acts-12Acts 12

Acts 12

is-truth-deadIs Truth Dead?

Is Truth Dead?

overcome-evil-with-goodOvercome Evil With Good

Overcome Evil With Good

follow-series-part-1Follow Series - Part 1

Follow Series - Part 1

dont-chase-money-let-money-chase-you-part-2Don't Chase Money Let Money Chase You Part 2

Don't Chase Money Let Money Ch...

genesis-151-6-trusting-god-with-the-impossibleGenesis 15:1-6 Trusting God with the impossible

Genesis 15:1-6 Trusting God wi...

kegan-wesley-march-26-2017Kegan Wesley, March 26 2017

Kegan Wesley, March 26 2017

a-character-study-of-judas-passion-week-series-message-46A Character Study of Judas - Passion Week Series - Message 4/6

A Character Study of Judas - P...

jesus-through-the-bible-episode-4Jesus Through the Bible-Episode 4

Jesus Through the Bible-Episod...

ephesians-320-21-the-effectual-fervent-prayer-of-a-righteous-man-availeth-much-pauls-prayer-for-the-ephesiansEphesians 3:20-21 -

Ephesians 3:20-21 - "The Effec...

contribute-to-the-needs-of-fellow-believersContribute to the Needs of Fellow Believers

Contribute to the Needs of Fel...

unshakable-part-9Unshakable Part 9

Unshakable Part 9

philippians-week-12Philippians week 12

Philippians week 12

iparent-week-12iParent week 12

iParent week 12

ruth-esther-week-12Ruth & Esther week 12

Ruth & Esther week 12

f-p-east-march-26-2017F-P East - March 26, 2017

F-P East - March 26, 2017

jesus-the-living-waterJesus the Living Water

Jesus the Living Water

luke-1213-24-andrew-haneyLuke 12:13-24 - Andrew Haney

Luke 12:13-24 - Andrew Haney


"The Long, Hard Wait"

the-upside-down-kingdom-of-god-week-2-chase-merrellThe Upside Down Kingdom Of God (Week 2) - Chase Merrell

The Upside Down Kingdom Of God...

jesus-is-supremeJesus is Supreme

Jesus is Supreme

ministry-of-restoration-worship-serviceMinistry of Restoration (Worship Service)

Ministry of Restoration (Worsh...

ministry-of-restoration-sermon-onlyMinistry of Restoration (Sermon Only)

Ministry of Restoration (Sermo...

better-than-empty-promisesBetter Than Empty Promises

Better Than Empty Promises

first-plymouth-march-26-2017First-Plymouth - March 26, 2017

First-Plymouth - March 26, 201...

maximize-easter-the-power-of-prayerMaximize Easter: The Power Of Prayer

Maximize Easter: The Power Of...

god-has-an-invitation-for-you-luke-736-50-march-26-2017God has an Invitation for You, Luke 7:36-50, March 26 2017

God has an Invitation for You,...

gods-way-has-a-wayGod's Way Has A Way

God's Way Has A Way

the-guest-list-to-jesus-party-chad-smithThe Guest List to Jesus' Party | Chad Smith

The Guest List to Jesus' Party...



2-19-17-the-supernatural-secret-to-seeing-the-invisible2-19-17 The Supernatural Secret To Seeing the Invisible

2-19-17 The Supernatural Secre...

the-acid-ground-of-racismThe Acid ground of Racism

The Acid ground of Racism

dab-march-26-2017-1DAB March 26 - 2017

DAB March 26 - 2017

day-2-fire-revival-march-2017Day 2 Fire Revival March 2017

Day 2 Fire Revival March 2017

lent-week-4-32517Lent Week 4 3.25.17

Lent Week 4 3.25.17

what-will-you-doWhat Will You Do?

What Will You Do?

revelations-11-14-19Revelations 11: 14-19

Revelations 11: 14-19

sisterhood-with-ps-jane-evans-32517Sisterhood with Ps Jane Evans 3/25/17

Sisterhood with Ps Jane Evans...

devotional-the-great-waitDEVOTIONAL - The Great Wait

DEVOTIONAL - The Great Wait

dab-march-25-2017-1DAB March 25 - 2017

DAB March 25 - 2017

revival-day-1-march-23-2017Revival Day 1 March 23, 2017

Revival Day 1 March 23, 2017

your-time-pastor-paula-white-cainYour Time - Pastor Paula White-Cain

Your Time - Pastor Paula White...

the-year-of-the-bible-week-12-1-samuelThe Year of the Bible week 12 (1 Samuel)

The Year of the Bible week 12...

radio-program-for-friday-march-24-2017Radio program for Friday March 24, 2017

Radio program for Friday March...

i-am-the-doorI AM The Door

I AM The Door

is-god-a-on-demand-godIs God a on demand God

Is God a on demand God

dab-march-24-2017-1DAB March 24 - 2017

DAB March 24 - 2017

life-in-the-spirit-pt-5Life in the Spirit Pt 5

Life in the Spirit Pt 5

just-because-you-are-old-does-not-mean-that-you-are-finishedJust Because You Are Old Does Not Mean That You Are Finished

Just Because You Are Old Does...

the-serpent-says-you-can-be-the-bossThe serpent says you can be the boss!

