jesus-words-to-last-days-believers-1Jesus' Words to Last-Days Believers

Jesus' Words to Last-Days Beli...

dab-march-18-2016-1DAB March 18 - 2016

DAB March 18 - 2016

the-face-of-success-part-2The Face of Success -Part 2

The Face of Success -Part 2

good-courageGood Courage

Good Courage

in-memory-of-herIn Memory of Her

In Memory of Her

revelation-16Revelation 16

Revelation 16

lent-week-5Lent Week 5

Lent Week 5

cam-3172016CAM 3.17.2016

CAM 3.17.2016

p-dan-3-17-16P Dan 3-17-16

P Dan 3-17-16

saint-patricks-breastplate-padmSaint Patrick's Breastplate (PADM)

Saint Patrick's Breastplate (P...

abrahams-test-of-faithAbraham's Test of Faith

Abraham's Test of Faith

radio-program-for-thursday-march-17-2016Radio program for Thursday March 17, 2016

Radio program for Thursday Mar...

patient-in-persecutionPatient in Persecution

Patient in Persecution

dab-march-17-2016-1DAB March 17 - 2016

DAB March 17 - 2016

the-ministry-of-prayer-pastor-chad-braleyThe Ministry of Prayer - Pastor Chad Braley

The Ministry of Prayer - Pasto...

rhythm-of-the-spirit-31616Rhythm of the Spirit 3/16/16

Rhythm of the Spirit 3/16/16

rick-dawson-the-man-of-godRick Dawson -

Rick Dawson - "The Man of God"

integrity-the-fire-padmIntegrity & The Fire (PADM)

Integrity & The Fire (PADM)

radio-program-for-wednesday-march-16-2016Radio program for Wednesday March 16, 2016

Radio program for Wednesday Ma...

bearing-his-crossBearing His Cross

Bearing His Cross

dab-march-16-2016-1DAB March 16 - 2016

DAB March 16 - 2016


"You cannot detect the fire of...

untitled-recording-mar-15-141pm160313 Unshakable Faith

160313 Unshakable Faith

almost-epicAlmost Epic

Almost Epic

the-message-of-john-the-baptistThe Message of John the Baptist

The Message of John the Baptis...

do-your-children-understand-moneyDo Your Children Understand Money

Do Your Children Understand Mo...

i-am-the-forgiveness-of-sins-padmI AM & The Forgiveness Of Sins (PADM)

I AM & The Forgiveness Of Sins...

demonstrations-of-devotionDemonstrations of devotion

Demonstrations of devotion

radio-program-for-tuesday-march-15-2016Radio program for Tuesday March 15, 2016

Radio program for Tuesday Marc...

speak-lifeSpeak Life

Speak Life

dab-march-15-2016-1DAB March 15 - 2016

DAB March 15 - 2016

03142016-daniel-2-between-a-dream-and-hard-place03.14.2016 - Daniel 2 - Between a Dream and Hard Place

03.14.2016 - Daniel 2 - Betwee...

holy-ghost-part-3Holy Ghost part 3

Holy Ghost part 3

john-101-21John 10.1-21

John 10.1-21

god-with-binoculars-session-6 God With Binoculars Session 6

God With Binoculars Session 6

rapture-readyRapture Ready

Rapture Ready

susanna-of-the-light-padmSusanna Of The Light (PADM)

Susanna Of The Light (PADM)

p-dave-pace-3-14-16P Dave Pace 3-14-16

P Dave Pace 3-14-16


"Prophecies Fulfilled: Rejecte...

itunes-ets-16-following-jesus-and-being-a-professional-athlete-interview-with-kelly-clarkiTunes_ETS 16: Following Jesus And Being A Professional Athlete: Interview with Kelly Clark

iTunes_ETS 16: Following Jesus...

web-ets-16-following-jesus-and-being-a-professional-athleteweb_ETS 16: Following Jesus And Being A Professional Athlete

web_ETS 16: Following Jesus An...

genesis-20-21b-sinners-in-the-hands-of-a-gracious-godGenesis 20 & 21b Sinners in the Hands of a Gracious God

Genesis 20 & 21b Sinners in th...

called-to-unity-march-13-2016Called to Unity - March 13, 2016

Called to Unity - March 13, 20...

dab-march-14-2016-1DAB March 14 - 2016

DAB March 14 - 2016

20160313pm-the-reward-of-fasting20160313PM The Reward of Fasting

20160313PM The Reward of Fasti...

radio-program-for-monday-march-14-2016Radio program for Monday March 14, 2016

Radio program for Monday March...

