses-us-with-lifeGod Blesses Us With Life

God Blesses Us With Life

lets-talk-about-baptismLet's Talk About Baptism

Let's Talk About Baptism

ecclesiastes-21-11-the-experimentEcclesiastes 2:1-11 (The Experiment)

Ecclesiastes 2:1-11 (The Exper...

faith-to-leaveFaith To Leave

Faith To Leave

taking-a-risk-and-trusting-jesus-mcguckinsTaking a Risk and Trusting Jesus - McGuckins

Taking a Risk and Trusting Jes...

return-to-senderReturn To Sender

Return To Sender

genesis-14-the-victorious-believerGenesis 14 - The Victorious Believer

Genesis 14 - The Victorious Be...

jesus-loves-meJesus Loves Me

Jesus Loves Me

i-will-be-a-unifying-church-member-kyle-bethkeI Will Be a Unifying Church Member - Kyle Bethke

I Will Be a Unifying Church Me...

visual-transformation-what-i-see-changes-meVisual Transformation-What I See Changes Me

Visual Transformation-What I S...

my-decisions-impact-others-recordingMy Decisions Impact Others Recording

My Decisions Impact Others Rec...

worth-the-gambleWorth The Gamble?

Worth The Gamble?

refreshing-the-dry-bonesRefreshing The Dry Bones

Refreshing The Dry Bones

the-secret-place-part-3The Secret Place Part 3

The Secret Place Part 3

rev-deborah-dixon-how-is-your-spiritual-dietRev. Deborah Dixon - How is Your Spiritual Diet?

Rev. Deborah Dixon - How is Yo...

john-119-39John 1:19-39

John 1:19-39

reach-fearful-to-fearlessReach - Fearful To Fearless

Reach - Fearful To Fearless

sunday-january-10-2016-its-all-about-the-bodySunday January 10, 2016;

Sunday January 10, 2016; "Its...

sunday-january-3-2016-testify-to-the-lightSunday January 3, 2016; Testify to the Light

Sunday January 3, 2016; Testif...

connect-pt3Connect Pt.3

Connect Pt.3

the-cradle-the-cross-and-the-crownThe Cradle, The Cross and The Crown

The Cradle, The Cross and The...

jesus-is-the-one-youve-been-looking-forJesus is the one you've been looking for

Jesus is the one you've been l...

three-wise-animals-family-service-proverbs-selectThree wise animals- family service. Proverbs- select

Three wise animals- family ser...

first-plymouth-january-17-2016First-Plymouth - January 17, 2016

First-Plymouth - January 17, 2...

charles-simpson-1st-serviceCharles Simpson, 1st Service

Charles Simpson, 1st Service

charles-simpson-2nd-serviceCharles Simpson, 2nd Service

Charles Simpson, 2nd Service

the-man-of-faithThe Man Of Faith

The Man Of Faith


"Be Lead by the Holy Ghost"


"There is Power on His Name"


"Lay Aside Every Weight"


"JESUS, the Perfect Mediator"


"GOD will Finish what He Start...


"Ask for the Old Path"


"Gird Up Your Mind"


"Seek GOD in Prayer"

untitled-recording-jan-16-749pm15.12.03 – Life Development - On To Perfection

15.12.03 – Life Development -...

dab-january-17-2016-1DAB January 17 - 2016

DAB January 17 - 2016

151119-life-development-on-to-perfection15.11.19 – Life Development - On To Perfection

15.11.19 – Life Development -...

epiphany-week-2-11616Epiphany Week 2 1/16/16

Epiphany Week 2 1/16/16


"Being Filled with the Holy Gh...


"The Anchor Holds"

built-for-prayer-2Built For Prayer.

Built For Prayer.


"The Enemy is a Deceiver"

when-god-doesnt-make-sense-3When God Doesn't Make Sense.

When God Doesn't Make Sense.


"Delight Yourself in the Lord"


"Don't Miss Your Blessing"

dab-january-16-2016-1DAB January 16 - 2016

DAB January 16 - 2016

151112-life-development-on-to-perfection15.11.12 – Life Development - On To Perfection

15.11.12 – Life Development -...

150920-worship-the-gospel-of-prosperity-215.09.20 - Worship - The Gospel of Prosperity (2)

15.09.20 - Worship - The Gospe...

150912-worship-the-gospel-of-prosperity-115.09.12 - Worship - The Gospel of Prosperity (1)

15.09.12 - Worship - The Gospe...

150830-worship-ps-greg-garrison15.08.30 - Worship - Ps Greg Garrison

15.08.30 - Worship - Ps Greg G...

150823-worship-the-word-of-god15.08.23 - Worship - The Word of God

15.08.23 - Worship - The Word...

150719-worship-mens-month-201515.07.19 - Worship - Men's Month 2015

15.07.19 - Worship - Men's Mon...

150801-worship-melchizedek15.08.01 - Worship - Melchizedek

15.08.01 - Worship - Melchized...

150712-worship-mens-month-201515.07.12 - Worship -Men's Month 2015

15.07.12 - Worship -Men's Mont...

140921-worship-pastors-greg-garrison14.09.21 - Worship - Pastors Greg Garrison

14.09.21 - Worship - Pastors G...

p-adrian-1-15-16P Adrian 1-15-16

P Adrian 1-15-16

being-comfortable-with-peculiar-padmBeing Comfortable With Peculiar (PADM)

Being Comfortable With Peculia...

the-time-is-near-1The Time Is Near

The Time Is Near

something-about-the-name-of-jesusSomething About the Name of Jesus

Something About the Name of Je...


"There's Hope for the Hopeless...

dab-january-15-2016-1DAB January 15 - 2016

DAB January 15 - 2016

devotional-grace-pt-1Devotional Grace Pt 1

Devotional Grace Pt 1

supersizing-believersSupersizing Believers

Supersizing Believers


"Having a Relationship with GO...

radio-program-for-friday-january-15-2016Radio program for Friday January 15, 2016

Radio program for Friday Janua...

insurance-needs-for-retirementInsurance Needs for Retirement

Insurance Needs for Retirement

fasting-the-world-jan-10th-2016Fasting the World - Jan 10th, 2016

Fasting the World - Jan 10th,...

who-are-weWho Are We?

Who Are We?

jason-dyer-jan-14-909amJason Dyer Jan 14 9:09am

Jason Dyer Jan 14 9:09am

untitled-recording-jan-14-838am160110 No Turning Back

160110 No Turning Back

god-will-come-padmGod Will Come (PADM)

God Will Come (PADM)

radio-program-for-thursday-january-14-2016Radio program for Thursday January 14, 2016

Radio program for Thursday Jan...

collective-night-january-16Collective Night // January '16

Collective Night // January '1...

dab-january-14-2016-1DAB January 14 - 2016

DAB January 14 - 2016

vision-of-pleasing-him-pastor-rossiVision of Pleasing Him- Pastor Rossi

Vision of Pleasing Him- Pastor...


"Awake And Arise"