dab-september-7-2015-1DAB September 7 - 2015

DAB September 7 - 2015

a-child-will-lead-themA Child Will Lead Them

A Child Will Lead Them

radical-yes-part-7Radical Yes Part 7

Radical Yes Part 7

beware-of-mysticismBeware of Mysticism

Beware of Mysticism

be-united-as-the-body-of-christBe United as The Body of Christ

Be United as The Body of Chris...

enjoying-the-feast-of-salvation-olafEnjoying the Feast of Salvation (Olaf)

Enjoying the Feast of Salvatio...

2-peter-2-11-122 Peter 2: 11-12

2 Peter 2: 11-12

untitled-recording-sep-6-348pmCommitted - The Path Toward Passion - Service - (Sermon Only)

Committed - The Path Toward Pa...

untitled-recording-sep-6-337pmCommitted - The Path Toward Passion - Service - (Entire Service)

Committed - The Path Toward Pa...

sg-nehemiah-project-encounter-with-godSG NEHEMIAH PROJECT   Encounter With God


cr-nehemiah-project-encounter-with-godCR NEHEMIAH PROJECT    Encounter With God


are-you-passionate-about-godAre you passionate about God

Are you passionate about God

the-book-of-acts-6The Book of Acts 6

The Book of Acts 6

09062015am-different-brokenness09062015AM Different Brokenness

09062015AM Different Brokennes...

end-times-seventy-weeksEnd Times - Seventy Weeks

End Times - Seventy Weeks

are-you-smarter-than-a-5th-grader-week-2Are You Smarter Than a 5th Grader?_week 2

Are You Smarter Than a 5th Gra...


"Look What The Lord Has Done"

genesis-in-the-beginning-god-createdGenesis - In the Beginning God Created

Genesis - In the Beginning God...

a-group-of-peopleA Group of People

A Group of People

god-establishes-his-covenantGod Establishes His Covenant

God Establishes His Covenant

getting-the-gospel-rightGetting the Gospel Right

Getting the Gospel Right

david-bancroft-09-06-2015David Bancroft 09-06-2015

David Bancroft 09-06-2015

little-thingsLittle Things

Little Things



toward-the-pauline-theology-of-sanctification-a-wesleyan-approach-part-2-initial-sanctificationToward the Pauline Theology of Sanctification-A Wesleyan Approach- Part 2- Initial Sanctification

Toward the Pauline Theology of...

psalm-71Psalm 71

Psalm 71

sept-6th-2015-communionSept. 6th 2015 Communion

Sept. 6th 2015 Communion

the-gospel-through-relationshipsThe Gospel Through Relationships

The Gospel Through Relationshi...

pastor-michael-thigpen-who-do-men-say-i-amPastor Michael Thigpen- Who Do Men Say I Am?

Pastor Michael Thigpen- Who Do...

the-reason-for-sharingThe Reason for Sharing

The Reason for Sharing

gods-workmanshipGod's Workmanship

God's Workmanship

liberty-in-the-landLiberty in the Land

Liberty in the Land

counting-the-costCounting the Cost

Counting the Cost

investing-for-eternityInvesting for Eternity

Investing for Eternity

pop-quiz-for-jesus-followers-part-3-pastor-robertPop Quiz for Jesus-Followers Part 3 - Pastor Robert

Pop Quiz for Jesus-Followers P...



the-book-of-the-twelve-an-introduction-to-the-book-of-the-twelve-and-the-prophesy-of-amos-amos-11-2-962015The Book of the Twelve:  An Introduction to the Book of the Twelve and the Prophesy of Amos, Amos 1:1-2, 9/6/2015

The Book of the Twelve: An In...

pastor-robbie-davis-joseph-unshakable-faith-7-perpetrators-victimsPastor Robbie Davis - Joseph (Unshakable Faith 7) - Perpetrators & Victims

Pastor Robbie Davis - Joseph (...

missions-month-1Missions Month

Missions Month

dab-september-6-2015-1DAB September 6 - 2015

DAB September 6 - 2015

serving-gods-purposes-in-our-generationServing God's Purposes in our Generation

Serving God's Purposes in our...

partnership-cambodiaPartnership Cambodia

Partnership Cambodia

youre-invited-2You're Invited

You're Invited

the-mind-of-christ-the-fire-of-god-aug-30-2015The Mind of Christ / The Fire of God - Aug 30 , 2015

The Mind of Christ / The Fire...

world-wide-faith-church-sep-4-805pmWorld Wide Faith Church Sep 4 8:05pm

World Wide Faith Church Sep 4...

dab-september-5-2015-1DAB September 5 - 2015

DAB September 5 - 2015

the-universe-admits-of-only-one-center-olafThe Universe Admits of Only One Center (Olaf)

The Universe Admits of Only On...

dab-september-4-2015-1DAB September 4 - 2015

DAB September 4 - 2015

radical-yes-on-earth-as-it-is-in-heavenRadical Yes - On Earth As It Is In Heaven

Radical Yes - On Earth As It I...

worship-amy-whiteWorship - Amy White

Worship - Amy White

why-did-god-save-youWhy Did God Save You?