13-03-16-culto-dominical-pr-roger-johansen-hebreus-713-03-16 - Culto Dominical - Pr. Roger Johansen - Hebreus 7

13-03-16 - Culto Dominical - P...

estrategia-interrumpidaEstrategia Interrumpida

Estrategia Interrumpida

authority-pastor-bro-will-duttryAuthority (Pastor) - Bro. Will Duttry

Authority (Pastor) - Bro. Will...

soulwinning-pleases-him-pastor-rossiSoulwinning Pleases Him - Pastor Rossi

Soulwinning Pleases Him - Past...

fear-god-not-peopleFear God not people

Fear God not people

little-faith-clinton-mar-13-557pmLittle Faith Clinton, Mar 13 5:57pm

Little Faith Clinton, Mar 13 5...

the-life-of-abraham-3The Life of Abraham 3

The Life of Abraham 3

20160313-am-how-to-be-clean20160313 AM   How to be Clean

20160313 AM How to be Clean

the-normal-christian-life-part-3The Normal Christian Life Part 3

The Normal Christian Life Part...

mar-13-2016-sermon-an-unusual-actMar 13, 2016 Sermon:

Mar 13, 2016 Sermon: "An Unusu...

confessions-of-a-rejectConfessions of a Reject

Confessions of a Reject

dica-sunday-13th-march-2016-pastor-moses-year-of-empowerment-ending-demonic-infestationsDICA Sunday 13th March 2016 -Pastor Moses - Year of Empowerment - Ending Demonic Infestations

DICA Sunday 13th March 2016 -P...

confessions-of-a-rejectConfessions Of A Reject

Confessions Of A Reject

mark-1411-and-10-connecting-to-god-pt2Mark 14,11, and 10 -Connecting to God pt2

Mark 14,11, and 10 -Connecting...

untitled-recording-mar-13-123pmA Portrait of Jesus - Who Really Wants to Get Better? (Part 2) - (Sermon Only)

A Portrait of Jesus - Who Real...

untitled-recording-mar-13-112pmA Portrait of Jesus - Who Really Wants to Get Better? (Part 2) - (Entire Service)

A Portrait of Jesus - Who Real...

love-in-every-season-part-6-till-death-do-us-partLove in Every Season part 6 - Till Death Do Us Part

Love in Every Season part 6 -...

jesus-mistreated-for-youJesus, mistreated for you!

Jesus, mistreated for you!

the-bread-of-life-part-1-bread-from-heavenThe Bread of Life Part 1  Bread from Heaven

The Bread of Life Part 1 Brea...

surge-part-1-with-ps-ashley-evansSurge Part 1 with Ps Ashley Evans

Surge Part 1 with Ps Ashley Ev...

what-is-it-going-to-takeWhat is it Going to Take?

What is it Going to Take?

its-all-about-the-graceIt's All About the Grace

It's All About the Grace

3-13-cast-all-your-worries-thoughts-and-eyes-on-jesus3-13 Cast all your worries, thoughts and eyes on Jesus

3-13 Cast all your worries, th...

i-almost-forgot-the-dead-guy-in-the-roomI Almost Forgot the Dead Guy In the Room

I Almost Forgot the Dead Guy I...

ready-setwaitReady. Set...Wait

Ready. Set...Wait

a-servant-with-a-crownA Servant with a Crown

A Servant with a Crown

born-brokenBorn Broken

Born Broken

famous-last-words-31316Famous Last Words 3.13.16

Famous Last Words 3.13.16

works-of-flesh-vs-fruits-of-spirit-bro-will-duttryWorks of Flesh vs Fruits of Spirit - Bro. Will Duttry

Works of Flesh vs Fruits of Sp...

is-there-no-king-in-thee-pastor-rossiIs there No King in Thee?- Pastor Rossi

Is there No King in Thee?- Pas...

grow-in-graceGrow In Grace

Grow In Grace

jonah-part-2Jonah Part 2

Jonah Part 2

biblical-church-discipline-7th-of-9-marksBiblical Church Discipline: 7th of 9 Marks

Biblical Church Discipline: 7t...

easter-2016-the-crossEaster 2016 - The Cross

Easter 2016 - The Cross


"Nursing, Rehearsing, And Disp...

jesus-is-your-template-03-13-16JESUS is your Template - 03-13-16

JESUS is your Template - 03-13...

stronger-in-weaknessStronger In Weakness

Stronger In Weakness

getting-in-gods-program-part-6-luke-chapter-9-verses-18-25-pastor-greg-kittredgeGetting In God`s Program Part 6, Luke chapter 9 verses 18-25, Pastor Greg Kittredge

Getting In God`s Program Part...

cr-sg-resurrection-the-evidence-of-the-eye-witnessesCR-SG  RESURRECTION    The Evidence of the Eye Witnesses




the-seven-i-ams-of-jesus-part-1The Seven I AM's of Jesus - Part 1

The Seven I AM's of Jesus - Pa...

the-true-and-better-mosesThe True and Better Moses

The True and Better Moses

are-you-stillAre You Still?

Are You Still?

a-picture-of-graceA Picture of Grace

A Picture of Grace



growing-your-faithGrowing Your Faith

Growing Your Faith


"My Brother's Keeper"

party-poopers-podcast-31316Party Poopers - Podcast 3/13/16

Party Poopers - Podcast 3/13/1...

ecclesiastes-58-20-making-the-most-of-lifeEcclesiastes 5:8-20 (Making the Most of Life)

Ecclesiastes 5:8-20 (Making th...

dontt-abandon-shipDont't Abandon Ship

Dont't Abandon Ship



jesus-is-the-bread-of-lifeJesus is the Bread of Life

Jesus is the Bread of Life

bro-micah-merritt-he-changed-my-nameBro. Micah Merritt - He Changed My Name

Bro. Micah Merritt - He Change...

love-surpriseLove Surprise

Love Surprise

the-main-thingThe Main Thing

The Main Thing

signs-you-are-an-older-brother-chase-merrellSigns You Are an Older Brother - Chase Merrell

Signs You Are an Older Brother...