The serpent says you can be th...

we-will-talk-about-that-when-we-get-homeWe Will Talk About That When We Get Home

We Will Talk About That When W...

faith-versus-doubtFaith Versus Doubt

Faith Versus Doubt

lesson-42-chapter-10-the-angel-and-the-book-part-2-pastor-greg-kittredgeLesson 42 : Chapter 10 The Angel and the Book Part 2, Pastor Greg Kittredge

Lesson 42 : Chapter 10 The Ang...

revealation-16Revealation 16 (열린 하늘 문과 하나님 보좌)

Revealation 16 (열린 하늘 문과 하나님 보...

radio-program-for-thursday-march-23-2017Radio program for Thursday March 23, 2017

Radio program for Thursday Mar...

an-extreme-makeoverAn Extreme Makeover

An Extreme Makeover

my-name-is-jospeh-this-is-how-i-got-hereMy name is Jospeh: This is how I got here

My name is Jospeh: This is how...

dab-march-23-2017-1DAB March 23 - 2017

DAB March 23 - 2017

are-you-one-that-god-is-looking-for-pastor-chad-braleyAre You One That God is Looking For? - Pastor Chad Braley

Are You One That God is Lookin...


"The Breastplate of Righteousn...

john-5John 5

John 5

holy-spirit-and-his-gifts-week-02-pastor-montel-powersHoly Spirit and His Gifts (Week 02) - Pastor Montel Powers

Holy Spirit and His Gifts (Wee...

simply-serve-part-5Simply serve - Part 5

Simply serve - Part 5

five-fold-ministry-3222017Five Fold Ministry 3.22.2017

Five Fold Ministry 3.22.2017

your-kingdom-come-part-4Your Kingdom Come Part 4

Your Kingdom Come Part 4

daniel-chapter-6Daniel Chapter 6

Daniel Chapter 6

empty-to-be-filledEmpty to Be Filled

Empty to Be Filled

untitled-recording-mar-22-227pm-2What Went Wrong

What Went Wrong

untitled-recording-mar-22-227pm-2The End of Anxiety

The End of Anxiety

untitled-recording-mar-22-227pm-2At the Threshold - The Upper Room

At the Threshold - The Upper R...

untitled-recording-mar-22-227pm-2The Incarnation

The Incarnation

untitled-recording-mar-22-227pmThe Parable of the Storm

The Parable of the Storm

untitled-recording-mar-22-226pm-2The Narrow Gate

The Narrow Gate

untitled-recording-mar-22-226pm-2How to Experience God

How to Experience God

untitled-recording-mar-22-226pmAt the Threshold - The River

At the Threshold - The River

ep17-the-calling-with-chrysandra-brunsonEp17. The Calling with Chrysandra Brunson

Ep17. The Calling with Chrysan...

dan-prus-3-22-17Dan Prus 3-22-17

Dan Prus 3-22-17

radio-program-for-wednesday-march-22-2017Radio program for Wednesday March 22, 2017

Radio program for Wednesday Ma...

mar-19-2017-sermon-journey-between-two-mountainsMar 19, 2017 Sermon:

Mar 19, 2017 Sermon: "Journey...

devotional-a-fiery-furnaceDEVOTIONAL - A Fiery Furnace

DEVOTIONAL - A Fiery Furnace

whats-holding-you-backWhats Holding You Back

Whats Holding You Back

dab-march-22-2017-1DAB March 22 - 2017

DAB March 22 - 2017

growing-your-leadership-capacityGrowing Your Leadership Capacity

Growing Your Leadership Capaci...

pastor-paul-anderson-march-21-2017Pastor Paul Anderson, March 21, 2017

Pastor Paul Anderson, March 21...

why-did-the-ax-drop-in-the-waterWhy did the Ax drop in the water?

Why did the Ax drop in the wat...

march-19-2017-worship-in-praise-of-limitsMarch 19 2017 Worship: In Praise Of Limits

March 19 2017 Worship: In Prai...

change-the-heart-not-the-t-shirtChange The Heart, Not The T-Shirt

Change The Heart, Not The T-Sh...



radio-program-for-tuesday-march-21-2017Radio program for Tuesday March 21, 2017

Radio program for Tuesday Marc...

6-things-to-know-about-a-roth-ira6 Things to Know About a Roth IRA

6 Things to Know About a Roth...

dan-prus-3-21-17Dan Prus 3-21-17

Dan Prus 3-21-17

gravity-forgivenessGravity & Forgiveness

Gravity & Forgiveness

examination-refutation-of-5-point-calvinism-night-3Examination & Refutation of 5 point Calvinism Night 3

Examination & Refutation of 5...

gideon-sundayGideon Sunday

Gideon Sunday

untitled-recording-mar-20-916pm3-19 Music

3-19 Music

mark-3Mark 3

Mark 3

dab-march-21-2017-1DAB March 21 - 2017

DAB March 21 - 2017

a-fight-for-truth-pt3A Fight For Truth Pt.3

A Fight For Truth Pt.3

ruth-and-esther-week-11Ruth and Esther week 11

Ruth and Esther week 11

philippians-week-11Philippians week 11

Philippians week 11

iparent-week-11iParent week 11

iParent week 11

christ-and-the-new-manChrist and the New Man

Christ and the New Man