Why Did God Save You?

the-impact-of-awe-olafThe Impact of Awe (Olaf)

The Impact of Awe (Olaf)

dab-september-3-2015-1DAB September 3 - 2015

DAB September 3 - 2015

holy-angels-and-seeing-the-unseen-realmHoly Angels And Seeing The Unseen Realm

Holy Angels And Seeing The Uns...




"Being Clear to Hear"

20150830pm-scars-good-audio20150830PM Scars_Good Audio

20150830PM Scars_Good Audio

20150830am-different-god-good-audio20150830AM Different God_Good Audio

20150830AM Different God_Good...

joe-mcgee-marriageJoe McGee - Marriage

Joe McGee - Marriage

joe-mcgee-familyJoe McGee - Family

Joe McGee - Family

joe-mcgee-parentingJoe McGee - Parenting

Joe McGee - Parenting

dab-september-2-2015-1DAB September 2 - 2015

DAB September 2 - 2015

81615-his-poverty-my-riches8/16/15 His Poverty, My Riches

8/16/15 His Poverty, My Riches

8215-time-for-a-hearing-test8/2/15 Time for a Hearing Test?

8/2/15 Time for a Hearing Test...

72615-jesus-reframes-the-family7/26/15 Jesus Reframes the Family

7/26/15 Jesus Reframes the Fam...

untitled-recording-sep-1-349pm150830 Investment Tips for Families

150830 Investment Tips for Fam...

the-best-is-yet-to-comeThe Best Is Yet To come

The Best Is Yet To come

not-by-the-lawNot by the Law

Not by the Law

the-best-is-yet-to-come-week-5The Best Is Yet To Come: week 5

The Best Is Yet To Come: week...

six-strategies-for-dealing-with-market-volatilitySix Strategies For Dealing With Market Volatility

Six Strategies For Dealing Wit...

dab-september-1-2015-1DAB September 1 - 2015

DAB September 1 - 2015



leaving-captivityLeaving Captivity

Leaving Captivity

the-equipped-churchaug-30-2015The equipped church,Aug. 30, 2015

The equipped church,Aug. 30, 2...

the-battle-before-the-levelthe battle before the level

the battle before the level

god-bless-you-8-30-15-amGod Bless You 8-30-15 AM

God Bless You 8-30-15 AM

six-pillars-of-a-well-built-home-8-30-15-pmSix Pillars of a Well-Built Home 8-30-15 PM

Six Pillars of a Well-Built Ho...

dab-august-31-2015-1DAB August 31 - 2015

DAB August 31 - 2015

prophetic-funneling-pt2Prophetic Funneling Pt.2

Prophetic Funneling Pt.2

getting-out-of-the-shadowsGetting Out of the Shadows

Getting Out of the Shadows

untitled-recording-aug-30-617pmCommitted - The Path Toward Passion - Guidance - (Sermon Only)

Committed - The Path Toward Pa...

untitled-recording-aug-30-612pmCommitted - The Path Toward Passion - Guidance - (Entire Service)

Committed - The Path Toward Pa...

the-faithful-love-of-godThe Faithful Love of God

The Faithful Love of God

more-than-conquerorsMore than conquerors

More than conquerors

genesis-1-in-the-beginning-god-created-1Genesis 1- In the Beginning God Created

Genesis 1- In the Beginning Go...

sg-nehemiah-project-i-cant-come-downSG NEHEMIAH PROJECT   I Can't Come Down


cr-nehemiah-project-i-cant-come-downCR NEHEMIAH PROJECT    I Can't Come Down


august-30-2015-mirror-imagesAugust 30, 2015: Mirror Images

August 30, 2015: Mirror Images

the-book-of-acts-5The Book of Acts 5

The Book of Acts 5

end-times-in-gods-timeEnd Times in God's Time

End Times in God's Time

the-final-destination-of-manThe Final Destination of Man

The Final Destination of Man

are-you-smarter-than-a-5th-grader-week-1Are You Smarter Than a 5th Grader?_week 1

Are You Smarter Than a 5th Gra...

grace-for-prosperityGrace For Prosperity

Grace For Prosperity


"Confirming Witnesses Pt. 2"

not-my-willNot My Will

Not My Will

the-story-beginsThe Story Begins

The Story Begins

the-power-and-importance-of-gospel-communityThe Power and Importance of Gospel Community

The Power and Importance of Go...

truly-seeing-what-others-dontTruly Seeing What Others Don't

Truly Seeing What Others Don't

pride-like-bad-breathPride... Like bad breath...

Pride... Like bad breath...

david-bancroft-08-30-2015David Bancroft 08-30-2015

David Bancroft 08-30-2015

pastor-michael-thigpen-the-other-brotherPastor Michael Thigpen- The Other Brother

Pastor Michael Thigpen- The Ot...

when-we-gather-we-are-irresistibleWhen We Gather We Are Irresistible

When We Gather We Are Irresist...